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Thurs, 8 Nov 07 - Episode # 4544

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Don’t Even THINK About Coming To Our Wedding!!! “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 8 Nov 07 - Episode # 4544)

DINER FLAT : Michael can hear banging coming for the kitchen – its Martha, cleaning out the fridge. Michael comments tat he thought he heard voice late at night, and Martha says that she couldn’t sleep so she watched some TV. Michael once more tells Martha that he loves her, but all Martha can responds with is that she CARES for him.

RACHEL'S PLACE : As Rory gets ready for school, jack was another go at him for the whole gun taking incident, jack tells Sam that he is going to speak to McGrath – about speak to the school students about gun safety etc.

Rory bails, and when Sam wonderers why jack seem up tight this morn, he tells her about his nightmare last night. Sam wishes that jack had woke her up.

DINER : Cass & Matilda tell ric that they are going to go shopping today for their formal dresses. Colleen comments about how she looked like Audrey Hepburn at her formal.

GARAGE : Ric approach the building and sees Viv’s car, but it’s her hubby Noel that has bought the car in. Noel thanks ric for all that he has done [especially the bday party for Viv] and invites ric to his [noel’s] place tonight for dinner. When ric comets that he & Matilda have plans already, noel comments that Matilda can waaaaaaaay come along o dinner too.

ARMSTRONG PLACE : Heather enters, just as brad is putting the finishing touches on get ready for his latest job interview. Heather gives Brad some encouragement when she says that she just landed a job at the hospital, and that these kinds of things [interviews] are all about having a positive attitude.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : A classmate approach Rory and shows rory that he got an A for his hero essay about jack.

Nearby, Aden approach tam, and wonder if she would like to come to the diner withy him today for lunch, but she thinks that his pick up line [“have you done something to your hair”] is lame.

DINER : Matilda & Cass enter with shopping bags in hand. Matilda removes from the bags the short that she wants ric to wear to the movies [with dinner before hand] tonight. Ric thinks about telling Matilda about the offer form noel, but he doesn’t.

Tam & Aden enters, and when tam sees tat her mum is there, she suggest to Aden that they should do something another time.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Martha arrives, and wonders what jack was thinking when he came to her place late last night. He tells her about the intense nightmare that he had, and as they talking further about what’s happened/happening to jack, Martha suggest that maybe its all too much for jack to be getting marries soon.

Not surpririseingly, Rory picks THAT moment to come back to the house – and he [on front patio] overhears Martha’s comment about the weeding.


GARAGE : Viv enters, and when Ric tells her about hat Noel said [dinner etc], Viv says that noel WILL definitely want ric there. She lasso suggest that, despite way he acts, noel is a big softy at heart.

Ric [who had been working in Viv’ car when she entered and continue to do so as they chat] quickly turn around, and bumps into Viv, who spills her coffee on her top.

After Viv says tats he has another top with her, she goes to the bathroom, and, since the mirror can be seen form the doorway, she can see that ric is watching her change.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam arrives home and is rather surprised to se jack cooking dinner – but he insists that it’s not too much of a strain for him.

Sam suggests to Rory that he should join her now when she buys a bottle of champagne, but Rory is all moody. Sam insists that he IS going to join her [despite Rory reminding her about him being grounded].

NOAH'S : Matilda tell ric that she is waaaaaaaay looking fwd to the movies etc tonight, and when Matilda bails, ric gets a txt form Viv – about her hubby insist that he & Matilda be there for dinner.

Brad approach ric and is kinda surprised by what’s going on – an older woman chasing ric etc. Bra urges caution.

Sam & Rory enter, and Rory is more that a tad rude to Martha, but he won’t explain why to Sam.

RACHEL'S PLACE : When thy get home through, Rory reveals what he overheard. Sam looks shocked AND annoyed


RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam confots ajck about the whole Martha caht. He insists that all Martha said is that perrhps all this strees isn’t good for jack, but jack adds that he doesn’t agree with Martha/

SURF CLUB : Aden & Tam banter anbout ppol and other thigs, untiol, tam sees that Brad & Heather are nearby [in noah’s].

Sam enters Noah;s and wonders to cass where marha is – cass says that marha finished her shift recently and is probably at home.

DINER FLAT : Martha answers a knock on the door, and almost imeeaitely, sam lkaiucnmhes into a vertbal attack, eg “it’s not your place to be saying things like that to jack” etc.

Sam reinforces her whol;e msg of disjust at Martha by telling Martha that she shouldn’t even THNK about attending the jack/sam wedding.

When sam bails, Martha loks more than a tad shock by the intyense tirade.


RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam enters and sees something sticking out of Rory’s school bag. She is way affected when she sees not only that Rory gave an A for his report, but Sam is all but in tears as she reads Rory’s report about how heroic jack is.

GARAGE : Ric is in the shower when Viv enters the premises. She calls out, but hears only the water [shower] running. Ric is shocked when she enters the shower cubicle [sans clothing of course]!!!

Viv tells ric that he KNOWS that he was watching her earlier when she changed. Viv adds that she LIKED that he was watching her!!! – and all the while, Ric still has a look of shock on his face.



Did Ric cheat on Matilda?

Every man and his dog [incl Cass] is warning Tam to stay away from Aden!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Martha – cream [black floral pattern, with thin blue straps] dress

SILVER : Tam – black [hot pink “bust a style” slogan] t/red jacket

BRONZE : Viv – black low cut v neck blouse/black bra/black knee length skirt


Aden – dark [small white unknown logo on chest] t

Brad – light blue button up shirt/twin tone blue diag tie

Cassie - green (with black diagonal stripes) tube top

Cassie – tan (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Colleen – green top/Yellow floral blouse

Heather – dark long pants/white blouse

Jack – olive green t

Jack - red [white dove] t

Martha - grey cami top

Martha – royal blue scoop neck mid thigh length dress

Martha - stylish dark grey (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

Matilda – red low cut spaghetti strap top

Michael – dark shorts/white singlet

Noel [Viv husband] – sky blue [whit check] button up shirt/blue [red double ended tri pattern] tie

Ric - light blue (black silhouette of a person - face etc motif) t/ark blue overalls

Rory – green [white swirls?] t

Rory - SBH uniform

Sam – mauve polo shirt/grey long pants

Tam - SBH uniform

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