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Now, Brad, Cassie Ric and Pipa all sat at the dining room table. Sally handed him an ice pack and sat down next to him. Brad put it to his head and relaxed on his chair.

“So did Brad stay here last night?” asked Cassie

Brad just smiled, he was injured and not really required to say much, so he followed his instincts and kept quiet.

“Yes, yes he did, we were going to call both of you, but Ric came back last night, and we told him-“

“More like me and Mattie busted you…again” Ric interrupted cheekily.

“Ok, that’s true, but I was going to call you first thing this morning Cass, instead you’re here, which is even better.”

“Well, I don’t have any problem with it, but I why aren’t you in Tasi?”

“I left the job, I realized that I couldn’t be without Sal” he paused” or you guys” Brad continued looking at Ric, Cassie and then Pipa, “So I decided to come back here and try my luck second time round.”

“I missed you so much, I thought I wasn’t gonna see you again.” Cassie said tearfully.

Brad got up and walked across to the other side of the table where he got down on his knees and hugged Cassie. She embraced him with open arms. She had missed him so much. Brad was like a father to her. After Flynn, he was the closest thing she had to a real dad. When he left, it was like losing Flynn, like losing a dad all over again.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what should happen to JM, because i have something that i want to do with Brally, i have always had this idea, but i don't have a clue about J/M, i don't want to break them up......or should i??? hmmm *thinks*

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I think that j/m shud have a baby ov their own sure they have the baby living them wot jack had wiv sam but its putting a bit of strain on their marriage but i think if they had a baby of their own it wud make their marriage alot stronger cause this baby wud be j/m and martha wud be its biological mum and nobody cud take her baby away from her where as wen she looks the baby jack had wiv sam she will be scared that if she gets 2 attatched & sam cums 4 him she will get hurt

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I like dee's suggestion! :) Are Jack and Martha still married or did they get a divorce and got back together? If they're not married anymore, there could be a wedding. I think you asked something about a proposal a few posts ago. :unsure: But please no break-up! *begs*

Nice chapter!

Cassie loves Brad like a father; that's so cute. :wub:

I'm glad Brad is going to stay with them. :)

More please.

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No, they have divorced. So i was thinking a proposal. And with the Brad/Sally situation there is going to be a bit of a mess......no a BIG mess. I have always wanted this to happen on the show, so yes a fan fic is as close as i can get :) mwahahaha!

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