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Intertwined Lives

Guest xmienkiex

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Story Title: Intertwined Lives

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Emma, Kim

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Drama/Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Language (L), Sexual references at points (SC)

Is story being proof read: Yes, by –x-Siana-x-

Summary: They were happy and in love, but fate was cruel and seemed to push them away. A night of passion changes everything and leaves a lover running. Five years later, she returns to the Bay with a little secret of her own. Drama follows and in the end...can they find their way back to each other?

A/N: Okay so just a few things before you start reading this. 1. English is not my first language. I live in South Africa and thus my context of Australian accents and words are not very good so I don’t tend to bring that in much. 2. I’ve only recently started watching Home & Away – only when Sam moved in with Jack. So obviously I’ve missed out on all the good J & M stuff and so my story probably won’t be the same as their relationship in the show. 3. Please please let me know if you like it. This is my first Home and Away fic so yeah…let me know! (I have 15 chapters planned but have left a space open to make it longer if there is enough people that want it to be longer.) …4. Even though Martha is adopted…her adoption name was given as Martha Mackenzie. 5. Kudos to me for making a banner! Don’t know if it’s allowed but here’s the link to it!

Banner is here!

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Douglas Adams once wrote, he felt that his whole life was some kind of dream, and he sometimes wondered who’s it was and whether they were enjoying it.


My name is Martha Mackenzie. I guess you could call me a typical Australian girl – if you really wanted to. My dark brown hair and blue/green eyes don’t make me stand out in crowds. If you passed me on the street you wouldn’t know it was me. You’d pass me by without another thought. I am 23 years old but most importantly; I am mother to a beautiful four year old daughter – Emma. Lately I’ve made the hardest decision in my life. To understand this decision you need to know the present. To understand the present, you have to know my past…


Kim Hyde smiled profusely as he entered his house, noticing his friends laughing and dancing all around him. The party was in full blaze and everyone was having a good time. Kim raked his hand through his brownish blonde hair as he heard the giggles and laughter of his only family swimming through the crowds towards him. Her laughter acted as a catalyst for his own happiness and pretty soon Kim found himself laughing along to the sound of the beat drumming in the background.

When his father had died he had left the house and everything else he owned to his only living family – Kim and his adopted sister. When Kim was only 3 years old, Barry Hyde had adopted then 1 year old Martha Mackenzie and made her part of his family. Kim and Martha connected instantly and a strong bond had formed the moment they had met. Years later, when Martha started asking questions about her heritage, they moved to Summer Bay where they met Alf Stewart – Martha’s biological grandfather. Barry died a few years later and Martha couldn’t get it over her heart to leave her brother on his own and declined her grandfather’s offer to live with him.

Now, at age 18, Martha had grown to be an incredibly strong willed woman. She was beautiful yet stubborn and non-yielding. It was enough to make Kim either burst out laughing at the stupidity of her arguments or groan at her up most belief in them. Martha was the ying to his yang – if he believed in that stuff. She meant the world to him and he protected her by being the extremely overprotective older brother.

Martha laughed loudly as she raked her hand through her dark hair. “Come on Tash, time to stop kissing Robbie!”

Tasha Andrews giggled against Robbie Hunter’s mouth, sending a coy look towards Martha. Martha grinned as they neared her.

“You are no fun Mac!” Robbie moaned, swinging his arms around Tasha’s body.

Martha turned her attention towards Kim, leaning against the doorframe, staring at her with a foolish grin on his face. She smiled at her brother like a complete idiot – making Kim burst out in a fit of laughter. It was times like these that proved to Martha she truly did belong in Summer Bay – with her family. In high school Kim was always Martha’s protector, not that she needed it, and the bond between them was evident. But in both their hearts they knew Martha had yet to be happy and in love. Yes, there had been boys that Martha had dated, but none of them had ever made her heart beat faster and slower at the same time. None of them could keep up with her quirky comments and lifestyle.

“Stop staring at me.” Martha mouthed.

Kim frowned, making a huge dramatic turn to look around him. Turning back to Martha’s entertained gaze he dramatically placed his hand to his chest, faking hurt, before mouthing back “I’m not.”

The doorbell rung softly in the background, signaling the arrival of another late comer. Martha made to answer it but was stopped by her brother walking away before she could.

Kim’s frown when he walked back into the room immediately brought a frown to Martha’s face. Behind him stood a young constable, dressed in the uptight blue uniform that Martha had seen so many times. She was quite a trouble maker whenever Kim wasn’t around to stop her and had seen enough of the police to last her a life time. Martha eyed the young constable, trying to figure out if she had ever met him before. His dark brown hair and smoldering eyes called out to her in a way no man had ever done. Then again, he was hot enough to pull off the uniform.

“Sorry ladies and gentleman but you’re going to have to take it down a notch. We’ve received a complaint.” He spoke and Kim nodded.

Tasha moved next to Martha, obviously also wondering what she was wondering. “Excuse me sir but can I ask who made the complaint?”

The constable furrowed his brow. “Not that it makes any difference but it was a neighbour.”

“There must be some mistake, we don’t have neighbours. The house next to ours has been empty for months.” Martha murmured under her breath – unfortunately loud enough for everyone to hear.

He stared at her for a few seconds, summing her up and memorizing her striking looks, before he calmly answered, “Just take it down a notch.”

“Jerk.” Martha muttered and the constable gave her a confused look. Martha smiled fakely.

“Will do constable, sorry about that.” Kim laughed beside him – sending his sister a grave look.

The young man smiled at Kim and turned to exit the house. He was almost out of ear shot when he heard Martha’s joyful laughter.

“Well – he was cute for a jerk!”


The next morning Martha and Kim cleaned the house and made sure nothing was broken. Once there had been a situation with a broken glass but that had been the worst case scenario. Everybody loved the Hyde’s parties too much to completely ruin them by doing something stupid. Kim had stayed silent about her disrespect towards the constable and Martha had said nothing about him babying her.

Music coming from the house next door stopped them both in their tracks.

Outside they saw an older man carrying things into the house. A blonde haired boy was helping his father carry the stuff in, his music already blasting through the house. Kim walked over to them – closely followed by Martha who folded her arms over her chest.

“G’day you must be the new neighbours.” Kim spoke. The older man turned to him, stretching out his hand to greet him.

“That we are. I’m Tony Holden and that’s Lucas.” Tony introduced and Lucas smiled.

Kim shook his hand. “I’m Kim Hyde and that’s my sister Martha Mackenzie.” Martha nodded politely, ignoring the obvious lift of the eyebrows that the different surnames caused. It was like second nature for them now, dealing with people who couldn’t understand what their family situation was about…and why she had decided to keep her name. Surprisingly, neither one of the new two men said anything.

“You the blokes that were partying last night?” Lucas asked with a goofy grin.

Martha laughed, pushing a stray hair out of her face. “Yeah, sorry about that. We aren’t use to having to worry about neighbours.”

Tony grinned. “No harm, no foul love.”

A car pulled up towards the house and Martha could hear Lucas sighing with relief. The boxes he was carrying fell to the floor with a loud thud, followed by Lucas mumbling that his brother could carry the rest of his stuff into the house. Tony turned towards the new comer and gave a relieved smile.

“Ah here’s my eldest – Jack.”

The man that climbed out of the car shocked Martha. His smoldering gaze kept hers locked. A cheeky grin was printed on his face, signaling his enjoyment of the current situation. Gone was the blue uniform he had been wearing hours earlier. In its place was a red shirt over a pair of jeans – fitting snugly against his extremely well built body. Martha stared at him for a second before a small smile slid over her face, mirroring Jack’s.

It was at that moment, when 20 year old Jack Holden and 18 year old Martha Mackenzie met, that their lives intertwined – never to come apart again.

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A/N: You guys give me goosebumps with all these lovely comments! I love you all and thanks so much for actually reading this! This chapter is not proof read. It is dedicated to Rachel who is my new best impatient friend. (This one’s for you girlie!)

Chapter 2 – Delirious love

The most wonderful thing in life is to be delirious and the most wonderful kind of delirium is being in love.

- Yevgeny Zamyatim

* * *

Noah’s bar was empty except for the one or two regular late-night customers. Martha sighed as she handed one a beer, leaning against the bar for support. Her feet were aching from a 5 hour shift that kept her on her feet all the time. She was already so tired – having have had no sleep the past three nights – and the added stress on her body was killing her. Martha let her gaze slip to one of the customers, he was young and had handsome features. She smiled, knowing that if she was still single she would have been over there, flirting her heart out.

But Martha hadn’t been single for nearly 6 months.

It had happened so suddenly that Martha had been taken aback by it all. One day she had been Martha Mackenzie, sister of Kim Hyde and best friend of Jack Holden. The next day she was Martha Mackenzie, sister of Kim Hyde and girlfriend of Jack Holden.

He’d kissed her out of the blue one day in Kim’s room as she searched for some CD’s. Jack had walked in with his usual charm and attitude, grabbed her in a hug, tilted her head up to his and kissed her soft and slowly. Letting it all sink in. Naturally Martha had harbored feelings for her best friend – feelings that every second female in Summer Bay seemed to share. It had been Martha’s stubbornness to believe that he could feel the same way that kept her from taking action. After all, she had yet to feel how true love felt. In the end, it had been Jack to make the first move.

After that, things moved by Martha and Jack as if they had placed themselves in a bubble apart from the outside world. Seventh heaven in every way imaginable. They had driven Kim up the roof with the constant touching, kissing, feeling, loving and not to mention certain things he didn’t want to hear at night coming from her room. But he was happy for her and that was all that mattered.

Oh, that and Jack being in love with her.

Two strong arms encircled Martha’s body and she leaned into the muscular body. The black jacket with white stripes was a clear give away of who it was and she breathed his scent in. Jack smiled as he gave her a romantic squeeze from behind, kissing her temple, before he leaned against the counter.

“Guess who has the house all to themselves tonight…” Jack smirked.

Martha batted her eyes innocently. “Ric and Mattie?

Jack gazed at her – trying to figure out if she was kidding but her face gave away no signs of lying. He sighed heavily but kept his smirk planted on his face. “Us stupid. Kim is off to the City with Rob for the night.”

“Oh,” Martha stated, picking up his hand and wiping underneath it. “that’s nice.” She continued to clear the bar – helping the customers as the last ones left. Jack sat with a complete bewildered look on his face. She had just brushed off a night of being alone. Quietly Martha giggled at him being absolutely stupid and not realizing she was only kidding. It was quite funny to see him become completely rattled up by little things that really didn’t matter.

Jack still sat silent as Martha locked up. She latched her arms around his neck and Jack lifted his hands to hold her to him.

“I was only kidding Jack.” Martha whispered into his ear.

Jack moaned. “Right, let’s get out of here!”

* * *

Martha lay content in Jack’s arms – her head on his naked chest – listening to his erratic heartbeats go back to normal. He stroked her hair in a soothing, rhythmic manner as they both stared up at the ceiling. It was destiny – the two of them together – and the proof was in the way Jack held her in his arms.



Martha fit perfectly in Jack’s arms, like she was custom made especially for that purpose…being Jack’s. Not that Martha truly believed it was her only purpose in life but right at that moment she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“What are you thinking about?” Martha asked quietly – scared to break the almost fragile mood they had created.

Jack sighed happily. “You.”

Martha giggled like a school girl. “What about me?”

He sat up so he could see her better, leaning on his elbow for support. “How much I love you and how happy you make me.” Jack paused, pushing a hair out of her face. “When we moved here I would never have guessed this would happen.”

She smiled happily as she pulled his head down for a romantic kiss.

“I love you even more.” She quickly whispered into his ear.

Jack pushed his head further into her hair around her face and mumbled something that Martha couldn’t exactly make out.

“What was that?”

Jack breathed out against her ear. “Marry me, beautiful.”

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Well I decided to post another chapter without having it proof read. Sue me. (Not)

A/N: You guys are going to hate me and I know it happens quickly but really I just needed to get past this chapter as quick as possible. I hate this chapter. Hate it because it took me a whole week to write this chapter, the previous one and the next one. I haven’t even gone through it again. Sigh. So yeah… these next few chapters suck in every way possible.

Chapter 3 – Long way to happy

There will always be something to ruin our lives. It all depends on what or which finds us first. You’re always ripe and ready to be taken.

- Charles Bukowsi

* * *

Martha thought the singer Pink summed up all the emotions she was feelings in one of the lines in her song. It was on replay on her ipod – shouting out into her ears the failure of everything. The destruction of something that was once so beautiful.

It’s going to be a long way to happy.

Martha hadn’t been happy in three months.

Two months after Jack proposed they were married in a lavish ceremony that seemed to rival all the other weddings in Summer Bay. Alf had walked her down the aisle to her prince charming, standing in his tuxedo with that awestruck expression on his face. It had been so hard for her to keep her composure…to not burst out in tears because of the beauty of it all. Luckily she hadn’t and the wedding went off without a hitch.

She was Martha Holden now.

Forever and ever – even past death.

But once the honeymoon ended and the honeymoon phase drifted past them – so did the happiness.

Not that it was completely their fault. Soon after the wedding a deranged lunatic came into the Bay. Jack was permanently on call and he spent more time at work than at home with his new bride. Martha became fed up with it all and so the fights between them grew each day. She guessed that if it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t fight so much. So Martha went to work at a bar – leaving Alf with Noah’s bar. It was Jack that found her one night – following a lead of a supposed drug dealing that was going to go down. The worst possible fight erupted at the house – the one they shared with Kim. Words were exchanged that probably should never have seen the light and in the heat of the moment (with Martha a bit intoxicated) she accused Jack of cheating. The fight raged on with Jack sarcastically retorting that he wasn’t the one working a strip club. That pushed Martha over the edge and she yelled at the top of her lungs that she wanted a divorce.

Of course, the next morning when she remembered it all Jack was gone, all his stuff moved out during the night and she realized with a saddened heart that he would give her what she wanted. They didn’t fight it which was probably the problem. They didn’t fight harder for it. Jack and Martha would always love each other but there was no going back now.

But it was the arrival of the divorce papers that signaled the death of all that was and could have been.

Martha and Jack started biting at each other more often and soon enough the entire Summer Bay went out of their way to keep the two apart. Yet the papers had to be signed and it was finally time to do it.

* * *

Jack groaned as he entered the Hyde/Mackenzie residence. He plunked down on the couch as he looked around. Kim would obviously make sure he was out of the house today – seeing as Jack and Martha were going to be in the same room for a longer than two seconds period of time. There was as sure as hell going to be some sort of blow out.

Because they had only been married such a short time there was no things to share between them. Whatever they brought into the marriage they would take out. Easier and pain free for the both of them.

The divorce papers lay on the table – mocking Jack as he stared off towards the photos on the wall. He was there, so ironic, on the walls of his soon to be ex-wife looking happier than he had ever been in his life. If it wasn’t for his stubbornness he would have done something but he was just like Martha – stubborn beyond compare.

Martha entered the room from the top stairs, staring at Jack with an unreadable expression. She made her way over to the couch and sat across from Jack.



Martha looked towards the papers and pen lying on the table between them. “You know why I called you.”

Jack snorted. “Oh yeah, so you can get this over with and run back to that sleaze and his club.” His malicious tone was on purpose.

Martha huffed. “What about you? You want to get back to Fritz.”

“Stop it Martha! You know that nothing is going on between me and her.”

“Well I don’t care! I just want to get this over with okay! I don’t want to be Mrs. Holden anymore!”

A silence followed the sudden outburst as Jack and Martha stared at each other. They looked past the sadness in each other’s eyes and only saw the anger. Jack was the first to move as he signed the documents with a violent stroke of the pen. Martha didn’t show any emotion as she did the same.

“That’s it. Have a happy life.” Jack snarled as he stood up, storming out of the room.

As he entered his room he fell against the door, slamming his head heavily backwards until he could feel every part of his brain pound against his skull. Tears streamed down his face as he realized with sudden horror that he had just lost the best thing in his life.

Martha also sat her in her room mere meters away from Jack’s room. Her face was blotched as mascara trails covered her cheeks. She never felt worse.

The snapping and malicious words between them had built up such aggressiveness that it tore their love apart. The wish that they could see past it all was the only thing their loved ones could do because at the moment they were both so hurt that they couldn’t look past it to see that their love could restore itself.

If they could not make it, what hope was there for the rest of Summer Bay?

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A/N: End song credit to Trading Yesterday – Last Goodbye. I'm just going on without proof reading. I'm too lazy to wait. Enjoy...this is the last past chapter. Next chapter we jump back to the present! Comments are love!

Chapter 4 – How things change

Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not. Time takes it all, time bears it away and in the end there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again.

- Stephen King

* * *

1 Month

31 days

744 hours

44640 minutes

2678400 seconds

One month was how long they had been divorced before everything changed once again.

A sort of civility had befallen Jack and Martha once they were declared officially divorced and things seemed to cool down in Summer Bay. Though they still avoided each other regularly, when they accidentally did cross paths they smiled and asked how they were.

Martha had quit her job at the other bar but refused to return to Noah’s Bar to work for her grandfather again. She loved her grandfather above everything else but Alf had shown a dislike for Jack and Martha’s immediate decision to divorce without thinking it all through. Martha knew he had a point yet she stubbornly refused to back down. Alf loved Jack like a son instantly after the wedding so Martha knew he would fight against it all.

Jack on the other hand threw himself into his work and spent more time on cases than he did at home. Tony and Lucas gave up trying to cheer him up and stayed out of his way. Jack was crankier than ever – just like Martha.

Kim gave up. He was Jack’s best friend and Martha’s brother – finding himself in a completely ridiculous position between the two of them. Kim loved both of them but refused to choose sides, he made it clear to both of them that he wouldn’t choose either one.

One night Jack and Robbie were drinking at Noah’s bar and Martha and Tasha were drinking at Martha’s house. It didn’t take long for both groups to become completely drunk and soon Tasha and Robbie left Jack at Martha’s. One thing led to another…

Martha giggled against Jack’s mouth as he stroked her sides softly. “Jack we shouldn’t!”

“Who says?” he challenged back, kissing her passionately.

Martha seemed content with the answer and kissed back. The alcohol in their systems clouded all the anger they had and showed that they truly did still love each other. They fell over everything as they made their way towards Martha’s bedroom – clothes falling along the way.

“I love you Jack.”

“I love you too Martha…”

* * *

Martha awoke to a throbbing headache and the muffled noise in the room. Slowly she opened her eyes, closed them again due to the incredibly harsh light, and then finally opened them again. On the other side of the bed Jack was busy getting dressed quickly, mumbling to himself as he tried to keep his head up. Martha smiled slightly – maybe this could mean the start of something again.

Jack turned towards Martha and cringed. “This doesn’t change anything, Martha.”

Without another word, he was gone.

* * *

Three days after he left her alone in her room, Jack’s guilt finally got to him. He had left her there because he had not known what to think about all of it. But Jack was now sure what he wanted to do. Jack wanted Martha back more than ever. She was his everything – the reason he breathed – and he knew that they could work it all out.

Jack made his way to Martha’s house, roses in his sweaty palms. The door stood open and Jack could make out Kim leaning over the coffee table, head in his hands


Kim turned to Jack but said nothing – just handed him the letter.

* * *


The funny thing about writing this letter is the fact that I don’t know how to say this in the easiest, most pain free way. But I guess there really isn’t – so I’ll make this quick.

I can’t take Summer Bay anymore.

I know this is the most foolish thing I have ever done and that I’m not thinking it through but right now all I can think about is leaving it all behind. Don’t think that it’s because of you or granddad – so tell him that please. Kim, I just need to start fresh. I need to start on being just Martha – not Martha Mackenzie, Martha Stewart or Martha Holden.

Tell Jack… tell Jack that he was right. That night didn’t change anything. I still love him more than anything but I realize now that we can never go back. I will never forget him.

I love you both so much – never forget that.

I’ll let you know when I finally settle down.

I’ve got to walk away

While there’s still hope

Learn to erase

The love I know

And let you go

So here we are again

Knowing this will never end

So I must let go

This is my last goodbye

Leaving more than memories of you behind

I will not wait here and waste my whole life

I will not begin

A fight that we can never end

So I’m letting go

This is my last goodbye

Leaving more than memories of you behind

I will not wait here and waste my whole life



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Not suppose to be online just wanted to post this! From now on this story will NOT be proof read.

Here is the link to the vid!

Chapter 5 – Present

Maybe sometimes you have to stop waiting for someone to come along and fix what’s wrong…maybe you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that no-one else has the answer. Sometimes you got to be your own hero.

* * *

You see, my past is one of great love and great sadness. Do I regret my decision to leave Jack so quickly? Yes I do – everyday of my life. The most beautiful thing in my life came from that love – Jack and my daughter Emma. Nine months after I left Summer Bay and went to live in the city, little Emma Lilly Holden was born. I didn’t keep her secret from Kim or Alf and they were both there when I gave birth. But I refused to tell Jack. It was, after all, him that had said that it didn’t change anything. But one phone call would change my perfect life once again…

* * *

Martha laughed sweetly as her little angel walked into the room. One of the older women, Claire, in Martha’s building – who babysat Emma during the days – had come over for dinner and treated Martha to a lovely surprise. Four year old Emma’s chocolate brown wavy hair was pulled up into two ponytails on each side of her head. She wore white framed sunglasses over her blue eyes and some of the fake plastic jewelry Claire had given her for her birthday covered the little girl’s frame.

Emma seemed jubilant as she tried her best to walk like a lady. “What you think mommy?”

Martha smiled, swooping her daughter up in her arms and planting a kiss on her cheek. “I think you look like a little lady.”

Emma seemed happy with the answer and ran off to show her teddies how she looked.

Martha turned to Claire. “Thank you for that – she truly does enjoy playing with you.”

“Oh deary it’s no problem. Little Emma here makes me feel years younger. Bernard constantly wants to know when the little lady is coming over – he sure does love teaching her all about things.” Claire explained with a magnificent smile on her face.

Bernard and Claire were like grandparents to Emma and Bernard loved to teach her things.

Martha nodded as she sat down, watching Emma play with one of her favourite bears. The one that Kim had bought for her the last time he had come for a visit. Claire sat down across from her.

“Where is Bernard tonight, Claire?”

“Oh he’s gone out with our grandson, Alex. You know he’s your age and very much single…”

Martha laughed well heartedly as she raised her hands to stop the older woman. “Claire – we’ve been through this. You know I love you to bits but right now Emma and my job are my main concern.”

Claire nodded in understanding, letting her hand run through her grey hair. “I know I know…but doesn’t stop a old lady from dreaming.”

Martha scoffed. “You are not that old.”

“Old enough to be your grandmother.” Claire challenged and Martha smirked.


Emma finally grew tired of being out of the loop and stomped over to her mother. She was exactly like her father and mother in the way she wanted everything her way. Stubborn as hell. But she could pull it all off with that angelic smile she had.

“Mommy…” the little girl stretched the word out and Martha rolled her eyes at Claire before picking Emma up, placing her on her lap.

“What is it Sweetie?”

“When I was older I use to be a police woman. I saved Aunty Claire!” Emma announced proudly.

Claire smiled sweetly.

Martha cringed.

They had both grown accustom to Emma’s tales of adventure and tales of ‘when she was older’. Though it had been weird in the beginning the soon grew to understand that she too wanted to be part of the adult conversation and therefore created her own tales of adulthood.

But Martha didn’t cringe about that.

She cringed about the police woman part. Since she moved from Summer Bay she couldn’t look at police constables in the same way. In the beginning Martha kept imagining that in each car that drove past it was Jack – looking for her to make up. But as time went on it became clear it never was Jack. Kim and Alf – who visited her frequently on their “fishing trips”, had relentlessly tried to persuade her to return to the Bay. But no dice. Martha wouldn’t go back unless she decided it was the right thing for her and Emma. So with no prospect of returning Alf had given up and brought her a car – not anything fancy but suitable – and Kim had helped in finding an apartment that was perfect. Martha and Claire had hit it off the moment they introduced themselves.

The phone rung in the distance and Martha handed a very tired Emma – who had tired herself out from talking and playing – to Claire and made her way to the bedroom.

“Mackenzie residence.”

“Martha –“

Martha paused. “Kim is that you?”

Kim sighed heavily. “Yeah. Listen Martha you need to get you and Emma over here now.”

“Why what happened?”

“Just come quickly…”

“Kim! What the hell happened!” Martha ordered, her voice breaking with the tension of the moment.

Kim paused for a second. “Alf had a heart attack. He’s in the hospital.”

It felt like all the oxygen was sucked out of the room in that instant. The world turned upside down and the room started spinning. The world was cruel as Martha’s hand flew up to her mouth, chocking back sobs as tears slid down her cheeks almost instantly.

As she put down the phone she immediately started throwing clothes into a bag.

Martha’s mind was made up – she would return to Summer Bay for the first time in almost five years since she left.

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A/N: Hehe I see everyone loves the when I was older bit. Truth be told I actually wrote that from something I heard from my mother. Supposedly, when I was in preschool I use to tell stories of me being older. Vaguely I remember doing that at the age of 5 so true story…kids really do say weird stuff! Also I wrote this chapter quickly before I went out cause I wanted to write it so I could post it. There for not my favorite or best but I NEED to get to the JM interactions!

Chapter 6 – Back in Summer Bay

There seems to be a kind of order in the universe – in the movement of stars and the turning of the Earth and the changing of the seasons. But human life is almost pure chaos. Everyone takes his stance, asserts his own right and feelings, mistaking the motives of other and his own.

- Katherine Anne Poter

* * *

Emma was only too happy when Martha announced she was going to go visit Uncle Kim. The little girl was terribly excited to finally be able to see where her Uncle lives that she was ignorant to her mother’s worries. But Claire noticed. She offered to go with and take care of Emma but Martha politely declined. Emma would be fine with Kim and it would only be a short visit – just to check on Alf.

The drive down to Summer Bay seemed like it took an eternity. The wheels of the car moved too slowly for Martha’s liking but too fast for Emma. Emma’s giggles and non stop talking only seemed to rage on Martha’s already edgy feelings. It was only an hour later that her daughter finally fell into peaceful slumber.

But unfortunately that left Martha to her own thoughts and company and the ghost of Jack hanging in the air. With every inch she came closer to Alf – she came closer to Jack.

* * *

Alf groaned as he moved and the wires pulled his skin taunt. The wires were causing him more pain than the heart attack. Rachel Armstrong was a good doctor but it was an incredibly irritation for him to be lying in the bed while nobody was working at Noah’s.

“You should stop pulling those wires, Granddad.”

Alf turned his head to see Martha standing at the door, watching with worried eyes. His eyes immediately sparkled at seeing her again – even in these circumstances – and it was enough of an invite for her to enter the room. Immediately she held his hand, squeezing it every few seconds as if it was the only thing keeping him alive.

Alf smiled sweetly. “Martha my dear…”

Martha squeezed as a single tear ran down her cheek – she was already visibly upset. “Granddad you scared Emma and me.”

“I’m sorry.” He offered no explanations or excuses and Martha cocked her head slightly. He had always been an incredibly stubborn man when it came to his health.

“Kim told me you were working all the shifts down at Noah’s. What happened to Cassie?” she asked worriedly.

Alf snorted as he used his free hand to give a small wave to show the passing of the question. “The lass and the job just weren’t working out.”

Martha did not seem to accept the answer. “But you should have hired someone else! You can’t do everything. Either that or you should have closed it on the times when you couldn’t handle a shift. Everyone would understand.”

“And lose all that money?”

Martha grimaced. “It’s better than losing your life.”

Alf noticed her expressions and realized she would not drop the subject. Martha sighed as she kissed his forehead.

“Rachel says you shouldn’t go back to work for a few weeks – you need to let your body regain strength.”

“Who will run the bar then? Can’t have it closing down for so long!”

Martha didn’t show any emotion as she let his question sink into her mind. It was very obvious that there was no way Alf would close the shop even if just temporary. But finding someone at such short notice was going to be too hard. And when it finally came to her – what would have to be done – it almost seemed like the world was playing a practical joke on her.

Martha smiled down at her grandfather. “I’ll work the bar until you’re better. You and Kim can make turns looking after Emma while I work.”

Alf squinted. “Are you sure?”


“Thank you love, I’m sorry you have to be the one to do it.”

Martha nodded sadly as she leaned down to kiss Alf’s cheek. Quietly she whispered, “He would have found out one day.”

“Hey Alf man!” the booming voice rung through the small room and Martha’s blood froze.

An eerie silence fell over the room and it felt like time stopped as Martha slowly turned around to face him. Jack hadn’t changed one bit and that made it even harder for Martha. As all the old feelings came back she felt her whole perfect world crushing into nothingness.


Jack didn’t respond as he stared in shock at his one true love. It had been so many years since she had disappeared from his life and now suddenly she was back. It was all too much to take in.

Martha sighed, grabbing her stuff in one swift motion. “I’ll see you later, Granddad! I love you. Goodbye Jack.”

Without another word she ran out to her car as the tears fell silently to the ground.

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A/n: Thanks everyone! Hopefully Youtube will allow me to upload the video tomorrow. Also...watch out for a bit of bad language at the end. Be warned if you take offence! Read. Comment. Enjoy

Chapter 7 – Appearance of Emma

Life is like a pen. You can cross out your mistakes, but they can never be erased.

* * *

Kim knew his niece would break hearts the second he saw her lying in Martha’s arms. Emma had her mother’s infectious smile that seemed to lighten up all the rooms in the house in one go. On the other hand she had her father’s intense eyes. Even when it didn’t look like it – Emma was always busy observing everything around her in complete silence. She took it all in and always knew almost exactly what was going on.

But of all the things she observed; there were few that could challenge her obsession with Kim’s hair.

Emma’s fingers were as always tangled in her uncle’s hair, giggling softly as she raked her tiny fingers through it. Her own hair was not a concern as she inspected Kim’s hair with an almost detective like quality. Kim lay backwards on the chair with his eyes closed, holding her tightly to his chest.

Martha opened the door in a swift motion as she stepped into the Hyde/Mackenzie residence. Seeing Jack had immediately turned everything upside down, topsy turvy and anything else that could happen to it. On the way home millions of thoughts had run through her mind but one thought stuck.

“I should never have come back.”

But she had realized there would be no turning back after this. It would be unfair to Emma to hide her away just because Martha didn’t want to get hurt. It would be unfair to Jack – because he still had the right to know he had a daughter. Unfair. Yes, to Martha it was all so unfair. In doing what was right she knew that ultimately she was breaking her heart even more.


Then she saw Emma lying on Kim’s chest, playing with his hair, and she shuddered because in a perfect world that would have been Jack lying there. In a perfect world she would come home and he would be entertaining their daughter. But as everyone knew – this world was far from being perfect.

There was always that probability that she would have to return to Summer Bay and confront the issue with Jack. It always was at the back of her mind and Martha always knew Jack would have to meet his daughter. But in her mind she never guessed that day would come so soon.

(In hindsight Martha later realized that now would have been a great time to close the door…)

Kim lifted his eyelids only a fraction of an inch so he could see her before he completely opened his eyes.

“Oi squirt! Look who is back.” He laughed playfully and pointed to Martha.

Emma gave a look over her shoulder, taking in her mother’s sad eyes and visibly rattled appearance, but turned back again. Even at just four she realized that her mother was in a fragile state of mind and she shouldn’t push it. “Hello Mommy.”

Martha smiled as she walked over, sinking down onto the couch in front of Kim.

“So,” Kim started as Emma began to play with his hair again. “Alf called me.”

Martha sighed softly. “You heard?”

Kim nodded in agreement as Martha sank her head into her hands. “He goes there everyday. You have to be sure before you do this – he will meet Emma if you stay.” Kim continued.

A grave look was all he received at first.

“Don’t you think I know that? I known it since I told him I would stay.”

“And does this mean you changed your mind? Are you going to give him his right to see his daughter?”

Martha shook her head in defiance. “No, he doesn’t deserve it after what he did to me after that night. I’m giving Emma her right to meet her father. Whether she chooses to have him in her life or not is her decision.”

Kim sighed and shifted causing Emma to mumble upset at the sudden change. “She’s four Martha – four years old. You can’t put that on her.”

For a few seconds all Martha and Kim did was to stare at each other hopelessly. Of course Martha had not truly meant what she had said but she was pushed into a corner. And Kim, well he was just trying to protect and help his younger sister. The only problem was protecting her and helping her were two very different courses of actions.

“Do you always have to be such an arrogant brother?”

“Only until you stop saying stupid irresponsible stuff like that.”

Suddenly Kim’s face contorted in pain as his hand went up to grab at his hair. Emma’s face was already filled with a guilty expression and Martha’s eyes went wide. Her daughter had just pulled some of Kim’s hair out of his skull.

“Emma Lilly Holden what on earth did you do!”

As if time sped up seven thousand things happened at once. The room felt like all the oxygen had been pumped out. Glasses fell to the floor and crashed with a cacophonic sound. Emma screamed in terror and pointed towards the door, hiding in her uncle’s chest. Martha turned and her stomach dropped. And Kim, well Kim just had one thing to whisper into the room.

“Oh ****.”

At the door stood Jack, his hand on the doorframe to support his weight. His eyes were wide with shock – staring between Martha and Emma until they finally came to rest on his little girl’s eyes. Keeping her gaze in his as his vision became blurry and the world started spinning around him.

“I have a daughter.”

And without another word Jack’s body fell to the ground as the world went black around him. All Jack could make out was the voices of two people yelling – Kim and Martha – oh how Martha screamed his name in pure terror and shock. He felt her hands clutching at his black and white jacket – trying to force him to wake up.

“Wake up Daddy.” Was the last thing he heard before everything disappeared.

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A/N: Song Jack & Martha sings, credit to DHT. Who ever said begging doesn't help...I beg to differ! Here's the next update! Enjoy! (I had trouble writing...something's wrong with my right arm so it's extremely painful to move it.)

Chapter 8 – Trying to do the right thing

We all live in a house of fire – no fire department to call – no way out. Just the upstairs window to look out of while the house burns down…with us trapped, locked in it.

- Tennessee Williams

* * *

Jack felt like his brains were pounding against his skull in a cruel and horrid torture. The pain was unbearable and it felt like he had ran into a glass door. He felt no need to open his eyes but did so anyways. The starch white walls around him were an almost instant give away to where he was. Jack groaned.


He hated hospitals. Even as a cop that sometimes got shot at he still hated being there. But there he was, lying in a hospital bed, as the previous night played out in front of him. Jack closed his eyes again for a brief moment, trying to let it all sink in, but opened them when he heard someone enter the room.

Rachel Armstrong (he had heard via the grapevine she was dating Kim now) entered the room and smiled as she did her usual check on him.

“What happened?” he stuttered.

Rachel lifted her finger to her mouth, showing him to be quite. “You fainted and hit your head. Kim and Martha brought you here last night.” She pointed to Martha who slept uncomfortably on the chair in the corner, little Emma snuggled into her mother’s arms.

Jack’s heart leapt at the sight. “How long have they been there?”

“All night - Martha refused to leave. Emma was lying next to you, fast asleep, when I last checked.” Rachel explained before she returned to checking up on him and soon left.

Jack lifted himself up only by a small margin as he stared at Martha and Emma in silent content. He didn’t know whether he should be angry or happy with the current situation. Being angry seemed like the reasonable reaction – after all she was back with his child, the child he had no knowledge about. But on the other hand he knew that with Martha back he could win her back and now he could learn to know his daughter.

That phrase sounded so weird to him.

His daughter – Martha and his daughter.

It seemed like something from a fairy tale.

For almost two months after Martha disappeared, Jack had spent his time searching for her. He drove into the City and searched every hook and cranny for his true love. Inside of himself he prepared his speech that he would give her – about giving up too soon and all that. But unbeknownst to him he always seemed to miss her by mere minutes. Finally he gave up and went back home, only to throw himself into his work. Jack had always been a huge hit with the ladies but after returning from the city he paid no attention to them. For him, no one was Martha.

* * *

Martha awoke only to find Jack’s intense eyes locked on hers once again. It seemed like a never ending circle between the two of them – always communicating through their intense gazes. By pure instinct Martha’s arms tightened around Emma even before she noticed her daughter was still in a peaceful slumber.

“She’s been asleep the whole time.” Jack spoke softly from his place on the bed.

Martha lifted her gaze back up. “Oh I see.”

Awkward silence.

Jack sighed a little as he felt the sting of a headache coming. “You should have gone home, I’m fine.”

“I’m only trying to do what’s right.” Martha interrupted and Jack had to hold his tongue as it almost slipped past how angry he was about their child. Instead, he relaxed into the cushions and stared at the ceiling.

“I really hope you won’t try to keep her away from me now…” Jack’s voice faltered.

“I’m not planning to.” Martha paused. “Well I have to get going now. Just wanted to make sure you’re fine.” She stood with Emma in her arms and grabbed her bag. Slowly, she turned her back on the man she loved.

Jack’s soft voice was the only thing that stopped her dead in her tracks. “I know there’s something in the wake of your smile. I get a notion from the look in your eyes. Listen to your heart, when he’s calling for you. Listen to your heart, there’s nothing you can do. I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why. But listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye…”

Martha gave a small look over her shoulder, catching Jack’s eyes instantaneously. For a second they just stared at each other before Martha gave the tiniest show of a smile. Then she was gone – singing to herself. “There are voices that want to be heard. So much to mention but you can’t find the words. The scent of magic, the beauty that’s been. When love was wilder than the wind…”

But that tiny smile gave them both a flicker of hope.

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A/N: Thanks for the amazing support guys! My arm doesn't hurt so much now...but I'm guessing when I finally go to bed it will hurt like hell. Anyways here's the next chapter! Enjoy!

Chapter 9 – Spending time together with Emma

Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours.

* * *

Two days after Jack’s accident he found himself sitting in the Hyde/Mackenzie residence once again, watching his daughter with an amazed look. She was a little bundle of wildfire that seemed to be able to spark a smile in anybody. Emma was also extremely open to new things and had no problem accepting Jack into her life – she was already into the habit of calling him ‘Daddy’ whenever she could. The biggest thing of all was that Martha showed no sign that it bothered her.

Which was a good thing, a very good thing.

Kim also noticed a change in his sister’s attitude. Martha seemed happier now that she didn’t have to hide Emma anymore. And Jack…well he couldn’t wait to introduce everyone to his little bundle of happiness.

When Martha exited the bathroom she came face to face with her dream image.

Jack lay backwards on the couch with their daughter trailing her fingers through her father’s hair.

“Daddy’s hair softer than Uncle Kim.” Emma cooed and Jack smiled pleasantly.

Martha laughed. “Just don’t pull Daddy’s hair, Emma.”

Jack’s eyes slammed open – either because Martha was unexpectedly talking or the thought of Emma pulling his hair. Either way he was met with a smiling face.

“Hey.” He said softly as he pulled himself up, placing Emma next to him.

Martha smiled as she neared them. “Hey yourself.” Her voice was nervous and soft.

The tension in the room was so thick it couldn’t even be cut by a knife if you forced it too. But it was good tension – not like the tension they had experienced when they divorced. It seemed like they both realized the divorce was a mistake but neither one was saying anything about it.

Emma giggled. “We’re going to the beach!” she exclaimed happily.

The ringing phone distracted Martha and she grabbed it quickly, going into the kitchen to talk.


“Martha my dear! It’s Claire.”

Martha smiled as she thought back to the old woman. “Claire oh gosh how are you? I forgot to call and let you know Emma and I will be staying here a while.”

Claire sighed, relaying the message to Bernard. “We’re fine deary. Just Bernard misses the little girl so much. Our other grandsons were supposed to come visit us but the youngest one called to let us know something had come up. You know…the eldest is only a few years older than you…”

“Claire! I told you about that. Right now I’m trying to just let Emma get to know her father.” Before Claire could reply Martha started talking again. “Wait let me call her for you.”

Martha called Emma who ran to her, grabbing the phone from her. “Claire!”

The older woman and her husband immediately started talking to the little girl and Martha relaxed as she walked back to Jack.

“Sorry,” she started to explain. “but they are like grandparents to Emma – they love her to bits.”

Jack smiled, pleased that his daughter had love in her life. “It’s fine…really.”

Emma returned a few seconds later, handing the phone back to her mother.

“Talking about grandparents…I have to give mine a quick call. I kinda let them down this week.” Jack frowned as he pulled out his own phone. He stayed in the room to take the call.

“Hello you.”

“I’m sorry for not coming, I had a little accident but I’m fine now.”

“No no nothing serious.”

“Gram, please stop trying to set me up with this girl you know.”

“Because I don’t want to meet her – I have new responsibilities now.”

“I have a daughter.”

“Fine fine…I’ll let her talk to you.” Jack handed the phone to Martha, a frown clearly evident on his features. “My grandmother wants to talk to you.”

Martha was a bit confused. “Why?” she mouthed.

Jack shrugged.

“Hello?” Martha slowly asked into the phone.

The woman on the other side gave a loud sniff. “Are you the woman who carried my dearest grandson’s child?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Muffled voices could be heard and Martha tried to listen closer. Suddenly she recognized the voice as she heard one sentence clearly. “Bernard! We have a great-granddaughter!”

Shock couldn’t even begin to describe her feelings as her face broke out in a grin. “Claire?”

“How did you know my…Martha is that you?”

Laughter filled both sides of the room, leaving Jack to watch in a complete daze as to what was going on. Only later, when Martha finally ended the call, did she explain it all to him. Bernard and Claire were his grandparents who he did not visit frequently since his divorce from Martha. And just like that…the world became a very much smaller place.

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Two chapters! Because I wont be here this weekend!

Chapter 10 – Something more?

As it happens sometimes a moment settles and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone.

* * *

They day at the beach seemed like a heaven sent outing for the not so conventional family. Emma was more than exhilarated at being so close to the sea that she gave her father grey hairs by running to the water every chance she got. Martha on the other hand found it a huge relief not to be the only one running after the little crazy girl.

Jack came running up to Martha, carrying Emma over his shoulder. The little girl screeched with excitement which in no way calmed Martha’s nerves.

“Jack watch out!” she exclaimed nervously.

Jack smiled as he carefully swung Emma back over and onto the ground. “It’s okay Martha I have her.”

“Let’s do that again Daddy!” Emma giggled but soon became preoccupied with building the sand castle she had started mere minutes ago.

Jack and Martha both stared happily at their daughter before their gazes met. They shared a smile, a smile holding so many memories and promises neither one was sure they could keep. But still the smile lingered. Only Emma seemed oblivious of the obvious tension – whether sexual or in any other form.

Jack was the first to break the silence. “So, you look good Martha.” His voice was soft and uncertain – they hadn’t placed their relationship in a category yet.

Martha seemed to be taken a back by the sudden statement but covered it extremely well. “You look good too.”

For a second they both just looked at the situation they were in.

They were divorced – had been for going on five years – because of the fights. On the other hand they were the parents of the little bundle of joy they both loved. Emma wanted to know both her parents so single custody was never going to be an option. But if they were together, just as friends, there would always be that possibility of old feelings coming up again. Yet they were both so dangerously in love it was only the memories of the past that kept them from doing anything.

Emma was still playing with the sand castle as Jack and Martha sat behind her on the sand. Their legs touched momentarily and neither one could ignore the electricity they felt. It was like they were calling out to each other on another level.

They talked about what had happened over the past few years that they had missed together. Jack told her about his work and how his family was doing. Martha in turn told him all about Emma growing up, spending time with Claire and Bernard and managing to take care of everything around her. But neither one mentioned anything about any other loves in their lives – both of them noticed it.

“I would have thought that you would have moved on. I didn’t exactly leave you with the best parting memory.” Jack explained as he wrung his hands together.

Martha sighed, looking at their daughter. “I couldn’t, not after Emma was born. She’s channeled you ever since she was born.”

Jack nodded in understanding though still felt his heart strings being pulled in every direction.

Martha quickly interrupted the short silence. “What about you? I thought…”

“No,” he interrupted her shortly, sadness in every word. “I just never got over you.”

For the first time in years Jack and Martha stared at each other with enough love in their eyes that it could rival all the other great loves in the world. Unknowingly they moved closer with each blink of an eye until their lips were mere inches away from each other. Martha’s breath was warm against Jack’s lips and he quickly licked them. Martha inclined her head closer to his, closing the distance between their lips.

“This doesn’t change anything, Martha.”

The memory was so fleeting that for a million of a second Martha wondered if she truly had remembered it. But the hurt was still there and she recoiled from the kiss, leaving Jack very confused. The moment they had just created was gone.

Martha stood up, grabbing Emma’s hand quickly.

“Martha!” Jack shouted after her as she walked away. “What did I do?”

Martha turned to him as she picked up Emma. “This doesn’t change anything, Martha.” Her voice was dead.

She watched as the words sunk in and Jack cringed because of the memory.


By then it was too late as she almost ran back to the house – leaving Jack to stand on the beach, hating his luck and the whole order of the universe.

Chapter 11 – Missing daughter

And the little prince said to the man:

“Grownups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.”

* * *

Jack’s arms were around the sobbing Martha, trying with all his might to console her. The problem was he was just as on edge as she was.

“My baby…” Martha cried hysterically into his shoulder. “Oh God my baby.”

* * *

3 Hours Earlier

* * *

It was two days after Martha had left Jack on the beach and they hadn’t talked to each other. It was like the divorce all over again – just because Martha was afraid of being hurt again. She hated herself for recoiling from the kiss but if she was hurt again it would affect more than just her this time. Emma was involved too. And Martha would die before she let Emma get hurt again.

Emma had been a little bit upset that her mother had left so eagerly. Martha had to make it up to her daughter and decided to go to the beach. They chose a secluded piece of the beach where there weren’t so many people and it was close to the bushes. It was also far from the water so Martha would have a good enough warning if Emma made a run for it.

They spent a good part of the morning just playing and spending time together until Martha’s phone rang.

“Hello?” she asked swiftly.

The person on the other end sighed. “Don’t do this Martha.” Kim said softly.

Martha gave a quick look to Emma before she turned her head away so her daughter couldn’t see her face. “My life Kim, my life.”

Kim laughed sarcastically. “Yet you act like the spoiled fifteen year old girl who got everything that she wanted in just the way she liked it.” He paused. “Emma is not a toy and neither is Jack. He isn’t going to hurt you again – he knows what’s at stake here.”

Martha scoffed. “What’s at stake? Did you forget he broke my heart first? I won’t allow him to break my daughter’s heart this time.”

“Do you hear yourself? Your daughter? Emma is his daughter too! But be foolish and lose the only person who ever loved you more than Alf or I ever could.”

The next second Martha was met by Kim’s dial tone – he had hung up on her.

Martha was fuming – her brother had no right to be such an ass with her life. She turned back around to Emma.

Emma was not at the half-built sandcastle in front of her.

Martha looked around, panic starting to take control. “Emma baby where are you!” she shouted but no reply or little girl was seen or heard.

“This isn’t funny Emma! Come out now!”

The furious shouts were met by complete silence except for the sound of the waves crashing.

It was at that second that Martha realized something was really really wrong. Emma would always respond to her mother’s furious shouts. She jumped up, her eyes gazing everywhere as she kept shouting Emma’s name over and over again. Sobs overtook her body but still she didn’t stop looking for her daughter. 20 minutes later there was still no sight of Emma and Martha did the only thing she could think of.

She ran to the only person that could help.

* * *

Jack sighed frustrated as he signed the last documents. Fritz just rolled her eyes at her partner’s lack of enthusiasm but said nothing – she knew better than to disturb him when he was in a mood. The whole station was extremely quite, giving it an almost eerie feel to it.

A sobbing Martha broke that feeling in a very harsh manner.

Jack was at her side in seconds, rubbing her back and urging her to talk. She was crying so frantically that it scared the hell out of him.

”Emma’s gone! I can’t find her!”

Just that announcement froze Jack’s blood as he immediately organized a search party while he held Martha to him. He was acting on instinct, all the police work, and all though he knew his superior officer would not agree with his moves Jack new that as soon as he could he would be looking.

Jack’s arms were around the sobbing Martha, trying with all his might to console her. The problem was he was just as on edge as she was.

“My baby…” Martha cried hysterically into his shoulder. “Oh God my baby.”

“Shh – we’ll find her.”

* * *

One hour later they were still looking. Kim was with the other constables on the beach while Jack returned to keep Martha calm. She curled up into a ball on his lap, holding her arms around his neck as she pushed her face into the crook of his neck and sobbed. Jack’s arms held her tightly to him as he whispered promises to her – all the while rubbing her back in a soothing manner.

Sally stepped into the open door, causing both Jack and Martha to look up. Behind Sally, Flynn placed Emma whom ran to her parents on the floor. Martha and Jack greeted her instantly with tears of joy and relief. Martha clutched her tightly to her, making Emma promise never to do that to her mother ever again. The little girl nodded, still not understanding the big hype.

Sally smiled as Jack left Martha and Emma’s side. “This little girl sure is a wild one. She came walking to us on the beach and started building a sandcastle with Flynn. We thought maybe Martha was behind her but after a while we got worried. She took us to where you sat but you must have just have left. After that we came here but no one was home so we took her for an ice cream until we heard the news about the search.” Sally explained.

Jack gave a very relieved sigh. “It’s fine Sally – thank you.” Sally and Flynn smiled and retreated.

Martha looked up and her eyes connected with Jack’s. He walked over to them, embracing the two most important women in his life as he felt his own tears start to form.

“Never leave me.” He whispered loudly.

To whom he was saying it was the biggest question.

A/N: Only four more chapters to go!

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