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Mon, 12 Nov 07 - Episode # 4546

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ You REALLY Are Saint Cassie “

(Screened in Australia on Mon, 12 Nov 07 - Episode # 4546)

BEACH : Cass [having finished her shift at Noah’s] sees Aden’s mates round the fire. She then sees Aden & Tam kissing, and very quickly discovers that Tam is more than a tad tipsy. Cass has a go at Aden – who responds by calling her “saint Cassie”, by Cass is able to get tam [just] to go with her – way form Aden etc.

DINER : With Gabrielle schollay doing a great job of playing the drunk Tam – angry at the likes of Irene, Annie AND not at all sure on her feet, Cass tells Sally & the others where she founds Tam. Tam then adds that Brad wouldn’t care what she is doing.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Matilda is sooooo NOT keen on the tie that Ric has chosen to go with the shirt she bought him fo the formal.

After Matilda bails, ric gets a txt form Viv – wondering if she can came over [it’s urgent she adds]

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Tam insist that Brad & heather that she doesn’t need a lecture, and when Brad is out of the room, Heather tries to tell Tam that Brad was hoping to score a job closer to the bay before he told Tam & heather about his possible move.

DINER : Cass talks to Sally about the whole Brad situation. Sally insist that she and Brad has talked and they realised that there’s no chance of them get back to9gether. Cass ads that little Pippa is going to9 take Brad’s leaving rather hard.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Tam is still well & truly annoyed and insist to Heather that she [heather][ can’t tell tam what too do. Tam ads a sting to the tail by commeti8ng unfavourable about her mum’s gambling issues.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric can’t believe it when Cass tells him that she is going to formal with one of the nerdiest guys at school – the guy had asked her on “a few” occasions to9 be huis date.

There’s a knock on the door – its Viv’s hubby noel, who wants to know if Viv is here. Ric insist that she isn’t, but Noel tells Ric that he beater not be playing games. The rather peeved Noel then bails.

VAN PARK : Next day, Ric is on his way back to the van park house [after a morn swim no doubt] when he encounters Viv. As they talking, she tells him that Noel came around last bnighjt because Viv told him that she meets up with her personal trainer, through Ric, at the van park house. Viv insist that that was all that she could think of. Ric isn;t exactly pleased – and even more now, you get the feeling that ric wants Viv OUT of his life.

DINER : Sally encounters Tam, and the latter insist that she’s had enough lectures about what happened. Tam then approach Aden [who is with his mates] Tam can’t believe it when Aden says that he no longer want to see her, or even go to formal with her, as she is too much trouble.

[Note – Aden is such a CREEP, no wonder Cass went out withy him a couple of years ago.]

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass almost canl;t believe it when Viv come to the door. Viv insist that she is only here because she wants to rent a van, as her hubby isn’t in best of moods at moment, asn is capable of anything. Cass tells Viv that she’s puting everyone [especially Ric & Matilda] in a tough position by being her, but Cass does eventually agree to let Viv rent a van.

DINER : After ordering their coffees from Irene, Sally is ether surprised when Brad says that he is leaving t9own immediately after the formal, as he wants to have some tie to settle into Tassie before the job starts.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Cass talks to Matilda about the geeky guy that she is going to the formal with – prompting Matilda to make the comet that her friend really IS Saint Cass.

Cass gets a txt, and she & Matilda can't believe what they are seeing - video footage of Tam & Aden kissing on the beach last night!!!!!!

BEACH : Tam is fighting back tears as Annie app. Tam tells Annie that she thought that Aden liked hjer. Annie tries her best to console her friend – with a hug.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Cass informs/shows Sally THAT video – and Sally is NOT impressed.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Brad talking to heather about after he has bailed to Tassie. Will Heather be able to cope? And he also suggetsthat Rachel could move into this place.

Sally arrives – and insists to Brad that they NEED to talk.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Cass WAAAAY confronts Aden about what he did. Tam & Anne enter the corridor hust after Cass has finished her “spray”. Cass tells Tam that Sally wants to see her.

VAN PARK : As Ric approach Matilda, he can see [in corner of his eye, but Matilda can’t] Viv.

Ric & Matilda go into the van park house, where Matilda is kinda all stressed about formal. Ric [wanting to deal withy Viv] insist that Matilda should have a shower before him.

Ric then goes and talkmto Viv in her van. Viv tells Ric about how out of control that Noel; is, and how she couldn’t stay at a friends house, as all her frinds are Noel’s friends. Viv tells ric that she “sold out” for lots of money and a nice house, as Noel “owns” her now. Ric is clarly uncomfoirtbel with her stying at vamp park, but insist that she can is she causes him [and maddie] no more trouble – Viv agrees.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Tam is way annoyed that THAT kiss video is all over the school. Brad approach Aden, and the latter almost gets his wish – for Brad to hit him, but Sally insist that Brad hat Aden isn’t with it.

After Brad walks away, Sally tells Aden that he is BANNED from attending the formal [especially for providing alcohol to a minor – which is also on the vid footage taken]. Aden suggests that Sally that that decision is a BIG mistake.



Matilda & the others are dressed up to the nines for the formal but ric gets stranded somewhere with Viv

Sound like Brad asks Sally to come to Tassie with him!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Matilda – purple low cut spaghetti strap top/light brown crop jacket/dark [light pink floral] shorts

SILVER : Sally – royal blue v neck top

BRONZE : Annie – apple green top/denim mid thigh length coveralls


Aden – black [white “Cult” logo etc] t

Aden – black t/grey jeans

Annie - SBH uniform

Brad – light blue long sleeve top

Brad – white v neck t

Cass – tan low cut top, with orange singlet top neath

Cassie - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress/white [bONT kogo] jacket

Heather – dark green scoop neck elbow length sleeves top

Heather – red blouse, with black singlet top neath

Irene - red long sleeve scoop neck top, with black top neath

Matilda – white [black check] low cut spaghetti strap top/light pink shorts

Noel - plum button up shirt

Ric - green & white (rising sun motif) board shorts

Ric – grey [with black collar & “YD” logo] polo shirt

Ric - light blue (black silhouette of a person - face etc motif) t

Ric – way way light pink button up shirt/blue [green stripes] tie

Sally – blue [with several big white buttons vertically on the bust] top

Tam – green long pants/black sleeveless jacket/white [various colors boxes] t

Tam - SBH uniform

Viv – bone long pants/black & grey [black on the bust, grey the rest] halter top

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