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Black Balloon

Guest .Amy.

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Story Title: Black Balloon

Type of story: short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: G

Genre: drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: None

Summary: Based after Noah's death when Hayley is seeing him but before he leaves.

"Hey Babe",

Hayley had found Noah sitting on their bed when she came home.

"I am so glad to see you",

she forced a mild smile, her eyes became heavy and blurred. Noah glanced at her, Hayley wiped her eyes forcefully, so hard, they became red. She collapsed on her knees. He got up and stood above her, she looked up at him, towering her.

"Irene didn't believe you, did she?"

He said, caressing her shoulder.

"How do you do that?"

Hayley exclaimed under her tears,


He replied as he got down on his knees beside her.

"Know exactly whats wrong with me! Your perfect",

She giggled and blew her nose into a lime green handkerchief. She got up and looked into the mirror, why was she putting herself through this? Why couldn't she let him go? Why did Irene not believe that he was there? The questions overloaded Hayley's mind, she suddenly felt empty, she looked round sharply, he'd gone again, she felt a nauseating pain in her stomach. More questions overwhelmed her, where did he go to this time? She felt dizzy, the room started spinning fast and faster, she grabbed her stomach and fell to the floor.


Irene sang quietly to herself as she prepared breakfast. She didn't know what to do about Hayley? There was a tightening on her neck, she dropped the saucepan and grabbed her neck, she struggled to breathe.


She gasped, but not loud enough.


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A few days had past and Noah hadn't returned. Hayley felt so empty just like a shell of a person. Several people had stopped by to see her, they felt for her apparently, how she had 'lost' her husband, lost! She had scoffed, they made it seem like Noah was a puppy that had just ran away. And anyway, she hadn't 'lost' him, he was still with her.

The door bell rang, and rang again. She couldn't face answering but it was probably someone here to see Irene, she had some kind of mysterious fall a few days back. It was Flynn,

"Hey Hayls, how are you doing today?"

She felt her eyes roll,


She replied. He glanced at her, her hands were firmly cupped on her stomach.

"Are you feeling OK?"

He asked, she nodded and forced the corners of her mouth up to form an unsatisfied smile.

"Well, I'm here for Irene's check-up, how has she been feeling?"

"I don't know",

she mumbled. He looked at her again before going into Irene's bedroom. Hayley sat on the sofa; she curled up, putting her legs in front of her chest.

"Hayley, Hayley, Hayley"


She mumbled and rubbed her eyes,

"How long was I asleep?"

"Only about half an hour, I have finished seeing Irene, she'll be fine",

Flynn said,

"But I would like to give you a check-up while I am here".

"Really, that’s not necessary"

Hayley replied.

"I would really like to".


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