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I'll Never Give Up!

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Martha sat at the table her thumb hovering over the dial button on the phone, Jack’s mobile number already typed in, ‘Err’ she pressed clear and threw the phone onto the couch. It’d had only been a few hours since Jack had left but it felt like forever, she missed him already and the quietness of the empty apartment was slowly beginning to drive her insane.

‘Ding Ding’ her phone went off she picked it up she had a message, her heart skipped a beat thinking it might be from Jack but it fell once more when she saw it wasn’t.

‘I heard the news and thought you might want to hang out, We’re going out tonight if you want to come. Aden’ Martha read the message.

She knew that going out with Aden Geoffrey’s was a bad idea but sitting in the apartment that she was used to sharing with Jack wasn’t how she wanted to spend the night.

So she texted Aden back ‘yea sure, when and where?’

Ding Ding

‘9pm meet me downstairs at the Diner we are going clubbing’


The music blared and Martha danced to the beat, she loved dancing, Aden came up behind her placing his hands on her hips, this sent a shudder up Martha’s spine. Jack’s face popped into Martha’s head, she had been good all night not drinking or anything but she could still see him shaking his head at her, in disappointment. Martha continued to dance but couldn’t shake the image of Jack in her head.

“I’m sorry Aden, I’ve got to go.” Martha apologised to Aden

“what?” Aden didn’t hear, Martha just shook her head at him and ran off the dance floor and out of the club.

“Martha!” Aden called after her but she had already gone.

Martha reached the footpath outside, pulling over a cab she gave the driver the directions to the Diner.

The cab pulled up the front of the Diner, Martha opened her purse, she looked at the fake ID that Aden had given to her to use to get into the club, ‘hmm this might come in handy’ she thought to herself as she found the money to pay the driver.


Martha sat at the table in her apartment and once again was greeted with the silence of empty rooms. Looking into the lounge she stared at the couch, usually she would be laying on it wrapped up in Jack’s arms watching a movie before they headed to bed, tonight she was all alone. Alone was something she used to be used to but ever since she had met Jack she hadn’t felt like she was alone in a long time, the fact the familiar feeling was back hurt.


Martha got a glass out of the cupboard sitting it on the bench, she opened the lid of the glass bottle it was the only bottle Jack hadn’t managed to get rid of, and she poured some of the liquid into a glass. She held it up and looked at it; its smell was familiar, like an old friend, she brought the glass to her lips; the liquid burned the back of her throat. It was at this moment she realised what she was doing, she angrily chucked the glass into the sink it smashed into pieces. Martha fell to her knees on the floor and cried, “Why did I let him leave, I need him, oh god I miss him!” She shouted through her sobs.


Martha had stopped crying she once again sat on the couch phone in her hand, Jack’s number written in, but like last time she hit clear. There was only one other person she could think to call she dialled in her best friends number.


“Hey Mac are you alright?” Tasha replied

“Not really, can you come stay at my house tonight please?” Martha asked

“Yea I sure I have Kym over though can he come?”

“Yeap that’s ok, I just need some company”

“Ok, I’ll be there soon.” Tasha hung up the phone; she looked at Kym who stood next to her. “It was Martha; she doesn’t sound good so we are going to go stay with her tonight.” She explained.


Tasha, Kym and Martha sat on the coach they had just finished watching a movie. Kym looked down at his sleeping girlfriend and over at Martha who was also asleep. He stood up slowly being careful to not wake Tasha up, he walked over to Martha who looked uncomfortable in the position she was asleep in. He picked her up gently and carried her into her bedroom; he laid her on her bed pulling the blanket over her. He walked quietly out of the room closing the door behind him, he then lay his girlfriend down on the couch and lay next to her, putting his arm around her to hold her on.

Martha woke up as the door closed.

“Jack” she whispered but then reality hit her and she remembered that Jack was no longer here.

She reached out and found the pillow Jack slept on, she brought it to her she wrapped her arms around it and hugged it, she buried her head in it, it smelt like Jack. The familiar smell made her cry knowing that she wouldn’t have him to hold again for a long time. She buried her head in the pillow and cried until sleep overtook her and she drifted off into a dream where her and Jack were together and happy.

Preview: Martha has an unwanted visitor and Martha also leaves Summer Bay but is this a bad decision?

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If Martha wants to go out, she should go with Tasha and Kym, not with Aden. Aden's trouble! :angry:

Poor Martha, she's so unhappy. :( Luckily, Tasha and Kym are really good friends and she can always rely on them. :)

Who's the unwanted visitor? :unsure: Martha's leaving the Bay? Is she going to leave with that visitor? It doesn't sound good. <_<

More please.

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