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I'll Never Give Up!

Guest Channy!!!

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here's an update everyone I hope you like it!


Tasha and Kym woke, Tasha looked around and realised where so she was. Kym woke up he looked down at Tasha and smiled.

“Good morning gorgeous” He whispered.

“Hey you” Tasha whispered back.

“We should go get some breakfast from the Diner and bring it up to Martha.” Kym suggested

“Yea ok” Kym stood up and helped Tasha to her feet and they walked downstairs hand in hand.


Tash and Kym stood at the counter ordering their breakfast.

“Tasha Andrews, you’ve grown up.” Someone said.

Tasha turned around and was greeted by a dark haired guy, with blue eyes.

“Macca?” Tasha said she was shocked to see him.

“Macca!” Kym also exclaimed and as he and Macca gave each other high fives. “What are you doing in town?” Kym asked.

“I thought it was about time I saw how much my little sister has grown up.” Macca replied

“What?” Tasha exclaimed

Macca didn’t reply

“You come back now, months after, MONTHS after the accident. Did you ever think that maybe you should have stayed and looked after your sister, that she might have needed you?” Tasha said angrily.


Martha walked down the front steps and in front of the Diner she looked in the window and saw Tasha and Kym talking to a dark haired guy. She recognised the guy, Macca. She couldn’t believe that her friends were talking to her coward brother, there was no way she was going to hang around here with her brother in town.

Martha ran up the stairs into her apartment grabbing a bag, and throwing clothes in it, she opened her top draw and found a familiar picture frame, Jack’s mum. She took it carefully out of the draw and noticed a white envelope sitting on top, she opened the envelope and pulled out a letter.

My Beautiful Martha,

Look after her, I’ll come back home to collect her.

Love Jack

Tears ran down Martha’s cheeks, oh how she loved Jack. She placed the picture carefully in her bag throwing clothes on top of it. She walked into the kitchen throwing in some packets of chips and biscuits she looked at the bus time table on her fridge there was a bus leaving in 20 minutes.

She grabbed a pen and paper scribbing a rough note to Tasha and Kym,

Dear Friends,

I saw Macca, I can’t be in the same town as him. I’m going away don’t worry, I’ll be fine.

Love Martha

Placing the note on the bench she grabbed her bag and walked out the apartment door and towards the bus shelter.

Martha handed the bus driver the money for the ticket she didn’t even have to think twice about where she was going there was only one place in her mind.


Hours later the bus came to a stop, Martha got off she waited as the driver heaved her bag out of the luggage compartment and handed it to her.

Martha turned around and looked up; she read the huge sign written in black letters,



Standing there looking at the gigantic silver stadium Martha had never felt so small in her life. She realised how stupid she had been to pack up her things without thinking twice and to head to the city. She was now standing hours away from home in a city she had only been too a few times, looking at the outside of a stadium that Jack had probably only ever dreamt of playing in.

She turned away from the stadium and looked out at the busy road she was standing beside, she walked towards a taxi bay and stood waiting for a taxi.

Half an hour later and a taxi had finally pulled up, she opened the back door and was greeted with a horrid smell, of bad BO.

“Where do you want to go?” The driver asked abruptly

“To a cheap hotel please” Martha tried to keep her spirits up

“Which one?” The guy replied

Martha didn’t know what to say she had really had no idea. “Any that you think would be cheap.” She hoped the driver would have some idea.

“Whatever.” The driver answered

Martha sat in silence as the driver drove ‘what a great welcome to the city’ she thought ‘I’m in a overpriced taxi with an overweight stinky bus driver who has no peoples skills. Could the day get any worse?’

Perhaps she shouldn’t have thought that because 10 minutes or more like $40 later, the taxi driver pulled up outside a two story scungy building which sign read OUTTER CITY BACKPACKERS HOSTEL.

‘Oh great’ she thought ‘this out to be an interesting night’.


The guy had the counter of the hostel was built like a brick house, his shoulders were almost as wide as he was high, he was the type of guy that if he tried to start a fight with you, you run away as fast as you could. Martha handed over her $50 for the night, and was directed to go up the stairs and to the first room on the right.

She walked up the stairs which creaked with the weight of her carrying her bag, when she got to the top she went to the right. Walking towards the first room she could hear a lady talking in a different language, as she entered the room she saw a young Korean lady talking to her daughter whom looked about 3.

“Hey” Martha said as she walked towards her bed.

The lady looked up at her, but didn’t reply.

“Do you speak English?” Martha asked slowly

The lady thought about what Martha had said for a second before answering “no”

“oh” Martha’s face fell she could really use some company.


Martha’s stomach rumbled prompting her to look down at her watch, 7:30pm no wonder she was hungry. She decided to go to the bathroom and then find a cheap place to eat. She chucked her bag underneath her bed and walked out the door turning to the left she crossed the hall and found the toilet/showers, there was a queue. Martha looked down at her feet attempting not to be noticed by anyone as she felt highly vulnerable.

“Hey” A voice in front of her said.

Martha lifted her head and was greeted by a blonde haired guy with bright blue eyes, he looked friendly.

“Hey” She replied

“What is a beautiful girl like you doing in a place like this?” The guy asked.

Martha’s face fell as the guy called her beautiful it was what Jack had always called her,

“You don’t want to know” Martha answered his question

“I don’t want to know or you don’t want to talk about it?”

“Both, so where is good to eat?” Martha changed the subject

“There is a take away shop down the road the food is alright I guess.” The guy answered “Do you want me to show you?”

Martha thought about it for a second and decided it wouldn’t hurt; the guy seemed like a good person. “Yea ok” She said.

“What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing” Martha was honest

“Do you want to come out with a few mates and me? We are going to hotshots it’s a club in the city, I can show you around?”

Martha didn’t know what to say to this, ‘hmm’ she thought. It was either go out with this guy or spend the rest of the night in the small room, with a lady who didn’t even speak English.

“Yea alright, just let me grab something descent to wear and take a shower then.” Martha had decided going out with the guy was the best option.


Preview: Did Martha make the right choice agreeing to go out with the random guy?

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Martha went to find Jack, but end up on a date with some random guy <_< For some reason I see him as a sleezebag :blink:

Macca, what a coward :angry: Showing up just like that after so long time, and he went when Martha needed him the most <_< You go girl, Tasha! Show him just what you think of cowards like him! >_<

Martha better not get off the rails again, ’cause this time Jack is too far away to help her :(

More please!

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:o Macca is back after all this time and he seems to think everything's ok, that he can show up again after all this time like nothing has changed. Well, he's wrong! :angry: Go Tasha! :)

Martha shouldn't go with the blonde guy and his friends. I think he's trouble and she doesn't need that! <_<

Please update soon.

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OK everyone here is an update... I'm going away for 4 days over christmas so this might be the last one untill Thursday. I hope you enjoy it and I hope everyone has a great XMAS.


Martha sat in the taxi full of guys, the blonde whose name was Greg sat next to her they sped through down town Sydney.

“So where are you from?” Greg asked her

“Summer Bay” Martha answered

“Oh ok, so you’re a beach babe?”

“I guess so”

“You’re not very talkative are you?” Greg said with a smile it was obvious he was trying to flirt with her; Martha didn’t feel like flirting she didn’t really feel like doing anything bar be with Jack.

“I’m sorry; I’m just not really in a talkative mood.” Martha apologised

“It’s ok; maybe a few drinks at the club will make you feel better.”

“Umm I don’t really drink not anymore.”

“Anymore? You must only be 19 or 20 you can’t have given up drinking”

“Yea I know it sounds stupid but I don’t drink.”

“Oh ok, so what do you do?” It was obvious that Greg was trying to break down the barrier Martha had built up around herself.

“I, well....” Martha thought about it she couldn’t say she went to school as that would show she was underage, apart from school what did she do? Lately all she had done was spend time with Jack and before that all she did was drink and party. What did she like? That’s when it came to her she liked dancing and music.

“I like dancing and music” Martha finally answered Greg’s questioned.

“Well that’s good, you’ll get lots of that here.” The taxi pulled up outside a brightly lit building.

A sign flashed HOTSHOTS in big red writing you could hear the music blaring and there was a queue with at least 50 people waiting to get in at the door, they joined the end of the queue.

“This must be some club.” Martha said to Greg.

“Yea it’s the best in the city, the girls are hot, the drinks are cheap and the DJ rocks!” Greg yelled back over the talking crowd

15 minutes later, they were about 20 people from to door. Martha was entertained watching the bouncers deny people entry, it seemed anyone who had a hot chick in company got through and any others got denied.

Soon it was their turn, Martha got out her fake ID showing it to the bouncer who took one look at Martha and let her and her mates through, it seemed she fell under the hot chick classification.

“I’m going to get a drink are you sure you don’t want one?” Greg shouted above the blaring music.

“No I’m ok thanks” Martha shouted back.

Martha looked around the club it was packed with people who were lit up with flashing strobe lights. There were stages everywhere where girls in skimpy clothes poll danced, in the centre there was a large stage that was lit where a tall blonde danced. Martha watched the girl dance; she was a good dancer and seemed to be having fun.

“Hey do you want to dance?” A random guy came up behind her and tapped her on the back. Martha turned around and took a step back as the guy invaded her space obviously to drunk to realise just how loud and close he was to her

“OH no it’s ok!” Martha yelled back. She decided she’d head to the bar and find Greg.

Martha walked through the crowd of people, she was stopped often by guys who asked her to dance or if she’d like a drink, she blew them all off. She reached the bar there were bottles and bottles of alcohol and the smell was so strong and tempting, but Martha stayed strong. A hot bar tender walked up to her almost instantly.

“What can I get you?” The guy asked her with a smile.

“Oh nothing I’m just waiting for a friend” Martha replied

“Oh ok, well let me know when you want something.” The guy replied and flashed his dazzling smile once more.

Martha looked up and down the bar, she couldn’t see Greg. A sign caught her eye, DANCER’S WANTED – APPLY BEFORE 8PM DAILY AT THE FRONT DESK!

“Hey there you are.” Greg came up behind Martha.

“Yea sorry, I went looking for you” Martha stated

“Here I got you a lemon lime and bitters” Greg handed Martha a glass; Martha took a sip and placed in on the bar and continued to talk to Greg.

“So do you want to dance?” Greg asked

“Yea alright, lead the way.” Martha replied

Greg took Martha’s hand walking through the crowd they found a spot on the dance floor and began to dance. A few minutes later Martha was thirsty heading back to the bar she picked up her glass and downed the remainder of the lemon lime and bitters.


15 minutes later Martha’s head was spinning, she swayed on her feet.

“Are you alright?” Greg asked

“Umm.. I don’t know, I think I’m going to go sit down.” Martha walked shakily towards an empty seat near the bar.

She placed her head in her hands trying to steady her head but it wasn’t working.

“Are you ok?” The bartender with the great smile asked Martha

“Umm.. Just a bit dizzy” Martha replied

“Oh right I’ll keep an eye on you.” The bartender answered.

“What’s happening Martha?” Greg found Martha sitting at the bar.

“Just I’m not feeling too well” Martha answered

“Oh ok, do you want me to get you a taxi back to the hostel?” Greg asked

“yea if you don’t mind.”

Greg held out his arm to Martha who took it

“Hey” The bartender walked up to where Martha was attempting to stand leaning on Greg. “Do you know this guy?” he asked Martha

“Yea I came with him, he’s going to get me a cab home, thanks for caring.” Martha answered she was grateful that the bartender had watched her.

Greg steadied Martha and helped her out of the club; he helped her into the back of a taxi directing the driver to take her back to the hostel.


Martha made her way up the squeaky stairs, she clung to the wall to keep herself from falling over, she was tired really really tired but kept telling herself she had to make it to her bed. She pushed open the door she couldn’t see clearly enough to see if the Korean lady was in bed yet or not. Martha fell onto her bed and drifted into a deep sleep.

Preview: Is Martha ok? And more bad luck comes her way.

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I thought someone might have put something in her glass but she got into her room without anyone following her. So I guess I was wrong. <_<

The bartender seems really nice and caring.

I'm so proud of Martha for not drinking alcohol. :)

She's going to get a job at that place, isn't she? :(

Hope Martha's ok!

More please.

Merry Christmas and have fun on your trip! :)

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I thought Greg had put something in her drink, but since he didn't follow her, I guess it's not him :unsure:

Martha's going to take that job, isn't she? Oh why? Why can't she go after Jack instead? We all know that he will see her dancing so why can't she just back out now? <_<

I'm glad she managed to stay away from alcohol, but that didn't do her much good though <_<

Have a great Christmas Channy and I look forward to read more!

More please!

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