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2007 on BTTB

Guest ~Rosey~

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I remember I started one of these topics up last year, so I hope its okay for me to do it again this year :)

So this thread pretty much sums up what happened over the year of 2007 on bttb. You can psot as you like, because its great to read all the memories. I know its not even New Years yet, but there isnt that much longer to go. I'll start off, with an unforgettable memory

  • The amount of times Chris/Dan tryed to upgrade something on the board, which ended up in a complete disaster, and the board would be offline for awhile. I rememebr at one point, it was offline for a couple of days. :rolleyes:
  • The removal of post counts. Oh god, what a debate that turned into! :lol:mainly started by me. :P
  • Ohh. And Nicole and I think Chris in the BTTB BB house. That was so hilarous! :ph34r:

I'm sure you guys can come up with alot more...but for the mean time, there the highlights that stand out for me

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^ Same here. How could I forget to mention that as being one of my highlights?! :lol: I've been a BttB member for just under a year now and I honestly think it's one of the friendliest H&A forums around. BttB has a very 'united' feeling about it. If we're not discussing 'Home and Away', then we'll be in 'General Chat' nattering on about our happiness, our moans, what music we've got on, etc. BttB is a very friendly and cool place and may it stay that way for many, many years to come! :D

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^ You are one Kat :lol::P.

Another highlight that I forgot to mention was Cal becoming a mod. He's doing a fantastic job, one which can't be easy at times. Oh, and Eli becoming a Librarian. She's also doing a grand job. Nicole has stepped down from her role as a Librarian, so i'd just like to thank her (again!) for all of the work she's put in to making the Fan Fiction section a better place to be. A big thank you to Mark (JosieTash/JT) for his brilliant episode summaries this year. They get better and better! I really enjoyed 'The Emily's' A.K.A the IDAL awards. Ryan (A.K.A publisher of TV WEAK) is very good at his job as contributor. Also a big thank you for the time you spend on transcribing scripts for the site, Ryan!

I mentioned Cal and Eli already, but who cares?! Well done to you both once more :lol: And also a big, big thank you to ALL of the other Mods and Librarians: Sky, Dean, Nick (Foxy), Andy, Mar, Frankie, Meredith (Mez), Si and Liz. And the Librarians Kat, Jem and Jade.

Dan and Chris A.K.A Admin, do a fabulous job of running the site. Chris isn't around very much at the moment, but I and i'm sure others do aswell, appreciate the work he has put into the site.

I hope I haven't forgotten anyone! If I have, then a big well done to you too!

You're all brilliant.

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Aww, thanks Lauren! :blush:

Um, a lot has happened this year. I don't know where to start! I think I'll bullet-point it. So here goes...

  • At the start of the year, Chris decided to upgrade the board, which went horribly wrong.
  • After the upgrade, people went a bit crazy with their new profiles. Comments galore. :P
  • At the end of May, I logged on to MSN and Kat(SkyKat) told me to look at my PMs. Being me, I didn't even noticed I got one. So I opened it and it was an invitation to the mod team. :) So, I accepted it and spoke to Chris and Kat on MSN afterwards.
  • The clean-up of the Creativity forums!
  • The Adult Fan Fiction Forum "debate". That was horrific. Lots of.... happiness :P
  • Home and Away season Finale speculation. All very fun!
  • Dan heading out to Summer Bay( :P ) to get gossip.

I think they were the main highlights. I'd like to thank all the people who contribute to the site one way or another. All the members have been great this year. And the Librarians are doing a great job! Kinda sad to see Nicole go...

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