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Meant To Be?

Guest Channy!!!

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Story Title: Meant To Be?

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Alf, Tony and others.

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: Maybe some

Any warnings: (SC) Sexual Content (L) Language (A) Adult Themes

Summary: Jack and Martha where high school sweethearts they did everything together and were each other's best friends but then high school ended. Jack headed to the police academy at Yabby Creek (he still lived in the Bay) and Martha got offered a modelling contract (she was surprised when a 'big name' noticed her one day when they were passing through Summer Bay and she was working in Noahs Bar). She took the opportunity of a lifetime and headed to Melbourne to become a model. Jack and Martha decided to take some time apart but vowed to remain 'best friends' and stay in contact. But like most ex's this was a promise they couldn't keep, it was too hard to talk to each other and not be with each other. Jack finished off at the police academy and became Officer Holden at Summer Bay and Martha moved up the celebrity ladder, becoming pretty famous. But something will happen to bring Martha back to the Bay. Will she stay? Will she and Jack become close again, or has time come between them? Has their lives changed too much and turned them into total strangers? It'll answer these questions and more.

This is my first fan-fiction please let me know what you think.



She stood staring out at the ocean, wind in her hair and the sun warming her tanned skin, the gritty sand between her toes. The beach was meant to soothe people, make them feel at ease, for her it used to be one of her safe places, but standing there on this beach, at this particular time, looking at the sun setting it only reminded the brunette beauty of the life she left behind. Oh how she had loved the beach, she'd grown up in the water, running up and down the long sandy beachfront to keep her in shape, but the ocean had been replaced with spas and the sand had been replaced with gym equipment, a personal trainer and no-fat food; Summer Bay seemed like a lifetime ago.



He ran out of Noah's bar and over the rocks, he stubbed his toe on a rock but kept running, he needed to reach the sand. He fell onto his knees onto the sand and stared out into the ocean.

"Why?" he yelled, he knew no one would answer him but shouting made him feel better. A tear ran down his face and landed on the sandy bank. "Life was finally getting better, dad was happy; I was finally beginning to be happy, our family was finally normal. They were meant to be, she was my mum, or the closest to a real mum I had." He let it all out; he picked up a shell and tossed it angrily into the sea.

"Jack." he didn't turn around he knew the voice. "Jack, I'm sorry, things will be alright" The blonde came and knelt next to him she rested her hand on his shoulder. He didn't know what to say to her, he didn't know what to say to anyone.

"Please just go Stacey" was all he managed to get out, she looked at him hurt. He knew she was trying to comfort him but how could she? It felt like she barely even knew him; he didn't want to be comforted he just wanted to be alone with the ocean.

There was one person who would know what to say to him, or even if she didn't just her being there would make him feel better. But she was long gone he had let her go a long time ago; she would be in some 5 star hotel, being treated like the celebrity she was. For now he would just have to let the ocean somehow ease the pain, if it could.

Stacey removed her hand off his shoulder and stood up, "I'm sorry" she whispered as she turned and walked away.



"Martha!" A voice yelled.

The brunette turned away from the water and looked at the old guy who was yelling at her.

"Oi, we have 5 more photos to shoot before the sun sets completely, we don't have time for you to stand around and do nothing, you should be getting your make-up touched up!" the voice yelled at her again.

Martha walked up the beach towards the crew that would fix her make-up and tell her which bikini she would be wearing in the next photo shoot.

"Are you alright?" a dark haired man asked her.

"I'm fine Johnny!" She didn't feel fine, the beach brought back too many memories and there was something else prying in the back of her mind, something was wrong she just didn't know what.

"You just don't seem yourself today." Johnny stated while handing her a red bikini.

"I'm fine!" Martha said sharply as she took the bikini off him. "Thanks" she said and gave him an apologetic smile; she knew that her manager was only worried about her.

'Flash, flash' went the camera as Martha posed in the red bikini on the beach in front of the setting sun.

"Smile!" ordered the old guy, directing the shoot.

Martha put on a fake smile she really was not in the mood to be smiling but it was her job.

'Bring, bring'

"Hello" Johnny answered Martha's mobile phone. "Oh hey Alf, I'm sorry she's in a photo shoot right now is it important? Oh...." Johnny paused and looked at Martha. "Ok I'll just get her." He said into the phone. "I'm sorry guys but Martha really needs to take this phone call." He announced to the photo crew. "Martha, its Alf" he handed her the phone and looked at her with concern.

"Hey Grandad, what's up?" Martha answered.

"Its Beth" the voice on the other end of the phone said.

"What's wrong with Beth?" Martha asked worried.

"She was on her way home from Yabby Creek when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and veered into her lane. She didn't make it, Martha." Alf told his Granddaughter the story.

"Omgish" Martha uttered, a tear ran down her cheek and smudged her make-up. The phone was silent as Alf let her take it in.

"I have to model for Myer tomorrow, it's too late to cancel, but after that I'll clear my schedule and I'll come home." Martha got herself together enough to explain what she'll do.

"Thanks for telling me Grandad. "

"Yea you too, bye" Martha hung up the phone and walked away.

She headed down the sand towards the ocean. She sat on the ground and cried, how could this happen to the Holden's? How could this happen to Jack?"

Preview: How will Jack and Martha cope with Beth's death?

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Thanks for the comment, I enjoy hearing what people think and if it's worth continuing, so keep them coming please lol.


2am, Martha lay on her side looking at the digital clock on her bedside table. She had barely got a wink of sleep all night, it was impossible too with so many things running through her mind. She knew she really needed to get some sleep with the fashion show tomorrow, but once again her mind drifted to the past.


Martha and Jack walked into the Holden house hand in hand, Jack said he’d make them a spider and headed to the kitchen. Martha lay down on the couch and picked up the remote off the coffee table, she switched on the tv and flicked through the channels.

“Anything on?” Jack asked from the kitchen

“nope, unless you want to watch Sesame Street?” Martha joked

“Oh for sure, lets watch that!” Jack smirked

“Oh c’mon Jack seriously you might learn to count to three, if we watch it.”

“Oh you’re funny.” Jack replied and ran from the kitchen and jumped on top of Martha on the couch and started tickling her, she whinged and complained.

“Stop it Jack, no seriously that tickles” Martha whined

“We are in grade 9, not 9 years old Martha we aren’t watching Sesame Street.” Jack laughed and switched the channels.

“I really need to get a job so I don’t have to rely on Granddad, I feel bad.” Martha stated to Jack.

“Well what do you want to do?” Jack asked her.

“Dunno..” Martha stated

“You could do anything, you are soo beautiful people just see you and melt. You could get any job you wanted.” Jack complimented and kissed Martha on the forehead.

“I’m not sure.”

“What about I ask mum and dad if you can work at Noah’s?”

“Hey, that’s a great idea, I love you Jack Holden you’re a genius.” Martha smiled she lay on Jack’s chest and played with his hair.

Later that evening Jack and Martha made tea for Tony and Beth. As they were sitting around the dinner table, Jack asked his parents if Martha could get a job at the bar.

“For sure sweetie, of course she can. You can have a job Martha you’re like a daughter to me; you can have whatever you want.” Beth smiled across the table at Martha.

“Yeap, you can pack the freezer and do some waitressing, the only thing you won’t be able to do is serve alcohol because you are a minor. We’d be glad to have you work at Noah’s” Tony agreed with Beth.

“Oh yay, Grandad will be soo happy, thanks for asking Jack.” Martha exclaimed as she squeezed his hand tightly under the table and looked at him with a loving, thank you look.

Martha came back to reality; she looked at the clock which now read 2:30am, ‘pfft.’ She really couldn’t sleep; the drinks she had, had at the hotel bar that night probably wasn’t helping. She reached over and switched on the side light, there on her dressing table looking at her was a picture of her, Jack, Tony and Beth. She reached out for it and ran her fingers over the photo. ‘Oh Beth’ she said and she put the picture face down as a crystal clear tear fell from her brown eyes.



Jack lay in his bed and looked again at his alarm clock which read 2:00am. Millions of things ran through his mind, how could this be happening to his family? What would he say to his little brother when he saw him next? That was it he couldn’t take it he threw back the covers and switched on the light, which lit up a picture in a frame of him, Martha and his mum and dad, it made him upset and angry to think that his father and himself were the only two people really left in that picture. He laid the picture face down and headed into the kitchen.

He poured himself a glass of Rum and Coke he downed it with almost one gulp, before re-filling the glass again, this time with just straight Rum, which he downed with ease and re-filled again. He knew he shouldn’t be drinking but for some reason he couldn’t stop, it eased the pain. Seven or more glasses of straight rum later and he read the clock, through blurred vision, 3:30am, pfft.. that was it, he was going for a walk.

He chucked a shirt and board shorts on and grabbed the rest of the bottle of rum as he headed out the apartment door and stumbled down the stairs. The diner was empty of course, he fiddled with the lock on the diner door he finally got it unlocked, and he swung it open and forgot to latch it closed behind him.

He headed for the beach, the beach that somehow always made him feel that little bit better. But today it had a tough job to do, as there was no way he was going to feel better. He unscrewed the lid on the bottle of rum and took another swig, before lying on his back and looking at the stars which seemed to dance around his head.



The sun rose through the hotel window and its rays woke up Martha, who had finally fallen asleep in the chair next to the dressing table with her head rested on it. ‘Ehh’ she moaned she felt like crap.

“Miss McKenzie” a voice came at the door.

“Yea” she answered

“Your breakfast is ready, I brought you your usual.” The hotel maid replied

“Ok just leave it on the table next to the door I’ll grab it in a second, thanks.”

Martha wrapped her dressing gown around her lace nighty and headed for the door. She unlocked the safety locks and opened the door and picked up the tray. She carried it back into the hotel room kitchen, she looked at her fruit salad, yogurt and juice and did what she usually did, put the fruit salad and yogurt in the fridge next to yesterdays fruit salad and yogurt, tipped the juice down the sink and refilled the glass with straight vodka. In her opinion the only way to cure a hangover was with more alcohol.

“Martha” She heard Johnny call out to her.

“I’m not dressed yet, Johnny come back later, please.” She said

“Are you ok this morning?” he asked the closed door.

“Fine” she lied

“Ok, that’s good, the dress you should wear to the show today is on the third rack in your wardrobe. The shoes are the ones in the fourth row that are still in their box.”

“Ok, thanks.” Martha stated.

She sighed; she really did not feel like modelling today, in fact she hadn’t really felt like modelling for a few months now. I mean sure she lived most girls dream life, the penthouse rooms, expensive clothes and hot guys drooling over her. But this life was lonely, she could have almost anything in the world, but some days, most days, the one thing she wanted was the person and life she had left behind.

Preview: How will Martha’s return to the Bay go?


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Yea there is one good thing about Beth dying bringing Martha back to the bay. Thanks for the reviews. Here's another chapter.


The sun rose and lit up Summer Bay. ‘Bring bring’ Jack’s mobile phone rang, which woke him up. “Ohh” Jack sat up. He looked around and realised that he was on the beach. ‘Ehh, what am I doing here’ he thought. ‘Bring, bring’ the phone continued to ring.

“Hello” Jack answered.

“Whoa Leah calm down, no it’s ok you can still call me, it gets my mind off what happened. Now what’s wrong?”

“The Diner, what the door is open, is anything missing? No well that’s something at least. Ok I’ll be there soon.” Jack hung up the phone and rested his head into his hands.

That’s when it hit him, last night, drinking, not closing the Diner door behind him. It was he who had left the Diner door open, because he’d been drunk, he’d come down here to feel better, he must have passed out. He looked over and saw the empty bottle of rum next to him on the sand, he picked it up and stood up. His head throbbed, he threw the bottle in a wheelie bin on the way to the diner. What would he tell Leah?




The cameras flashed and the music blared as Martha walked down the cat walk for the last time that day, she put on a false smile and posed on the $1500 stilettos. She couldn’t wait for the day to be over, to be in that limo heading back to Summer Bay, a place she hadn’t been to in over a year.

She changed her clothes hastily, refusing all offers to attend the after party, although she could use a drink she didn’t feel like partying.

“Good work, you put on a brave face and fooled everyone.” Johnny said to Martha taking her hand and giving her a hug.

“Can we go?” Martha asked

“Yea, sure, I’ll get the driver to pick us up, take you back to your hotel room and get your stuff.”


Martha packed her bags with clothes 1, 2, 3 and 4 suitcases later she had most of her stuff, packed. ‘Sheesh’ she thought, why did she have so many clothes. She heard the door open and looked up to see Johnny; he smiled at Martha who still had a third of a wardrobe to pack.

“Here Martha let me take the suitcases down, don’t worry about the rest I’ll get the maid to pack it and send them to you, later in the week.” He really felt sorry for Martha he could tell that she was really upset.




“I’m sorry, I just forgot.” Jack was attempting to apologise to Leah for leaving the Diner door open.

“Well you’re just lucky nothing was stolen Jack. You’re a cop Jack you’re meant to know how to be careful.” Leah scolded Jack. She looked him over, he really did look not well, and he’d just lost his step-mother, she felt guilty.

“I’m sorry Jack I didn’t mean to yell at you, I.... you should have something to eat and maybe get some rest. Come on you can have whatever you want from the Diner it’s on me.” She took Jack by the arm and lead him inside.

Everything in the Diner went quiet as people looked at Jack, they’d all heard the news as it was a small town. Colleen whispered something to one of the costumers before looking at Jack again.

“Colleen, coffee table 7, NOW!” Leah yelled “C’mon Jack, sit down.”

“I’m fine, just let me go upstairs, I need to have a shower and go see dad.” Jack stated, he couldn’t stand being the centre of attention he felt like an animal at the zoo. He made his way upstairs; he walked into his kitchen and opened a bottle of beer, which he skulled down, before heading into the bathroom to take a shower.




Welcome To Summer Bay, Martha read the sign as her limo entered the seaside town. ‘Home’ she thought, I’m finally home. That’s when the nerves hit her; she hadn’t been in Summer Bay for so long what would people think? Would they talk to her? Would they have forgotten about her? When she had left she’d been an 18 year old teenager, now she was a 20 year old young adult. Where was she going to get the limo to drop her off? She had no idea all these things that she hadn’t thought about because she was too busy thinking about Beth was suddenly rushing through her head. The main ones that stood out were, would Jack talk to her? Would it be like old times? What would she say to the guy that she had once known inside out?

“Where are we going to, ma’am the Diner?” the driver asked

“No” she didn’t really know where to go, but being dropped off at the Diner in a limousine would not help her blend back into the town. It came to her she’d get dropped off at the Wharf and hope that her Grandad would be at his boat, if he wasn’t she’d walk to Sally’s.

“Drop me off at the Wharf please.”




Jack was now fully dressed and ready to go spend time with his family. But just the thought of going into his old house without Beth being there was enough to make him open the fridge and down another beer, he grabbed another one to drink on the way. As he walked along the beach and headed to his dads house, he saw a limo pull up at the wharf. ‘Wonder who that is’ he thought to himself, it never occurred to him it might be Martha. He headed up the pathway and across the street to his dad’s house.

‘Knock, knock’ he knocked on the door.

Irene opened the door.

“Oh hey, Jack dear. Come in, your father is just on the phone to the funeral company.” She held the door open as he walked in.

Jack looked around the room, the familiar lounge room that he had spent so much of his youth sitting on watching movies with Martha. But today Matilda sat on it with Lucas, crying. He sat next to his younger step-sister and he took her in his arms and let her cry on his shoulder, he rested his hand on his younger brother’s shoulder.

“Well that’s that, the funeral is on Wednesday. ” Tony stated as he got off the phone. Jack let go of Matilda who clutched onto Lucas again and walked over to his father, who looked tired and sad. He gave his father a hug patting him on the back, trying to reassure him.

“Robbie and Tasha are coming home tonight. Hayley, Scott and Noah are getting here Tuesday night and everyone will be back for the funeral on Wednesday.” Tony explained to Jack.

“OK, dad” Jack had to stay strong even though he really did not feel strong.

Jack’s phone rang he looked at the caller ID which read Stacey, he didn’t know what to say to her, he wasn’t even sure she was his girlfriend, she had just kind of been a person he’d been dating for the last few weeks and somehow talking to her now, with Beth’s death etc was not really what he wanted to do, he ignored the call. He walked to the fridge and cracked open a beer that he found in there. These were going to be a long few days.




Martha headed down the Wharf to her grandfathers boat, there were so many memories attached to that boat.


Jack where are you taking me?”

“You’ll see” Jack laughed as he led a blindfolded Martha down the Wharf. He stopped her in front of Alf’s boat which he had borrowed for the night and covered in white lights and laden with rose petals and a white table, with candles and a carefully picked out meal.

“Are you ready?” He asked as he reached for Martha’s blindfold.

“Yes Jack I’m ready you know I hate surprises, I’ve been ready for the past day.”

Jack removed Martha’s blindfold. Martha stood there stunned the boat looked beautiful. She turned to Jack who swept her up off her feet and carried her onto the boat.

“Wow, Jack, this is amazing, I love you sooo much, thank you!” She exclaimed and cupped his lips in hers.

Looking at the boat now almost brought a tear to her eye, thinking of that amazing night that was so long ago, but she could remember like yesterday. It was obvious Alf wasn’t there so she headed up the beach towards Sally’s house. She looked at the two story house, where she had lived in for most of her youth. She walked up the front stairs and knocked on the front door.

Sally opened the door.

“Martha!” She exclaimed and hugged her. “Alf said you were coming home, he’s just inside we are getting ready to go see the Holden’s. Come In.”

Martha walked in, taking in her surroundings. The kitchen, the lounge room nothing seemed to have changed, even though years had passed.

“Martha” Alf came up to his granddaughter and gave her a hug.

“Do you want a coffee? and then we’ll head over to the Holden’s.”

“Water will be fine thanks.” Martha answered

Preview: How will Jack and Martha seeing each other after being apart for so long go? Is Jack heading in a downwards spiral?

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OK here's a quick update. Thanks heaps for the reviews :)


Martha walked up the stairs to her old room; it was like nothing had changed in it. She put two of her suitcases down; Rick followed her up with the other two.

“Good to be home?” He asked his cousin

“Sure is. It’s a little strange but good, I wish it was under better circumstances though.” Martha replied she looked at her cousin who was now 16, he’d grown up fast.

“You’ll find that everything and everyone is pretty much the same as when you left.” Rick told her

“Jack?” she said his name as if it was a question.

“Yea. Jack, he’s still kind of the same apart from the fact he’s a cop now, although I guess he always was the heroic type. Have you talked to him?” Rick asked

“Not really, not for..” she paused to think how long and was shocked to think that she couldn’t remember the last time they talked. She remembered it’d be awkward and that they’d promise that they would visit each other soon, it just never happened. “I don’t remember how long”. It brought a tear to her eye thinking of how they’d grown apart.

“I’m sure you guys will get along fine Martha.” Rick comforted her he could tell that she was upset. Rick thought back to when he was younger, how much he’d looked up to Martha and Jack, they’d seemed like the perfect couple, so young and so in love he’d hoped that one day he would share a love as strong as Martha and Jack’s.

“Mhm, I hope things aren’t awkward” Martha stated, “Anyways get out so I can changed” she said jokingly and pushed him out the door

Martha looked through her clothes what would she wear? She went through three suitcases and still couldn’t find anything. Finally she was half way through her forth suitcase when she pulled out her favourite Gucci black dress. She realised no one had seen any of the clothes she’d worn at the fashion shows anyway.

She looked at herself in the mirror, she really liked the dress. She didn’t really know why she was fussing over what she was wearing she had grown up around these people. But for some reason today she really did care, maybe it was because it was the first time she had seen many of them since she became a model or maybe it was simply because she wanted to impress Jack.




Jack opened the door to his apartment and headed to the kitchen he opened up the top cupboard and took out a bottle of Rum, he put the rum into his bag and headed out the door again, locking up. As he headed down stairs Leah stopped him.

“How’s your dad Jack?”

“Ok I guess, well as fine as someone who has just lost the love of their life can be, I guess”

Leah didn’t really know what to say to that.

“Oh, tell him I’ll be around later on with some dinner from the Diner that way you don’t have to worry about cooking.”

“Thanks, Leah it means alot” He gave her a quick smile and walked out of the Diner.

He headed along the beachfront towards his Dads house. He couldn’t wait any longer he opened his bag and got out the bottle of rum; he cracked it open and started to swig out of it. It burned his throat but somehow soothed how he was feeling. He knew he shouldn’t be using alcohol to make him feel better, but he had to be strong for everyone else, so there was no one to be strong for him. He put the bottle away in his bag and headed up the path to his house. He didn’t bother knocking he just let himself in, his dad was sitting at the table going over files and Lucas and Matilda were in the lounge watching TV, he just plonked himself in a chair and got lost in thought.




Sally pulled up in front of the Holden house, Rick and Cassie were quick out of the car, Sally and Alf soon were standing on the front pavement as well. Martha just sat in the car looking at the house; it suddenly felt really weird being there, she didn’t feel like she belonged. But she forced herself to get out of the car and stand with the others.

“What’s wrong Martha?” Sally asked

“I just don’t feel like I should go in.” She replied and turned away and looked out at the sea.

“Of course you should, you are practically their family you belong in there just as much as any of us.” Sally reassured Martha and took her by the hand and began to lead her towards the house.

She’d walked down this path so many times, she’d practically lived in the house for most of her teenage years, yet today she felt like she was a stranger. She put these thoughts to the back of her mind and followed the others up the two stairs to the Holden front door.




‘Knock, knock’ Jack was pulled back to reality.

“I’ll get it” Tony said as he got up from the table and walked to the front door. “Sally, Alf come in.” Tony showed everyone inside. Hearing Sally and Alf’s names Jack stood slowly and turned to face the door to great the visitors.

“Well I’ll be damned look who is in our house, the famous Martha McKenzie!” Tony exclaimed and embraced the brunette in the doorway.

‘Martha’ Jack thought. Then he saw her, it was like his stomach dropped and time froze, there she was the girl who had once been the only thing he really cared about. ‘Wow’ he thought she looks amazing. He looked her over, she wore a black dress that was low cut and showed of her amazing figure, the dress came just above her knees and she wore stiletto heels that highlighted her practically perfect legs. It was like he couldn’t breathe, she was the most stunning thing he had ever seen but then again he’d known that since he first met her in grade 8.

“Martha” he said this time aloud.

He walked over to her, and in one quick motion he wrapped his arms around her, it felt great to hold her in his arms once more.

“Jack” Martha said and buried her head into the crevice of his chin and neck, she felt like she was home again. The embrace only lasted a few seconds, perhaps a little longer than a normal friendship embrace which the others had noticed. But for Martha and Jack it had felt like eternity, her holding him like that had made her realise just how much she’d missed him, it made her eyes water. They let go of each other but Jack kept a hand on her waist for a second longer before realising that things had changed since 2 1/2 years ago and removing it.

“Wow” he said out loud this time “you look amazing” he smiled at her and for the first time since the accident the smile wasn’t a fake.

Preview: Will the chemistry and love that Jack and Martha share bring them back together straight away? Or will the reality that they are no longer the same 18 year old teenagers make it too complicated?

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The familiarity Jack and Martha had felt when they had greeted each other 10 minutes ago had subsided. They now sat on opposite ends of the coach separated by a somewhat uncomfortable feeling Lucas who sensed the tension between the ex couple. Jack watched his father and Sally go over the paperwork for the funeral on the table, while Martha stared out the window at the distant beach. ‘Ehh, Jack thought to himself why was this so awkward they never really had a huge break-up more just drifted apart, it was so great to see her again, why couldn’t he just bring himself to tell her that? Why couldn’t he bring himself to spark a conversation with her and break the silence between them?’ He couldn’t take it any longer he headed to the kitchen to pour himself a rum and coke.

As Jack stood up, Martha drew herself back to reality she watched him walk to the kitchen and pour himself a strong drink. She was worried about him, she’d never seen Jack drink before, and even at his eighteenth he’d only had a few drinks but remained pretty much sober the whole night. Maybe she should tell him that perhaps a drink isn’t the best thing for him, I mean she knew what it was like to drown your sorrows with alcohol. But she decided against talking to him, it wasn’t her place to give her opinion on what he should do anymore, she looked back out the window.

“Oh I forgot,” Tony sighed everyone looked at him. “Jack would you be able to go pick up Tasha and Robbie from the airport please?”

‘Oh gosh, Jack thought I can’t drive I’ve had far too much to drink, how was his father was going to take this.’

“Umm I can’t I’ve umm...” Jack stuttered

Martha realised that Jack couldn’t drive as he had had too much to drink.

“I’ll pick them up Mr Holden, I haven’t seen Tasha in months, and I’d really like to catch up with her.” Martha jumped in to save Jack. Jack looked at her with an appreciative look.

“I just, don’t have a car.” Martha stated after she realised she hadn’t driven to the Bay she’d been dropped off in her limo.

“I’ll go with her, she can take my car.” Jack stated he really wanted to get out of the house.

“Ok, cool thanks guys, I owe you.” Tony stated

“Nah you don’t, its fine.”

Martha and Jack headed out the Holden door.



‘Summer Bay, come back soon’ Martha read the sign as she drove Jack’s car out of town, they had barely said a word since getting in the car and the tension in the air was beginning to kill her.

“Hey do you remember when we were 16, you’d just got your license and we were so excited about being able to leave the Bay without having to rely on our parents driving us.” Jack struck up a conversation he’d obviously been feeling the same tension.

“Yea, your parents and my Granddad didn’t like the idea of us driving to the city for the weekend and staying in some hotel all on our own, they said we couldn’t go. I was shattered; I really wanted to get away from Summer Bay with you for a weekend.” Martha remembered what had happened so clearly and added to the story.

“I knew you were shattered, I was too. So we stole my dad’s car, emptied our bank accounts and headed to the city anyway.” Jack continued

“Except YOU forgot to check if YOUR dads car had petrol, we ran out of fuel about 10 k’s out of town and were stuck on the side of the road.”

“I FORGOT, If I remember correctly it was YOU who was driving and should have checked the fuel gauge not me.” Jack teased

“ME, I was the female in the relationship Jack, I’d only just got my license, how was I to know that cars actually need fuel to get places, I thought the tank was pretty much always full by itself.” Martha was taken aback by the fact that Jack thought she should’ve checked it.

“Any normal person Martha would know that cars don’t fill themselves. Anyway, I was quite prepared to walk ALL the way back to the Summer Bay servo and get more fuel for the car.”

“That would have taken hours Jack, so I came up with a genius plan.” Martha continued

“Yea I look over and there you are, shirt folded up to show your stomach, skirt barely covering your backside, with the bonnet of the car up, leaning on the side of the car waiting for some knight in shining armour to save us” Jack added with a laugh “the funny thing is it would have totally worked, you always could stop traffic with your looks.”

“Naww, thanks Jack. Pity the first car that drove past was my Granddad.”

Jack laughed histerically. “I’ll never forget his face, he was fuming there was literally smoke coming from his ears almost.”

Martha laughed and added “Yea, the fact his innocent Granddaughter was standing dressed like a teenage Britney Spears school girl on the side of the road, obviously disobeying his direct orders that NO she couldn’t go to the city with her boyfriend, nearly gave him a heart attack.”

“We were grounded for WEEKS, but like that could stop us; we still snuck into each other’s rooms at night and spent time with each other. Or made up excuses to why we had to go down the beach. I couldn’t stand the thought of being away from you for a few hours let alone 2 weeks.” Jack looked over at Martha who was nodding her head in agreement. She was enjoying reminiscing just as much as he was. “Dad, would have kept me looked in my room for days if it hadn’t been for Mum....” Jack paused the thought of Beth spoilt the moment and was too much, his eyes watered up and he looked out the window.

Martha let him have a few moments before asking.

“Are you ok with everything Jack?” She almost whispered the question

For the first time since the death Jack couldn’t lie, not to Martha, the girl who knew him or at least used to know him so well.

“No... not really” he whispered back.

Martha knew that there wasn’t really much she could say to lighten the moment; So she just put her hand on his knee and said the words that Stacey had spoken that afternoon. “It will be OK.”

For some reason, when Martha said these words Jack somehow kind of believed her and it did make him feel somewhat better.

“I hope so, thanks.” Jack replied and rested his hand on hers and continued to stare out the window into the night.



Once again there was silence in the car, this time it wasn’t awkward, they both were lost in thought. Martha and Jack pulled into the airport car park; Martha watched a plane fly over head and wondered if it was Tasha and Robbie’s. She hadn’t seen them in such a long time she was excited at the idea of seeing her best friends again. They payed the airport parking toll and walked towards the arrivals entry.

“Gee, it will be good to see Tash and Robbie again, it’s been forever.” Martha said

“Yea. I know what you mean it’s weird to think that a few years ago we spent almost 24/7 with each other and now we barely even see each other once every six months.” Jack understood where Martha was coming from.

“Well that’s got to change.”

They walked through the automatic doors into the arrivals lounge, suddenly Jack felt uncomfortable like there were heaps of eyes on him. He looked around and realised he felt that way because there was heaps of eyes on him, people were whispering and pointing at them. Jack didn’t understand why, he looked himself over checking if there was anything on him and then looked Martha over, there was nothing on her either. That’s when a guy of about 17 walked up to Martha.

“Excuse me Miss would I be able to get your autograph?” He asked shyly, he was blushing.

Martha looked confused for a moment before rolling her eyes; it hadn’t crossed her mind once since she’d returned to the Bay that she was still Martha McKenzie the face of Myer, the real world was still there.

“Yea of course you can have an autograph” she said, the kid handed her a pen and she signed the hat he handed to her.

That was it, everyone had seen that she had given the guy an autograph, there was soon at least 30 people surrounding Martha, who was somewhat overwhelmed.

Jack stood back and took it all in, he’d forgotten that Martha was now a famous supermodel, when they’d be chatting and laughing it was as if he’d been talking to the same everyday person that he used to talk to. It was a reality check for Jack, Martha was no longer his innocent Martha who worked at Noah’s bar and in turn he was no longer high school jock Jack who really didn’t have that much of a clue about responsibility or life for that matter. Standing there watching Martha sign people’s shirts, hats, bags, anything they could find to get her to sign, Jack had never felt so distant from her. They weren’t teenagers anymore, things had changed and he’d been foolish to think that it would be easy to go back to how they used to be, this was the real world that for the last few hours he’d forgotten about.

He waited a few more moments before it clicked to him; they were here for a reason. Martha looked tired and kind of annoyed, he could tell she really did not want to be signing peoples stuff, but was doing it because she didn’t want to hurt their feelings. Jack then knew what he would do; he drew his police badge from his pocked and started telling people to get back.

“Back people please, get back police!”

People moved out of his way, he put his arm around Martha’s waist firmly and started to walk with her.

“I’m sorry she’ll do no more autograph’s tonight please move out of our way!” He demanded of the somewhat disappointed crowd.

Finally the crowd subsided they were no longer surrounded by heaps of people but the feeling of eyes watching them could not be shaken as people still pointed and stared, there was also now camera flashes as the media had got whiff of Martha’s appearance.


They heard a shout from over the whispers and there stood Robbie and Tash. Tasha ran and hugged Martha almost knocking her to the ground. ‘Flash, flash’ went the paparazzi camera’s.

“huh?” Tasha said

“She’s famous Martha McKenzie remember” Jack explained.

“Oh, yea, wow look at all these people looking at us, oh I feel famous.” Tasha said excitedly posing for some of the cameras.

“Oh gosh, we are never going to get back to Summer Bay now!” Robbie sighed as he watched Tasha lapping up the media attention.

Preview: Has the public attention, destroyed the chance of a re-union?

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Hey great reviews, thanks.. I got the papparazi = the enemy from the whole Britney scandals, it's like leave her alone.. anyways heres and update :-)


Martha drove up the Holden driveway, it was about 11pm and the lack of sleep and the amount of travelling she’d done that day had hit her pretty hard, she was exhausted. She switched off the car and looked in the revision mirror, Tasha was asleep on Robbie’s shoulder and Robbie was asleep with his head resting on the window. Jack was also asleep in the front seat it seemed his late night and uncomfortable sleep on the beach had caught up with him also.

“We’re home.” She said and opened the car door, the interior light switched on, which stirred the sleeping passengers.

“Summer Bay.” Tasha declared

“Yea” Martha agreed

“Wow, it sure feels weird to be back here” Tasha looked out the window at the beach.

“A good weird” Robbie added

“Well I’m glad we are all here together” Jack said as he got out of the car.

Martha popped the boot and Robbie and Jack got out the luggage and lugged it to the front porch. The lounge room light was on but apart from that the house was dark and still. Jack carried some of the bags to the spare room, where Tasha and Robbie would be staying; they were quite so they didn’t wake the rest of the house.

“I’ll see you tomorrow” Martha whispered to Tasha and Robbie, she gave them each a hug.

“Yea, it’s good to see you guys again, sleep well.” Jack added and also gave each of his friends a hug.

“We will, night guys.”




Martha carried her shoes as she and Jack walked along the beach, in silence, they were both really tired.

“I’m sorry about the whole airport fiasco; I guess I hadn’t even thought about the media attention or anything.” Martha felt bad about Jack having to play hero and get her away from the crowd.

“Its fine” Jack replied

“It’s just I really didn’t mean for any of that, you didn’t need to play hero, not with everything” she felt the need to apologise more

Jack stopped and looked at her, the moon lit up her face and he could tell that she was upset about it.

“Martha it really is ok.” He looked her in the eyes. “I guess it was kind of a wakeup call for me though, I’d forgotten how much time has passed, since...” He paused he knew she’d understand what he was talking about.

“Yea it has. But you’re still Jack and the fact is I’m still Martha, apart from the expensive clothes, media attention and all that crap. I’m still me, I still love chocolate chip ice cream, although I’m not allowed to eat it that often, I still love walking on the beach and I still don’t enjoy being treated like I’m inferior because I’m female.” Martha went on

“You’re still you.” Jack cut in

“Yea I’m still me” she agreed

Jack looked her over, she still had that down to earth feel about her, but he realised she had changed.

“You’ve grown up though”

“Yea being alone in the industry does that to you, you get strong and you learn to deal with things without having people to fall back on, you have to learn otherwise you get eaten alive.” She explained.

“Mhm, but you’re still Martha.”


Jack took a step closer to her and reached for her hand, he took it in his, he loved the feel of her soft skin and how her hand fit perfectly in his it felt so familiar. He thought seriously about kissing her but decided it was too soon. They walked along the beach hand in hand in silence, they both were content on just that little bit of contact for the moment.

He walked her to Sally’s door, he dropped her hand and leant in and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Good night Martha” He whispered as he pulled away.

“Night Jack” She whispered back, she looked deep into his eyes before turning and heading inside.




The sun shone through the window and lit up a sleeping Martha who slowly stirred. She smiled she’d been having a really good dream where her and Jack were a happily married couple.

“Martha are you awake?” Sally’s voice called through the closed door.

“Yea” she answered sleepily

“We are going to the Diner for breakfast if you want to come.”

“Um I’ll meet you there, I’m just going to for a run, Sal” Martha replied

“Ok, I’ll see you later then”

Martha rolled over in the bed and closed her eyes desperately trying to get back to her dream, it didn’t work. ‘Ehh’ she threw back the covers and got out of bed.

5 minutes later she was dressed in her cotton running shorts and her Nike sports bra shirt that showed off her toned stomach. She walked downstairs grabbing a drink of water before heading out the door, to go for a run.




Martha jogged along the beach, her feet digging deep into the sand; she felt a twinge in the back of her calf muscles so she decided to power walk for a bit. She looked over the water; she’d almost forgotten how beautiful Summer Bay was in the morning.

“Excuse me” Martha heard a voice behind her; she turned to see a blonde jogging towards her.

“Are you Martha?” The blonde girl asked.


“Oh wow, you look just like you do in the pictures in the magazines, I’m Stacey.” The girl said and held out her hand.

Martha wiped the sweat of her palm on her shorts before shaking the blondes’ hand. “Hey"

“I’m a studying entertainment journalist second year, I’ve never met anyone famous before. Wow.” Stacey exclaimed looking her over.

“Oh ok” Martha didn’t really know what to say.

“Hey, it’s really weird me meeting you, you see I have this huge assignment coming up where we have interview local hero’s. You’re a legend around here well in the fashion industry you are anyway, how you escaped Summer Bay and became a ‘big name’ model it’s really amazing. Would you mind if I interviewed you so I could do an article about your story?” Stacey asked really nicely.

“Wow, you want to interview me because I’m a local hero...” she paused she was astonished that anyone would think SHE was a hero. Stacey looked at her pleadingly.

“Yea sure you can interview me, just give me a call, I have a funeral tomorrow so these next few days might not be that good an idea but after that I’m all yours.” Martha smiled at her.

“Oh are you going to Beth’s funeral?” Stacey asked

“Yea did you know her?”

“Yea well I’m sought of dating her son” Stacey said. Martha’s face fell she was far too old to be dating Lucas, Scott was married to Haley that only left one son, Jack. She was dating Jack.

“Oh” Martha shook her head.

“What’s wrong?” Stacey asked clearly sensing that something was up, with the previously fairly happy Martha.

“Nothing listen I’m running late for breakfast at the diner, but it’s been nice talking to you, bye” Martha said quickly and jogged off leaving a dazed and confused Stacey standing on the beach looking after her. Jack had a girlfriend it really hurt and made her mad, why had he held her hand? Why had he made her believe that maybe there was a chance of a re-union.

Preview: How will Jack explain Stacey to Martha? Jack and Martha do one of the things they do best. [/font]

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Here's an update. Look out for a saying thing, that I may have stole then changed a little fom another tv show.


Martha walked toward the Diner still puffed from her run; she looked through the window and saw that Jack was one of the people eating breakfast with Sally. ‘Err’ she thought ‘there is no way I’m going in there, looking like a sweaty pig and I’m really not in the mood to see Jack’. She simply turned away and headed back the way she came, back to Sally’s to take a shower and maybe get the blonde out of her mind.



“Where is Martha?” Jack asked Sally.

“I’m not sure she should be here by now, she was just going to go for a run.” Sally replied

“Oh ok, I’m going to go look for her. I’ll catch you all later.” Jack announced to the table.

He got up and walked out of the Diner; he looked along the beach but didn’t see Martha. He decided he’d go for a walk along the beach and see if he could find her, he was really looking forward to seeing her again.

Jack had been walking along the beach for about five minutes when he spotted a blonde up ahead, ‘oh no’ he thought to himself but it was too late.

“Jack!” came Stacey’s voice, she ran up to him.

“Jack, I haven’t seen you since that horrible afternoon, how are you?”

“I’m ok, well kind of.” He replied

“That’s good.” She looked him over he looked tired. “You’ll never guess who I saw before, Martha McKenzie she was really nice; she said she’d give me an interview.” Stacey told him with excitement

“You’ve seen Martha?” Jack asked quickly

“Yea, she was jogging along here about half an hour ago. She said she was going to your mother’s funeral, I told her that I was too and that we were dating.”

Jack’s face fell, Stacey had told Martha that they were dating, oh no.

“What did she say?” Jack asked with a worried voice.

“Not much actually, she said she was in a hurry she was running late for breakfast at the Diner and she ran off. It was a little strange actually.”

“Oh, listen I really have to go I’m umm..” He couldn’t think of an excuse. “My dad. You know. Anyways I’ll see you later.” With that Jack ran off along the beach heading towards Sally’s house.

“Ok, bye!” Stacey yelled after him and for the second time that day she was left standing confused staring after someone running away down the beach.



Martha was getting dressed when she heard a banging on her bedroom door.

“Martha!” Jacks voice called

“Jack, can you just go away.” Martha yelled back through the closed door

“I’m not going away Martha.” And with that Jack pushed the bedroom door open.

“Jack, I’m getting changed” Martha sighed

Jack’s face lit up as he looked at her bare back, he’d seen it before but ‘wow’ was all he could think. Martha pulled her shirt on and turned to face Jack who still looked stunned.

“What do you want Jack?” Martha said unenthusiastically

“I want to explain”

“Explain? What do you want to explain?” Martha exclaimed “The fact that you got my hopes up, the fact that last night you forgot to mention you had a girlfriend. You know what last night before you took my hand and made me think there was some chance of an ‘us’ again would have been a great time to explain!” Martha lost her cool which clearly aggravated Jack, if there was one thing Jack and Martha had been good at doing it was fighting.

“What. I wasn’t thinking about Stacey when I took your hand last night, she was definitely not on my mind. But you know what it doesn’t matter, you can’t blame me for this Martha, I didn’t know you were coming back to the Bay. You can’t put this on me, you left me Martha remember, you choose your freaking modelling contract, so I had no choice but to put you behind me. I thought you were never coming back.” Jack yelled back.

“So what Jack this is my fault, because I choose the opportunity of a lifetime, because I didn’t stay in Summer Bay. The fact you lied to me about that blonde bimbo girlfriend of yours is my fault!”

“I dunno, I loved you Martha and you broke me when you left. You were my life!” Jack was so mad he began to tear up.

“You don’t think it hurt me too Jack, I loved you just as much as you loved me. But if I hadn’t of gone I would have wondered what if? For the rest of my life. There was never a day when I’ve been away, that I haven’t missed this place!” Martha shouted back. “That I haven’t missed you.” She said this softer.

“You say that to me now, why couldn’t you tell me before? Maybe two years ago, maybe it wouldn’t have hurt so badly!” Jack exclaimed. Martha began to cry she turned away and looked out the window, she was so mad but so hurt, how could he blame this on her?

“You know what Martha, maybe it’s too late, maybe just too much has happened.” Jack stated.

“Maybe” Martha agreed. Jack turned and began to walk out of the room.

“She’s not my girlfriend by the way; the blonde bimbo isn’t my girlfriend!” He explained just before he slammed the door shut and headed downstairs and out of the house.

Martha fell onto her bed, she curled up in a ball and cried, how could she have been so stupid? He didn’t love her anymore; she was foolish to have thought that they could get back together and make their relationship work, it hurt so much.



Jack walked along the beach briskly thinking about the fight he and Martha had just had. Why had she got so upset at him about Stacey? He really hadn’t meant to hurt her, Stacey wasn’t even his girlfriend. ‘Err’ this was all he needed. He sank onto his knees on the sand and then sat down he rested his head in his hands.

“What’s up mate? Thinking about your mum?” Robbie walked up to a clearly distressed Jack and sat next to him.

“Mum? Oh no it’s not about mum.” Jack replied. Robbie looked Jack over; if it wasn’t his mum what was it? A girl it must be a girl.

“Did you have a fight with a chick?” Robbie asked

“I had a fight with Martha.” Jack stated

“Martha and Jack” Robbie said with a smirk “You two always did know how to fight, about stupid things in inappropriate times. What did you fight about?”

Jack explained the situation to Robbie who listened contently. “Just give it time to blow over, you two will work out, you are Jack and Martha, you fight then you make up then you fight again. It’s a never ending cycle.” Robbie comforted

“I’m not sure this time Rob, I said some pretty terrible things, I blamed everything on her.” Jack said in a shaky voice.

“It will be ok mate, she won’t stay mad at you for long, you had your reasons and she knows you need her now. She’ll come around, you both will.” Robbie could tell that this was really cutting Jack up, but his words seemed to make Jack seem a little less uptight.

“Yea, I guess you’re right Robbie, thanks mate.” Jack stood up and offered his hand to help Robbie up as well; they continued to walk along the beach towards the Diner.



Tasha knocked on Martha’s bedroom door. Martha wiped her eyes.

“Come in.”

Tasha walked in; she looked at Martha who had clearly been crying.

“What’s wrong Mac?” she asked

“I just had a huge fight with Jack.” Martha let out, through tears.

“Jack and Martha.” Tasha shook her head. “You don’t see each other for years and yet you still manage to find something to fight about.”

“Yea, it sucks” Martha stated

“You two will be alright you are too good a friends and stuff to let a fight get in between you. You always fight, it’s what you do. But no matter what at the end of the day, you care too much about each other to let some stupid argument stuff up what you have together.” Tasha comforted Martha.

“Yea, I guess you are right.” Martha agreed.

“Of course I’m right Martha, I’m me.” Martha smiled at Tasha’s vanity. “Ok so get your ass out of bed and come to the surf club, we are all meeting up there.” Tasha demanded.

“Nah I don’t feel up to it Tash, I need a little time on my own.”


“Yea, really I’m ok. I just don’t want to go out; I’ll have time to catch up with everyone tomorrow at the funeral.” Martha said convincingly

“Ok if you say so.” Tasha gave her friend a hug and stood up and began to walk out the door. “You know you suck Martha McKenzie.” She said jokingly with a laugh.

“Maybe I do.” Martha said with a smile, Tasha had somewhat cheered her up. Martha pulled up the blankets once more and rolled over and drifted off to sleep.



Tasha walked along the beach, where she ran into Robbie, she gave him a kiss.

“Where’ve you been?” Robbie asked

“I went to see Martha, her and Jack are fighting already.” Tasha stated and rolled her eyes.

“Yea I know, I ran into Jack before, he seemed pretty upset about it.”

“Martha was in tears, I wish they’d just stop and count to ten, think about what they are going to say before they leap into a fight.” Tasha said

“Yea, naww that was such a mother like thing to say, Tash” Robbie wrapped her up in his arms. They continued to walk along the beach together.

“So, Jack and Martha. Star crossed lovers?” Robbie asked

“Or better off just friends?” Tasha added

“Meant to be?” Robbie questioned

“Or just too dysfunctional together to make it work?” Tasha wondered

“I guess only time will tell.”

Preview: Beth’s funeral day arrives.

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Thanks for the reviews and the compliments.. they always make me want to write more, here's the funeral (I used Matilda's sweet heart speech for her speech because I really liked it) the others have different ones though, I hope you like it!


Martha searched threw her clothes for something elegant and black, but something that wasn’t too over the top, she found a simple Black Dress and hung it on the inside of the bathroom door. She searched through her accessories she found a black ribbon and decided she would straighten her hair and tie it half up with the black ribbon. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror; she looked as tired as she felt. She hadn’t had much sleep since her fight with Jack, she wished they would just talk about it, but they had both been avoiding each other since that afternoon. There was no way they could avoid each other today. Today was Beth’s funeral, oh how Martha hated funerals she’d been to too many for her young age. Her parent’s funeral had been the worst, it was a day she would always remember but wish she couldn’t, it was one of the worst days of her life. Today was that day for Jack and the thought of him having to experience half of what she had to go through, made her want to cry.



Jack fiddled with his tie in the mirror attempting to tie it properly. ‘Aah’ he threw the tie onto the bed he didn’t know how to tie it, he’d only ever worn a tie once before when he went to the formal and Beth had tied it that day. He looked at himself in the mirror he also looked tired; he hadn’t had much sleep either.

He walked into the lounge room, he felt eyes on him, Hayley watched him walk past and sit in the chair. He wished Hayley and Scott would stop worrying about him, so he got drunk last night, he was allowed too, and his step-mother had just died. Just because Scott had it all together, he had his wife and kid to fall back on, who did Jack have? He hadn’t seen Martha since yesterday, he wished he could bring himself to go apologise for what he’d said but he just couldn’t swallow his pride.

“Where’s your tie Jack?” Hayley asked

“I decided I didn’t want to wear one.” Jack lied

“Go get the tie; I’ll tie it for you.” She saw right through Jack’s lie.

Jack looked at Hayley he had missed having her and Scott around, she had been such a big part of the Bay. Little Noah ran up to his mum and sat on her lap, he gave her a hug. This should have made Jack feel happy, but instead it made him feel more alone, he stood up and went to get his tie.



It was now 8:30am Martha was dressed and was sitting in the lounge room of the Fletcher house, Sally was just finishing dressing Pipa and then they were going to drive to the funeral parlour. Martha got out her phone for the hundredth time that day, searched through her contacts and found Jack’s number, she hovered her thumb over the green dial button before deciding against calling him, she would see him at the wedding.

“Ok, Pip we’re ready to go.” Sally talked to her daughter. “Rick, Cassie, you guys ready? We better get moving!” She yelled up the stairs.

5 minutes later Cassie and Rick came downstairs dressed in Black ready for the funeral. They all piled into Sally’s car and headed towards the funeral parlour.



Jack looked at the doors to the parlour; Beth Hunter Service was printed in big letters on a sign on the door. Jack ran his hand through his hair and turned away from the sign, he didn’t want to go in.

‘C’mon Jack get yourself together he thought you have to be strong for Lucas and Maddie.’ He opened the door and walked in, the seats were set in rows much like a wedding, up the front sat the dreaded coffin. He walked slowly up the aisle; he saw the black suited back of his father standing in front of the coffin. He stood beside his father and placed his arm around his father’s shoulders.

“You right Dad?” he asked softly

“God I miss her so much already Jack” His father answered in a shaky voice as he tried to hold back the tears.

“I know.” Was all Jack could say in reply.

Beth and Tony looked so happy in the wedding photo that was perched on top of the coffin, in between two piles of frangerpanny flowers; they’d been Beth’s favourite. Jack still did not understand how this could happen to such a happy couple. He couldn’t take standing there any longer he turned his back to the coffin and went and sat in the front left row, for direct family members. He could hear people arriving and talking outside just couldn’t bring himself to walk out there to greet people. He wasn’t in the mood to put on a fake smile and pretend to be happy to see the people when really he would rather be at home alone or somewhere with Martha, but they weren’t talking which made the day all that worse.



Martha, Sally and the others pulled up at the funeral parlour some 10 minutes later, there was already a fairly large crowed there, Beth had been a much loved local.

They walked up the paths that lead to the funeral parlour; they were greeted by Hayley, Scott and little Noah. It was good to see them again but for some reason she couldn’t bring herself to smile, she was worried about Jack, whom she couldn’t see anywhere. She found Tony and gave him a hug, he looked like he was putting on a brave face, but she could tell that it was really eating him up inside.



Jack couldn’t take it anymore sitting in their in front of the happy wedding photo was driving him insane. He got himself up and walked out the side door avoiding the crowd; he went and sat by himself on a bench facing a fake waterfall, with his back to the guests.

He heard footsteps behind him but didn’t turn around he didn’t really care who was behind him.

“Are you ok, Jack?” Stacey asked

“Yea, I just need to be alone ok.” He replied

“Oh ok.” She replied she lingered behind him for a little longer before walking back to the other people.

Jack pulled a flask of rum out of his pocket and took a swig, he wanted so much to get rid of the pain.



Martha looked from one familiar face to another, but couldn’t find the one person she was looking for, Jack, she decided she’d go for a walk. She walked along the path beside the parlour and that’s when she saw the back of Jack. He was sitting alone on a bench near a waterfall; she could almost feel how upset he was even though she wasn’t that close to him, suddenly the argument they’d had was put to the back of her mind. She walked up and sat down next to him on the bench, she caught a glimpse of a flask that he quickly hid away in his pocket.

He looked over at Martha, she looked so beautiful, and all he wanted to do was hold her.

Martha looked up at Jack his eyes were red as if he’d been crying.

“Jack” she whispered.

She put her left arm around his waist and took his hand with her other hand. She knew there wasn’t much she could say, she had never been that good with words but she hoped her holding him would let him know she was there.

Martha’s arm felt great around his waist and he gripped her hand tightly. He placed his arm around her waist also, just knowing she was there made him feel better.

They sat together in silence; if anyone had seen them they would have thought they were a couple. But right now for Jack and Martha the contact they had was simply because it made them feel better, in this moment in time the fight they had had the day before seemed forever ago.



Wind Beneath My Wind began to play some 10 minutes later.

“Mum’s favourite song,” Jack said to Martha.

“You know that means, it’s time to head inside.” Martha looked up into Jack’s face he looked tired and sad, how she wished she could take his pain away completely.

Jack looked at Martha, she was so beautiful and he was so glad that she was with him. He held her hand tightly and reached into his pocked with the other hand he wrapped his fingers around the flask in his pocket. Martha saw this and shook her head at Jack,

“It won’t help, Jack, it eases the pain for a few hours but when it wears off you feel worse than ever. You don’t need that Jack, I’m here.” Martha looked deep into Jack’s eyes trying to convince him that what she was saying was right.

“Ok.” He took the flask out of his pocket and handed it to Martha who put it in her purse.

“Thanks” She smiled at him slightly and then holding his hand she lead him towards the funeral parlour doors. They walked down the aisle, they were both aware that people were watching them but they didn’t care. Jack took his seat in the front row, Martha turned to walk back to her seat in the second row behind him, Jack held her hand tighter and pulled her towards the seat next to him.

“Don’t go, please stay here.” He pleaded.

“Sure.” Martha replied and sat close to Jack on the bench, holding his hand firmly.



Wind Beneath My Wings finished playing and Tony stood up slowly to begin the funeral service.

“I’d like to thank everyone for coming to this service today, I know that you each meant so much to Beth and she will be smiling down thinking that so many cared to show up.

Beth Hunter was an amazing lady; she was strong, independent, a loving mother, a great friend and even greater wife. Anyone who ever met her would agree that she changed them in some way, she brought out the best in most people, and I know she brought out the best in me.

She was an avid member of the Summer Bay community always willing to lend a hand to help it or the people in it. Even if it meant sacrificing some of the things she wanted. I am sure you will all agree that she would do almost anything for the better of the community.

I am so grateful to have had her in my life for so long. She was the love of my life, the main thing that kept me going strong when I felt like I should fall. I am blessed for every moment I had with her and I am glad she was there to help raise my sons, for she taught them far more than I ever could have.” Tony faltered and a tear fell, “I know that they are growing into better men because they had her as the main woman in their lives.

So Beth I hope that you are happy wherever you are and that you are watching over us all with those beautiful eyes of yours and that amazing smile. We will remember you every day and I will do my best to take care of your children like they are my own, like you would have to mine, if it had of been the other way around. Goodbye my love, I’ll be seeing you.” Tony couldn’t contain himself any longer he began to really cry as he walked from the podium.

Seeing his dad cry made Jack cave in, tears fell as he watched his father lay a flower on the love of his life’s coffin, life wasn’t fair.

Matilda was next to talk she walked to the podium, which was almost as tall as she was. It was obvious she’d been crying and the site of her made Martha cry, she was only a few years older than Martha had been when she lost her parents, the thought that she would go through the majority of her teenage years without a mother also, was not fair.

“I was playing with my beautiful nephew Noah the other day and I found myself calling him sweat heart and after I said it I realised it was my mother’s voice I was hearing. When she would say are you alright Sweet heart? Or how was your day sweet heart you know, you just..” Matilda paused for a second to regain control and blink back the tears welling in her eyes. “You knew you were loved.” She continued. “And that nothing was going to hurt you because she was going to do whatever she could to be there for you, to fix your problem, or to soothe your tears or just make you laugh. You know when she said just that one word sweet heart it was amazing how it could make you feel. It is only a small memory I have of her, but it made me realise that there is just so many memories that me and my family can think about and that we will never forget.” She broke down and through the tears she continued. “I miss her everyday and I probably will for the rest of my life. But I will always take those memories with me to remind myself of the wonderful, loving and passionate woman that she was and I will always know that I am special because I was one of her sweet hearts.” She concluded she completely broke down and Rick came and helped her down from the podium. There wasn’t a dry eye at the funeral at that moment.

Martha buried her head into Jack’s shoulder and he held her hand tightly. He took a deep breath.

“Martha, I’ve got to go up there. I have to do this.” Martha looked up at Jack’s tear stained face and held onto him for a moment more before letting him stand.

Jack took more deep breaths and headed to the podium.

“I’m a police officer.” He started. “I get at least 5 calls a day to accidents of different sorts where people are injured. You know when you do a job like that and you see so much pain and suffering you tend to switch off, pretend it’s not real, that they aren’t real people. You do whatever you have to do to get the job done and you tell yourself whatever you have to, so you can cope. At some point you switch off from the reality that these people are someone’s sister, brother, wife, husband, friend, father or mother.” Jack paused and took a breath.

“I wasn’t working the day of the accident, but to think that the officers didn’t realise or perhaps didn’t treat her like she was the love of my father’s life, or the mother to us, drives me insane because I know it’s how I’ve acted. I’ll never go to another accident and not realise the reality of what I have to do and I have Beth to thank for that, you see even in death Beth changes you and brings out the best in people.

Jack stopped regained himself and continued. “I never knew my mum, not really she died when I was little so Beth was the closest thing to a mother I had. She was a great mum, always willing to do anything for you; you didn’t even have to ask. I know what Mattie was talking about when she said sweet heart; I’d like to think I was one of her sweet hearts too. She had the ability to bring you together when you felt like you were about to fall apart. She could say one word and make you feel, better. She loved almost everyone she met and even those who made mistakes, hell I made a few, she was always willing to give a second chance. I’d like to think I learnt a lot off her because if I end up being half the person she was I’ll be happy. So Beth thanks for being part of my life, thanks for always caring, forgiving and loving, I’ll miss you and goodbye.”

Jack wiped some tears from his eyes and walked back to Martha who automatically took his hands in hers and put her arm around his waist.

The last thing they played was a song called ‘I’ll be There – The Escape Club’ it was a perfect funeral song. The family members filed down the aisle, Martha and Jack walked hand in hand.

Preview: Re-united?

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Here's an update, I'm going away for the next few days so I probably won't have time to update again untill Monday or Tuesday.


It had been about half an hour since the ceremony had ended they had thrown flowers over the ocean and then most of the guests had headed to the surf club for drinks. Jack and Martha sat on a cliff overlooking the ocean; they no longer held hands but were within touching distance of each other.

“So what is Paris like?” Jack asked out of the blue.

“Paris..?” Martha was confused.

“You know big pointy tower, nice sites, known as the city of LOVE!” Jack said sarcastically

“Oh PARIS,” Martha now understood.”It’s beautiful at night, but dirty during the day.”

“How many times have you been there?” Jack asked, he seemed genuinely interested

“About 5 I think, I had to model for Myer over there a number of times. It is kind of lonely though, when they say it’s the city of love they really mean that, everyone, everywhere has someone.”

“Naww, you were lonely.” Jack remarked. “I can tell you this now; you don’t have to be in Paris to feel alone.” Jack looked Martha in the eyes; it was obvious he was talking about himself.

“If you didn’t want me to go you should have told me.” Martha spoke up about the obvious issue that was hanging over their heads.

“What would I have said? Hey Martha don’t go and become a famous model I want you to stay and be normal in Summer Bay with me. You were right Martha it was the opportunity of a lifetime, I knew that, that’s why I let you go.” Jack stated

“But if you HAD asked me to stay I would have. You were my whole world Jack, the one thing that was there for me, through thick and thin. I would have done anything you asked me to do.” Martha said truthfully

“Oh I believe that, remember this cliff Martha, I told you one day after we’d had a fight that if you loved me you would jump off the cliff. You almost did, I had to physically stop you from throwing yourself off a cliff for me.” Jack said with a smile.

“Gee I was psychotic wasn’t I? I mean who in their right mind would jump off a cliff for someone especially, Jack Holden!” Martha smirked

“What??? You wouldn’t jump off a cliff for me anymore, gee Martha you’ve gone weak.” Jack almost dared her.

“No” Martha said looking into Jack’s eyes she took his hand. “I would still jump off a cliff to prove my love for you if that’s what you wanted.” Martha said this to him softly.

They leant towards each other and for the first time in 2 and half years their lips met. Martha had almost forgotten how great a kisser Jack was and how amazing it was to kiss him. The kiss was soft but passionate it went on for at least 10 seconds before they pulled away. Their eyes met and they looked deep into each other’s eyes once more.

“I missed you Martha McKenzie.” Jack whispered

“I missed you more.” Martha whispered back and with that they shared another kiss, on the cliff top where they had once declared their love for each other, Jack and Martha were re-united.



Jack and Martha walked hand in hand up the path towards the surf club, it was then that it hit Martha, she stopped in her tracks.

“I’m sorry to spoil this great moment, but what about Stacey?” Martha queried

“What about Stacey?” Jack replied

“Well aren’t you two, like you know, together?”

“No Martha I told you before we aren’t together, we went on a few dates over the last few weeks that’s all.” Jack answered truthfully.

“Well I’m pretty sure she thinks that you two are together.” Martha answered

“Ok, if you are worried just wait here.” Jack stated he gave her a quick kiss before heading into the surf club.



He scanned the room looking for the blonde; he soon spotted her talking to a group of guys who were playing pool. He walked up to her briskly; he was determined to get this sorted out so he could get back to Martha.

“Stacey, can we talk?” he asked

“Yea sure Jack, what’s wrong?” Stacey followed Jack to a corner of the surf club where there was no one around. “You know I haven’t seen you around much lately Jack. Where have you been?” Stacey asked.

“I’ve been..” He paused, he had to get it over and done with. “Listen Stacey, remember when we first met and you wanted us to go out, not just date actually go out as in Boyfriend and Girlfriend?” Jack asked


“And I said that I wasn’t ready to have a girlfriend, that the last girlfriend I had left me with a broken heart.”

“Yea” Stacey nodded

“Well I meant it Stacey, when we went on those dates that’s all they were, were dates, fun you know, no strings attached.”

“Huh?” Stacey didn’t understand.

“I meant what I said Stacey I wasn’t ready for a girlfriend I just wanted to have fun, without getting serious. But now things have changed, I’m ready for a serious relationship and my heart has been put back together by the only person who could ever fix it.” Jack stated

“Oh really, wow Jack. I feel the same way.” Stacey said excitedly.

“No Stacey I’m not talking about us, I’m not talking about you. I’m sorry but I can no longer see you, because I’m in love with someone else, the only person I have ever truly loved, she was my first love and I am sure she’ll be my last.” Jack said trying to explain to the now confused Stacey.

“What? You’re breaking up with me, why?” She exclaimed

“We were never together, it was fun Stacey, but I’m in love with Martha I always have been and I always will be. I really am sorry; because you are a nice girl and all, but in a few seconds I’m going to bring Martha in here and I just wanted you to know that we, Martha and I will be together.”

“Oh.” Stacey’s face fell. “Well I guess I better leave then.” She said and she walked sadly out of the surf club.



Jack returned to Martha who sat on a bench outside the surf club facing the ocean, he sneaked up behind and yelled.


Martha jumped so high she nearly hit the sun.

“Jack!” She yelled and hit him hard on the arm. “You scared the crap out of me!” She looked at him and shook her head.

“Naww, I’m sorry for scaring you baby, come here.” He said to her and wrapped her up in his arms and gave her a kiss.

“So?” Martha asked.

“So....?” Jack replied

“Tell me what happened; are we free to be a couple?”

“Yes, we are I sorted it out, no come on let’s go inside, I want to show off my new hot girlfriend.” Jack said jokingly with a smile. “Oh hang on you are kind of my old hot girlfriend too, pfft. Either way I want to show the whole world, or at least the surf club how hot you are and that we are together again.” Jack smiled again.

“Way to only go out with me because I’m hot, Jack Holden” Martha said sarcastically

“Yea for sure” Jack replied “Nah I’m joking you are beautiful, but that’s not why I’m with you. I’m with you because I can’t stand living without you.” Jack replied honestly.

“Yea, I never want to live without you again either Jack.” And with that she leant up and gave him a kiss, running her hands through his hair.

After they’d drew apart, Jack took her by the hand, “C’mon let’s go inside we aren’t even going to make it inside at this rate.”

“What you don’t want to spend time with me?” Martha put on a sad face.

“No, that’s not what I meant, I meant I want to spend time with you too much and if you keep kissing me like that I’ll have to take you back to my place right now and that wouldn’t be very sociable of me now would it.” Jack said looking at Martha’s beautiful face.

“Oh I see...” Martha said with a wink and with that she led Jack by the hand into the crowed surf club.

It didn’t take long for everyone to stare, some stared because they were looking at the famous Martha McKenzie and others stared because they hadn’t seen Martha and Jack together in so long. Colleen whispered something to the rest of the bowls club members who were sitting at her table.

Jack couldn’t take the eyes any longer he had to say something.

“Ok seeing everyone is looking at us and you will all know eventually anyway, you may as well hear it firsthand. Yes this is the famous Martha McKenzie the face of Myer. And for those of you who knew us in our high school days and are questioning what us holding hands and being so close means, yes we are officially back together and we are as happy as ever. Thank you all very much.” With that Jack turned to Martha who was extremely red and gave her a kiss before heading to the table where Tasha and Robbie were sitting.

“So you two finally stopped arguing long enough to realise that you still loved each other, huh?” Tasha questioned.

“Yeap” Jack said and gave Martha who was perched on his lap a kiss.

“Well, good on ya both, you both deserve to be happy and to tell you the truth I always thought even though you fight ALL the time, that you make a great couple.” Robbie smiled at the two of them.

“Thanks, Robbie.” Martha smiled back.

“Everyone can have a round on the house, to celebrate Beth’s life and the re-union of Jack and Martha.” Alf yelled to everyone in the surf club.

“WOOH, YEA!” yelled the clearly excited crowd.



A few hours and 2 bottles of rum later and Jack and Martha were more playing with each other’s hands and rubbing their legs underneath the table and giggling like school kids.

“Stop it” Jack whispered in Martha’s ear.

“Why?” she whispered back

“Because” Jack raised his eyebrows twice.

“Oh someone’s get randy.” Martha whispered then giggled, she continued to play with Jack’s leg. He looked at her, as if to say please don’t. “Ok let’s go” She got off his lap and tagged on his hand.

“Ok, we’re going to head off.” Jack said to Robbie and Tasha who were caught up in the middle of a make-out session.

“Oh ok” Tasha said with a smirk.

“See yah’s later.” Martha waved goodbye, before leading Jack out the door by both hands.



They made it to the door of the apartment with all their clothes on but as soon as they were through the door they started to shed them, very quickly. That night they made love for the first time in over 2 and half years.

Preview: Is Martha really ready to give up her modelling career for Jack?

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Back with an update. Hope you like it.


Jack woke to the sound of movement downstairs, the diner must be open he thought, he slowly opened his eyes from the good dream he’d been having and was pleasantly amazed when he realised that the dream was not a dream. Martha was asleep on his chest their legs intertwined, her hair slightly covering her face, she looked so beautiful he thought, he gently brushed the hair from her face so he could see her almost doll like features. He smiled to himself, he had dreamt of this day for so long, he’d spent every morning over the last few years wishing that he was waking up to her pretty face and now here she was laying in his bed, head resting on his chest, this was indeed going to be the best day of his life.

Martha could feel someone watching her and she woke from her sleep, she slowly opened her eyes and her gaze was met with a pair of brown familiar eyes, she smiled. How great it was for those eyes to be the first thing she sore in the morning, she’d missed those eyes so much.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Jack said and leant down and gave Martha a kiss.

“It is a good morning” Martha replied, she giggled and rolled on top of Jack pinning him to the bed, she then proceeded to kiss him, getting more passionate with each touch of the lips.

“Look whose ‘randy’ this morning.” Jack laughed.

“shh,” Martha said “You’re about to get lucky” she laughed.

Jack smiled back and rolled on top of Martha.

“No” he said, “You Martha McKenzie are about to get lucky”.



For the second time that morning the sleeping couple stirred, this time it was Martha who woke first, she looked up at Jack who was sleeping, he was so strong and handsome. She looked down at his bare torso; she ran her hand over his six pack. Jack woke to her touch; he ran his fingers through her hair.

“Morning again” Martha said

“Yes, indeed this is the best morning ever” Jack smiled

“Ok, let’s get out of bed if we keep this up we won’t make it outside at all today.” Martha laughed

“Ok!” Jack pulled himself out from under Martha and gave her a kiss before standing up, he pulled his boxer shorts on and headed to his closet.

Martha looked at Jack’s physique he was gorgeous, she smiled to herself, so happy that her one first and true love was such a perfect guy, how was she so lucky.

“What are you smiling about?” Jack asked as he caught a glimpse of an almost too happy Martha.

“I was wondering how I ended up with such a great guy. Why am I so lucky?” Martha said honestly

“I don’t know” Jack smiled “We are both extremely lucky people, because I must be one hell of a guy to have such an amazing beautiful girl like you.” He leant in and gave her a kiss.

Martha dragged herself out of bed, her face dropped when she realised she didn’t have any fresh clothes to wear and she’d look stupid wearing her funeral dress again.

“Jack I don’t have anything to wear.” She said in a semi panic voice.

“Hmm.” Jack thought.

"I know I have your jersey from school somewhere around here, I know that sounds a little weird but you left it here and I couldn’t just get rid of it." He pulled the Jersey out of the top draw and handed it to Martha. She ran her hand over the name on the back tweedle dee, she laughed to herself how corny had they been, Jack had had a Jersey that said tweedle dum and she’d had one that said tweele dee, she pulled the Jersey over her head, it still fit.

“I’m going to wear mine too” Jack stated and got his out and put it on. “Now what can you wear on your bottom half?” He asked himself. “I know some of my old footy shorts” he got a pair out of his bottom draw and handed them to Martha, who pulled them on, they hung extremely loosely on her petite frame but still kind of fit because of the elastic waist.

“Imagine if the papparizi got a picture of you dressed like this.” Jack smirked

“Oh it’d make headlines.” Martha stated.

“Well lucky for us we’re in Summer Bay and that isn’t about to happen” Jack said. “Anyways lets go down and get some breaky he took Martha by the hand and led her out of the apartment.



The diner was as busy as usual and Martha and Jack enjoyed just blending in with the people, as they shared the big breakfast they had ordered. Leah was in a great mood and was so happy to see them together she’d given them the breakfast on the house. After they finished eating they decided to go for a walk down the beach.

“It’s quite hot today.” Martha stated

“Mhm,” Jack said as they walked along the beach hand in hand.

“Gee I wish I’d worn my bikini that water looks sooo good.” Martha eyed off the crystal blue ocean

“Who needs a bikini.” Jack stated and with that he picked her up and carried her at a run towards the water.

“No, Jack don’t, put me down” Martha yelled, kicking her legs frantically but really she didn’t mind that much.

“Nope” With that Jack carried her into the water and dropped her gently.

“Err, that’s it Jack Holden you are going to pay for that!” Martha shouted and began to splash water all over Jack. She then jumped on him attempting to dunk him under the water.

“You won’t be able to dunk me!” Jack laughed as he grabbed hold of Martha and spun her around.

“Oh no?”

Martha sunk into the water so only her head stuck out and she seductively teased Jack, who gave into his impulses and leant down towards Martha, to try and kiss her. When he was within a few centimetres of her, she pounced on him pulling him under the water with her.

“Err, you got me.” Jack laughed

“I told you I would.” Martha replied, she was proud of herself.

Martha wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck and wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him. Jack swam around with her as they had a good old make-out session.

‘Flash, flash’

“Martha!” A voice called. Martha and Jack turned to see a dark haired guy walking briskly down the beach followed by heaps of paparazzi with camera’s.

“Ehh” Martha sighed. “I’m sorry Jack.”



“Martha, there you are. I haven’t heard from you since you left, what have you been doing?” Johnny now stood at the water’s edge.

“I’ve been..” Martha paused. “I’ve been busy”

“Too busy to call your manager, gee Martha I thought you were more responsible you have a show next week in Paris, I know this death was a major loss to you, but this is not the time to go walk-abouts.” Johnny stated meanwhile the cameras were going crazy.

Martha walked out of the water followed by Jack.

“And who is this?” Johnny signalled to Jack. “You don’t have time to call your manager, but you do have time for a summer fling.” He sounded peeved off.

Martha looked at Jack, who now looked extremely upset, she walked over to him and took his hand.

“This is Jack, Johnny. He is NO Summer fling he’s my boyfriend.” Martha said angrily

“Your boyfriend? You don’t have time for a boyfriend with your schedule.”

“Well, yes I do. I’m going to make time, hell you are going to make time for me to have a boyfriend. I’m done Johnny I’m over this!”

“You are over what?” Johnny was confused.

“This life I’ve been living I’m over it!”

Johnny looked taken aback. “Don’t say that Martha.” He paused looked over the couple that held hands. “Ok, we can’t talk about this here not infront of the press, let’s go to that little coffee shop thing up there and see if we can go somewhere private in there.”

“I know where we can go to talk” Jack piped in, it seemed he’d finally found his voice.

They headed up the beach in silence, Jack and Martha holding onto each other for dear life, Johnny following looking pissed off and the Paparazzi taking pictures of their every move.



“So did you mean it?” Johnny asked. They were now sitting at Jack’s table in his apartment in private.

“Yes.” Martha abruptly said

“So you really don’t want to be a model anymore?”

Martha looked at Jack, she squeezed his hand tightly under the table, she then looked back at Johnny who seemed stressed and even somewhat sad.

“Yes, I loved the life at first, the fame, the fortune, travelling, everything. But I miss this place, you know, I miss Jack, I miss the people in this town, I miss the beach, the sun, everything. I can’t do it anymore Johnny; I can’t be away from here for so long, while I’ve been away I’ve forgotten who I am.” Martha was honest

Johnny looked Martha over; he could tell she was being deadly serious. “I don’t know what to say.” He paused and thought about it. “I can’t make you come back and be a model, even though you are the best we have. But you do have to do this show in Paris next week and you are contracted to Myer until the end of the year. I guess as long as you keep yourself in shape, you could just model at their shows once every month and spend the rest of the time here.” Johnny said

Martha looked at Jack, who for the first time since the appearance of Johnny looked happy.

“Thanks Johnny, you are the best!” Martha exclaimed and gave him a hug. “Did you hear that? I get to stay.” Martha laughed and kissed Jack.

“Well that’s the best news I’ve heard all year.” Jack smiled

“So you two are really in love huh?” Johnny asked

“Yea, we always have been.” Martha said looking at Jack.

“All through high school, hell ever since I knew that what a chick was I’ve been in love with Martha.” Jack stated

“Well you’d have to be blind not to like her she’s the best looking girl I’ve managed in years, natural you know.” said Johnny.

Jack looked taken aback, at the assumption that he only liked Martha for her looks, he may joke about it but it was far from the truth.

“As if, she could be wider than she is high and I would still want to spend every day with her.” Jack said earnestly

“Well I guess that it really is TRUE love then.” Johnny replied, looking at the happy couple. “Anyways I should leave you two alone then huh.”

“Oh no, it’s ok Johnny stay for tea, if you like.” Martha said

“No, it’s ok I’ll see you at the airport on Monday, ready for Paris. Oh and can you make sure that you are wearing something more classy than that.” He said and pointed at the Jersey and footy shorts she was wearing.

Martha smiled, she’d finally found her way out. Then it occurred to her, “Hey Johnny!” She yelled out as he walked down the stairs to the Diner, he turned around. “Can I bring Jack to Paris?” she said with pleading eyes.

Johnny thought about it for a second, it was usually not recommended for the models to bring their boyfriends but this was his favourite Martha and he couldn’t say no to her.

“Yea ok just be at the airport at 8pm on Monday.” He answered

“Yea sure, thanks!” She exclaimed and jumped on Jack and gave him a kiss, she was so excited, she was going to the city of love with the love of her life.

Preview: How will small town Jack take to Martha’s big city lifestyle? Paris is the city of love, but can Martha and Jack’s love survive the city?

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