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Twist of Fate

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I wrote this for an assesment task a couple of weeks ago and i got it a pretty good mark for it so i decided to change it and make it about Jack and Martha

I hope you guys like it :).... though Jack fans may not :ph34r:

Title: Twist of Fate

Main Characters: Jack Martha and OC

Type: One Shot

Genre: Not sure

Rating: T/A

Warnings: (V/D)

Summary: A murder story :P

Twist of Fate

Sydney Morning Herald

Girl Found Dead in her Own Home

A girl was found dead in her own home, yesterday night. Forensics have identified her as Martha Holden aged 24. Police have ruled out burglary, as there are no signs of forced entry. It seems she was stabbed with a knife. Police suspect 16-year-old student Harvey Davis. Davis had a job mowing the girl’s lawn on Sundays and it has been confirmed that he had an unhealthy infatuation with Martha. Grieving husband Jack Holden urges anyone with information on his wife’s death to come forward.

Continued page 6


He stepped over her limp, frail body and he knew she was dead. Her usually brown, glossy hair was now knotted and mangled with blood. Her face wore an odd expression. It was almost as if a moment before he had killed her, she knew she was about to die. It was sad, almost, that she spent the last second of her life, knowing what was coming. Ignorance is bliss and this wasn’t.

Her eyes were still open, a look of terror engulfing them. Normally her eyes were deep brown, almost like deep pools of uncertainty and doubt.

That was Martha..

Always doubtful and always uncertain, but always beautiful. Even now, that she was dead, she was beautiful. Her skin was clear and white, almost like porcelain.

That was Martha.

A porcelain doll, always beautiful but never really there. She was forever in her own world. But now she was gone. He didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. She was gone. Gone from this world forever. Finally she was in her heaven, her own world. Strange as it sounded, he loved her. He had always loved her since he first laid eyes on her when he was fourteen years old. He sighed and bent down.

He ran his fingers over her face, closing her eyes and he knew that he would never see them open again.



There was no answer.

“Martha, the lawn boy is here!” Jack shouted from the kitchen table.

He looked up to see his beautiful wife enter the kitchen. She wrapped the silk-made gown around her thin, petite body.

“Did you let him around the back?” she asked, her voice was soft yet she spoke with authority.

“Yep,” her husband answered, “Honestly I don’t know why you let him do this. It is obvious that he likes you.”

“Relax,” Martha laughed, “He is just a kid with a harmless school-boy crush on me.”

“I had a harmless crush on you when I was a kid and I ended up marrying you!”

“You’re a lucky man,” Martha laughed again, “I’m just going to check on him.”

“Dressed like that?” Jack protested, “You’re barely wearing anything!”

“Relax would you! It’s just harmless crush!” Martha assured him walking out the back door.

“Right, harmless…” Jack repeated.


He knocked on the door. She answered, smiling brightly. It made him feel almost bad about what he was about to do. No. He couldn’t feel bad. If he did, he knew he would back out at the last minute. No. This needed to be done.

“Hello,” she said opening the door for him to come in, “I didn’t expect you to be here. I saw just this morning.”

“I needed to come, I had to see you,” he answered, almost grimacing at the sight of her happy face.

“Ok,” she replied, caught slightly off-guard, “Come in.”

She pushed the door open and stepped aside so that he could enter the house. He sighed and stepped through the doorway. Martha was rambling on about something or other but he wasn’t listening. His thoughts were on what was about to happen. He put his hands in his pockets, slowly fingering the sharp blade of a knife that lay hidden beneath the material of his pocket.


“How are you Harvey, ok?”

He looked up to see the beautiful woman that occupied his dreams standing before him. He nodded, completely in awe of her beauty.

“Well then I’ll leave you to it. I’m just going to go in and have breakfast with Brett and then…”

But Harvey wasn’t listening anymore. Brett. It was strange that one word could have such an effect on him. Jack didn’t deserve her. He didn’t love her or treat her right and she wasn’t happy, he could tell. Martha wasn’t happy with Jack, and Harvey could tell she wasn’t happy with her life either. Maybe she would be happier if she lived in one of those worlds she was always dreaming about. Heaven maybe? Would she be happier dead?

Suddenly a loud laughed echoed from inside the house. It was her laugh. The sweet sound made him jump back into reality.


She laughed. The sound of made him jump back into reality. She frowned noticing the blank look on his face.

“Are you ok?”


“Yes of course,” he stammered nervously.

She shrugged, not wanting to push it. He looked nervous, for some reason unknown to her. His hand enclosed around the knife again. He knew it was either now or never. It had to be now. He pulled it out, the blade glinted as it caught a ray of sunlight. She looked down at the object in his hand. Realising what it was, she stopped mid sentence. She looked back up to his face, and saw the look in his eye.

“What…” she began.

But it was too late.


“Jack,” a man appeared at the door of Jack’s office. He looked up from his computer and smiled.

“Look I’m sorry to pry but I was going through some files and I found this one,” he put the file down on Jack’s desk, “I thought you might want to take a look at it. It concerns your wife.”


He stepped over her body. He looked down at her face and was surprised to find he was crying. He hadn’t wanted to kill her, but she had left him no choice. He bent down, his face inches from hers.

“You should have told me,” he whispered, tears still streaming from his eyes, “If you’d have just told me instead of keeping all that money to yourself and lying. You were my wife and you never let me share it. Millions of dollars. But now your dead, it’s all in my name. You shouldn’t have lied. Lying never gets anyone anywhere. And now your dead, you brought it on yourself. It’s my money now.”

He stepped over her body and as he did, a gold wedding ring glinted in the light from the kitchen revealing four words:

Jack and Martha Forever



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