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Bobby & Jess

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So sad that Bobby has left :(

But is it just me or does he seem really not that upset about leaving Jess to move back to Melbourne in the interviews he's done in TV Week and on the official site since leaving? Although he might just not want to talk about his relationship I guess...

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In the interview that he did on the offical website they said thet he is currently starring in the new telemovie scorched with georgie parker on the nine network which is being filmed in sydney so he may see her when he has a break in filming the telemovie plus the logies are coming up so they will see each other there and in the tv week it also said that she knew that he wanted to go back to melbourne and that they were seeing how things go and that they will catch up when they are in each others states and that they still stay in contact?

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Jess and Bobby have split

Bachelor Bobby splits from Jess

WHEN he hit the list he was a taken man, but Cleo bachelor nominee Bobby Morley is now finally living up to the eligible tag - he's split from Home & Away love interest Jessica Tovey.

The couple's fate on the soap seems to have burst the bubble on their real-life romance, with Morley quitting the show and ending the union to return to Melbourne a single man. Tovey confirmed the speculation, saying "distance got the better of us".

"Change happens. We are both young and busy. We are still very much on good terms and talk regularly and I hope that continues to be the case for a long time to come."

Tovey was on Morley's home turf on Good Friday for Channel 7's Easter TV appeal.


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Well that was quick! :P

Jessica's found a new bloke

Following her recent split from Home and Away co-star Bobby Morley, his starlet ex-girlfriend, Jessica Tovey has been snapped up once more.

However, the 21-year-old currently isn't giving much away about her new man.

"He is not an actor, he is in the creative world," Tovey told Confidential.

"Luckily he is really busy as well.

"We both understand each other because we have hectic schedules and he has got his own stuff going on, which makes it easier when I am working crazy hours."


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Aww thats actually quite sad to hear that they have split up. :(

Good to hear that they are on speaking terms and still friends though... what a coincidence that their alter egos broke up onscreen at around the same time.

I guess thats long distance relationships for you... very hard to stay together!

It didn't take Jess long to replace though! :lol: As long as they are both happy.

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Herald Sun

24th March

Glad to be home

Departing Home and away hunk Bobby Morley left television's Summer Bay after more than two years because he was homesick.

It left him in no doubt he's a melbourne boy after his time in coathanger city and his glad to be home.

The 24 year old who completed filming on the channel 7 soap last year, finishes on the show this week.

And Morley has surprisingly enjoying being out of the spotlight.

The first thing I did when I finished my last scene was shave my head, "he said, having sported a heavy "mop during his time on the show. "It was great to be able to do what I wanted to my hair."

Morley said an added bonus was that the new hairdo had cut the number of people who recognised him.

Over the past couple of months, he has spent much of his time camping although he just finished work on a telemovie.

I have been going to the Grampians," Morley said. "I have gone with mates and by myself, it has been great to get away.

"I love acting and I definitely want to continue in that direction.

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