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Isabel Lucas a wanted woman

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Isabel Lucas a wanted woman

November 19, 2007

Herald Sun

ISABEL Lucas is wanted by Japanese police for the part she played in a high-profile protest against the slaughter of pilot whales.

Authorities there have issued a warrant for her arrest.

Footage of young protesters, including Lucas, 22, made headlines worldwide last week, timed to draw attention to the controversial whaling season, which officially began yesterday.

Now the former Home and Away star and five others, including Heroes actor Hayden Panetierre, have been charged with "interfering with international commerce" after paddling across nets set to herd dolphins and whales to their death, near the Japanese village of Taiji.

But Lucas, who led anti-whaling protests on Sydney's Bondi Beach last Friday, said the warrants would only "embolden those risking their lives to halt the killings".

"I'm not scared in the least about going back there (to Japan)," she said yesterday.

The actor said the campaigners she joined in Japan expected "consequences would follow" their attempt to confront Taiji fishermen who kill dolphins.

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She is standing up for something she passionately believes in, good on her i say.

That's just what I was thinking! :)

Me too :P

What I hate about all of this, is that the ones who tries to protect the animals, has to pay for it. :angry: It should be the other way around. The ones who hurts the animals, should pay for it! Remember, the animals were here before us, and now we are taking away their right to live. Stupid humans! :angry: (That is included myself. I’m not saying that I’m the only one who is smart.)

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Isabel is wanted by me! :P

But in all seriousness, it is an absolute joke she has been issued a warrant for her arrest!

And now they are coming to Australian shores to kill another 1000 whales including humpbacks which are endangered for scientific purposes just to prove a point. :angry:

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