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Shower Santa - Oneshot for .Amy.

Guest Jen

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Type of story: One Shot

Rating: T

Main Characters: Matilda

Genre: Romance/Teenagers

Warnings: Minor Sexual Content

Is Story being proof read: No.

Summary: A one shot written for my Secret Santa .Amy. It’s Christmas morning in the Hunter residence as Matilda reminisces on Christmases past and the present.

Hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Secret Santa Fan fiction – Oneshot for .Amy.

Shower Santa

I slowly rolled over, stretching my arms above my head so far that I hit the headboard with a dull thud. The hairs on my arms rose to attention as a cool morning breeze flew in through my open window. I was trying to squeeze the last ounce of darkness out of the night but my eyes were beginning to water as I held them closed. They fluttered open and light streamed onto my face. I blinked, soaking in the morning atmosphere. Even though I wasn’t generally a morning person, I had to admit that it was perfect. Light bounced around my room, breaking up into a million pieces and showering all my belongings in light. I glanced over at my clock on the bedside table. 6:00 it read.

When we were younger I remember Henry and I hadn’t even used to wait for the first blink of sunlight to peep over the horizon before we were up and out of bed, waking the rest of the house on Christmas morning. After three Christmases since we were four, Mum had had enough. She put a 7am minimum waking time on the rest of the household. Parents, she had decided, deserved at least one sleep in a year. Although he never said anything, I’m sure Dad was still up before us, feeding the cattle or watering the back paddock.

The corners of my mouth began to turn up as I remembered the year Mum had let Robbie loose on the lighting of the Christmas tree. The tree had never shone brighter, but that may have been because some of the wiring had unravelled and caught fire. Henry was the first to dive under the tree to save all the presents with his name on them while the tip of the tree burned to ash. Dad kicked Robbie out the back, unimpressed with his antics, but mum slipped him some cold chicken out through the back door.

Those were the days when my family was whole. Two parents who were in love, and five children, oblivious to everything else. We didn’t know or care about anything except how much pudding we could eat for dessert and was fourth helpings really too much? Now everything was so much more complicated. Both parents dead, siblings living overseas with kids and a brother at boarding school. It’s like people say, it’s not until you’ve lost something do you realise how much you took it for granted while it was around. Who ever first realised that should have patented it, I thought. They would have millions and could expect royalties every time a poor lost soul began wishing that their mum was still around, or realised that their older brother didn’t really drive her that insane. He would never have to skimp on Christmas presents again.

I tugged uneasily at the hem of my pyjamas. It had been a hot night and they were now firmly stuck to my thighs. Deciding I could no longer stay sweating in between my polyester sheets I slowly peeled them back and tossed my feet over the edge, sitting up on my bed. Clothes were piled on my chair, which was supposed to be used for my desk, in a last minute effort to clean up; my cupboard door was ajar filled with books, more clothes and Christmas presents that I was attempting to hide. I gazed over to my dresser and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was straggling all over the place as I wiped my fringe out of my eyes. My feet touched the cool floorboards as I stood up. I slowly tiptoed towards the bathroom, gathering my denim mini skirt and white singlet top on the way.

I finally reached the bathroom, threw my clean clothes over the hook behind the door and then closed it softly behind me. The latch clicked shut. I leaned in and with one twist there was a surge of water pouring from the showerhead. Warm steam began to fill the bathroom and soon the mirror was completely fogged up, so that my reflection was only a misty outline that could have been anyone. I step out of my pyjama bottoms and pulled the top off over my head. It fell with almost no sound as the gushing of water echoing down the hall. I cautiously pointed one toe and slipped it under the hot water. A curtain of warmth ran over my skin as I slinked the rest of my body under the waterfall. My hair became heavy as it fell loosely down my back and my skin soaked up the steam rising from the air around me. I sighed; this was heaven. I cupped my hands under the running water to try to fill them. The gaps between my fingers let the water drain quickly away so I needed to splash the water up to wash my face so the sweat of the previous night was soon running down the drain.

I could have stood there for hours, just letting everything soak away. It seemed odd that most people did their thinking under the shower. Maybe it was the soothing sounds of running water, or the prospect that the bathroom became a cone of silence – everything that was thought, discussed, deliberated in here, stayed in here.

Suddenly there was a small click and a rush of cool air swept through the room. The warm steam dispersed but I stood frozen under my warm current. A shadowy figure peered around the door, only a head at first and then the rest of the body followed. Normally, I would have screamed. The idea that someone was intruding on my time under the shower, not to mention my total nakedness that I wasn’t comfortable showing to just anyone was horrifying, but for some reason my voice was caught in my throat. I tried even to whisper a go away, but only received a mouthful over water, which made me cough and splutter. The dark figure let out a low chuckle as I quickly wiped my face with my hand to try to see beyond the steam and droplets.

Between the splashes of the water running down the drain there was a quiet rustle of this second person undressing. They were mad if they thought they were going to have use the shower too, with me, at the same time! Couldn’t they respect the privacy of the person already in the shower? Isn’t there some unwritten rule about not invading other people’s private shower time? If not, there should be!

My brain and mouth had suddenly become connected again and I opened my mouth to abuse whoever was standing on the other side of the glass, when the door swung open. I quickly faced the opposite wall not wanting to expose myself to what was to come.

“Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?” I managed to splutter.

“I thought we might save some water.”

The voice was familiar as I felt a pair of cool hands run down my spine to the small of my back. I felt every muscle tighten as two large, protective arms curved around my waist and pulled me in closer.


I swallowed hard and sank into him, leaning back against his firm chest, with only a thin trickle of water dividing us from becoming one.

“Merry Christmas,” he replied as he nuzzled his chin into my neck.



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