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Episode Numbers

Guest Furzie

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I am sorry if this is in the wrong place, please move if it is.

I need some help numbering the episodes that I have on my computer. I have recorded the early years on five life, the specials sally and flynn, horror etc as well as the current ones on five.

I have a list of around 300eps on my hard drive. The computer labels these files as 'home and away 12_11_07_09_59' meaning the date and time it was brodcast on the channel! I need help to number these and the eps that I have are not in order! Has anyone any suggestions on how to do this?

Picture below of the eps on my computer and their filenames!


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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The very first episode shown was 2841, the most recent 3094. 13-11-07 Ep 2

A helpful midway point might be Ailsa's collapse being 2960.

Hopefully that will help you with the episode numbers.

Thanks ryan. I will give that a go!

Its so confusing the way the computer names the files, I will probably mess up somewhere! :lol:

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