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The Scruffy Appreciation Thread

Guest DinerLandlord

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This is a new thread for anyone who loves Summer Bay's greatest canine character, the one-and-only SCRUFFY!!! :D

Who cares about Jack and Martha or Mattie/Ric/Viv, or the hospital attacker or Sally's past? Scruffy is all you need!!!

This is also a thread for Scruffy's best friends, the adorable Annie, and the very loveable Michael :wub:

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Scruffy ... saying nothing and doing very little. He reminds me of how Lucas used to be.

I just sprayed tea over my keyboard! 1524.gif

It would be nice to see Scruffy being made a permanent member of the cast, and have him at the beginning of the credits running up the beach :lol:

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A very good point there Jem, and very true :P

Let's just hope they don't make Scruffy have a relationship with his teacher and become another cranky, annoying character as well... And while we're at the resemblance between Scruffy and Lucas; Scruffy seems to get along with Geoff pretty well as well (No no no, don't you get ANY ideas, I did NOT mean it like that!)

I think I'm gonna go hide in the doghouse now :ph34r:

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