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Tues, 6 Nov 07 - Episode # 4542

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Has There EVER Been A More Adorable Baysider Than Annie?”

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 6 Nov 07 - Episode # 4542)

BEACH HOUSE : Irene is very relieved to see Belle & Drew enter. Belle says that it was all a misundetranding, and that the txt that she sent should have said that “Dom has given me a lift”. Irene [and Annie & Geoff] are keen to talking about this, but Belle insists that she needs to have a shower, so she heads off in that direction.

DINER : Leah is somewhat annoyed that Dan seems to be “on her back”: about making a decision. She is especially concerned that Dan just “dropped” this on her recently, and of how the likes of Amanda & Ryan will react.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle touches THAT ring that Dom gave her – before throw it in the bin.

DINER : Next day, Leah talks to Sally about the whole Dan job offer thigh. Leah insists that all her friends etc are here, and whilst Leah talks, she doesn't realise that Ryan has overheard much of what she’s said.

NOAH'S : Tony talks to Geoff about the rugby game today, and how it could be the start of his big time sports career, but Geoff says that he’s just concentrating on today [not the possible future].

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally welcomes Tam to the school, as she has been officially enrolled. Sally asks Annie to be tam’s guide – Annie not looked too pleased with all this.

Brad tells Sally that he’s listed her as one of his referees on his job application. Sally suggests that by the time she’s finished talking to prospective employers, they’ll want to adopt brad.

BEACH HOUSE : Just after Irene bails, Belle tells Drew the truth about what’s happened tween her & doom – that she kisses him so he would go to the police, and that she kissed him so he would let her go last night. Belle is way worried when Drew charges out of the house.

DINER : Dan & Leah talk further about the situation, incl Dan saying that he is no longer challenged by being the counsellor at the high school.

When colleen enters the kitchen, Leah & Dan muchly change the subject.

BEACH NEAR DINER : Drew gets a txt message form Belle – she wants him to call/see her.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : As Geoff, Tony & Annie are about t nail to go to Geoff’s game, Geoff says to Annie that Tam would love to come and he wants Annie to invite her. Annie does so – insist to tam that tam didn’t really know Annie when she told Annie that Luc WAY likes her [which led to Annie try ti kiss Luc]. Tony & the 3 schoolkids bail.

RUGBY STADUIM : As Geoff runs out onto the filed with his team mates, Tiny & Annie cheer, whilst Tam is rather to see Aden. They talk for a bit before the game starts.

When it does, Geoff is on fire once more – using those moves of his to score a great try.

RUGBY STADIUM : The game continues and Geoff shows that he has all the skills, incl that he is a great tackler.

In crowd, Tam notices that Annie, whilst cheering, still isn’t exactly looking all totally excited – and Annie tells her that if Geoff does well today, then he’ll get a contract and he most likely have to move away. [Loved the mournful etc looks on Annie’s face].

Back to the game and Geoff’s team is a point behind with seconds to go – so, of course, Geoff kicks a field goal and wins the game for hi team.

Team mates carry him form the ground – whilst Annie tries to be excited, despite her real [underlying] mood.

BEACH HOUSE : Belle is please to see Drew, but just insist that he doesn’t want to share Belle with anyone else. Bell then leads Drew to her room – no need to explain why, is there?

RUGBY STADIUM : As Tam & co wait for Geoff to immerse form the change rooms, Tam reminds Annie to be happy for her bro, and Annie eagerly hugs & congrats her brother when he approaches them.

Tony the approach Geoff etc – and says that Geoff HAS made the team that he was trialling for. Once more, Annie is waaaaaaaaay trying to look excited – band you sooooo just want to hug the littlie mite.

NOAH'S : As tiony, Geoff etc celebrate the big news, Geoff approach Annie – they hug once more [you can see that Annie is holding back tears] and she insist that she IS happy for Geoff.

Tam approach Aden, who tells her that “that should have been me” and that Tony played favourites with Geoff. Brad then “suggest” that Tam has to head for home [school night etc]

DINER : After Dan & Leah have another brief chat about their situation, Dan bails – and colleen enters that kitchen and waaaaaaaay launches into a verbal attack on leah & the situation.

Colleen insists tart life is not about being fulfilled, it’s all about survival, despite your life’s’ ambitions being completely in tatters etc,

You CAN see that colleen‘s rant HAS got Leah thinking.

BEACH HOUSE : Irene enters, and sees that Annie isn’t exactly looking that happy. Annie [once more all but in tears] tells Irene that although she thinks it’s great that her bro has this opppurnity, she’ll waaaaaay miss him. Irene muchly hugs little Annie.

[i adore how Annie had her head tilted down even more than it usually is in ALL these emotional scenes tonight.

Later than night, we see Drew & Bell asleep in her bed – with DOM watching over them, and thus is NOT a dream sequence either. Dom starts to exit [via window] the room.

OUTSIDE DINER : Next day, Dan & Leah ARE sit at one of the table and chat about how VJ & Ryan are playing on the beach in front of them.

Leah then waaaaaaaaay surprises Dan when she says that she IS going to go to the US with him, because of something colleen said.

However, Ryan tells BOTHJ of them that he is NOT going, and that they shouldn’t be either. Ryan runs off, and Dan gives chase.



Jack admits to Martha that he still have feelings for her – how will Martha react???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Belle - dark green (red bow tie) spaghetti strap low curt top

SILVER : Annie - SBH uniform

BRONZE : Leah - silver (dark mosaic patterned) top


Aden – dark [school] jacket/white button up shirt/blue & blue diag stripe tie

Annie – grey [with a white & light blue vertical striped bow at the top & a similar coloured single vertical stipe down the centre of the front of the top] singlet top/black short shorts

Belle – grey [brown Emily The Strange? motif] t

Belle - red [gold “Juice 23” logo] scoop top/black {Emily the strange] motif] jacket/denim jeans

Brad - white (black pin stripe) button up shirt, with green t-shirt beneath

Colleen – blue long pants/white [red floral] blouse

Colleen - blue tropical motif0s blouse

Dan - brown [velvety] jacket/white [wide brown horizontal strip across check] button up shirt

Dan – dark jacket/white button up shirt/brown long pants

Dan – green polo shirt

Dom – white [red & blue check] button up shirt

Drew - brown (with green mist like motif and “No 7” in black) t/dark long pants

Drew – olive green [white swirls] board shorts/white singlet

Geoff - green & white [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

Geoff – grey singlet/black [with a single white horizontal stripe each sleeve] long sleeve jacket

Geoff - SBH uniform

Geoff – white [sky blue diag stripes] button up shirt

Irene – black [red &white floral] v neck elbow length sleeves top

Irene – red [black floral low cut v neck top

Leah – orange low cut thin strap singlet top

Leah – peach thin strap top

Ryan - blue (school) button up shirt

Sally – black [elbow length sleaves] top & matching mid thigh skirt

Tam - SBH uniform

Tony – red & white horizontal striped polo shirt

Tony - white [sB gym] t shirt

VJ – white board shorts/yellow [cartoon like motif] t

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