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Bobby & Jess

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Miss Tan Tan how do you know that he has finished filming because didnt the offical homeandaway website say that they will be interviewing him when someone asked the question in the you asked section and also how could it be the end of his contract when he signed a three one?

Miss Tan Tan has said she work's at the channel seven canteen (where the h&a stars go for lunch) so im sure she know's what's going on around the place as she prob see's the cast most days :) lucky girl lol

Aww it's sad he's finished up :( he wasn't on for very long. It's gonna be sad to see Belle and Drew break up, they are like summer bay's strongest young couple lol but I wish Bobby all the best with his future :) I hope he has fun traveling!

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jess and bobby are still together.. and the cutest couple i have seen in forever.. he will be on screens till april.. i don't know how they write him out but i can give u something to remember him by.. the last pic i ever took of him... right before he went and shaved his head ^_^


and his gorgeous other half


jess is still around and is planning on being around for a long time...

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