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Follow Me

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Story Title: Follow Me

Type of story: Long Fiction

Main Characters:

Mattie, Lucas, Hayley, Noah (Hayley's son) and Irene.

New Characters:

Britni, Marcus, Louisa, Jake and will add more as I go.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: maybe sexual content, violence

Summary: Matilda has had too many bad experiences in the bay, she decides to go somewhere new. This is her journey.

This is a rubbish first chapter, it was late. Oh, and I didn't spell-check.

Chapter I

Mattie stood and watched a surfer try and grasp the art of staying on the board. She was knee deep in the water, she swished her feet back and forth in the cloudy water. The sand massaged her toes. Her esteem was hurt, the wall she had built up around herself, protecting her from the petty minds of small town residents, was tired.

She went back to the house, Irene was knitting.

"Hey", she murmured,

"Irene?", she went on to say,

"Yes, Dal"

"Never mind".

She went to her room. It felt empty, like no one lived there, she hadn't been home in a few days, she was 'working'. Mattie carefully lifted the lid of her laptop, she tapped quickly on the keys. A list of destinations came up, all numbered.

"Irene!", she called loudly in a high pitched voice, Irene was getting older.

"Dal, I may be old but I ain't deaf just yet" she replied.

"Sorry, can you pick a number between 1034 and 1079?"

Irene listened to the curious rustling coming from the room.

"I suppose so, 1054?"

"Kay, thanks!" Mattie called.

Irene came to the door, only to find Mattie stuffing her belongings in a suitcase.

"New York it is then" Mattie said in a relieved voice, she smiled at Irene, threw a bag over her shoulder and lifted the suitcase.


Mattie broke off Irene's voice

"Look, I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused; I left next month's rent on the bed"

Before Irene even had the chance to open her mouth, Mattie had already slid past her and had left.

She smiled at the famous Summer Bay setting sun for the last time before hopping into her taxi. The driver looked back at her as she smiled, she gazed out the window at the beach and the sparking water and again, at the sun.

"Follow me", she whispered.

"Where to?", she looked up, startled, the driver stared at her.

"Oh, airport, please."

"Hey don't I know you?"

"Sorry, I don't recognize you", she replied.

"Wait, you were that girl, we hired for my lil' brother's 21st, the exotic dancer, with the 'extra duties', her raised his eyebrows suggestively.

"Nope, sorry not me" She replied.

And then she sank down in her seat.

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Thanks, I think.

ok ill give you a lil bit of advice...saying i think makes everyone else think you are doubting yourself...that is a great first chapter...the way i write my stories is from my emotions... :):D:lol: :lol: i hope that gives you a bit more confidence...youve already proven you can write so keep going!!! :P

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Chapter II

Mattie awoke to the sound of an air hostess putting up the table in front of her; she sat up, outstretched her arms and yawned.

"Sorry miss; just putting up your table, we have come into a little bit of difficulty." The air hostess stated, standing up and adjusting her tie.

"What sort of difficulty?" Mattie asked, sitting up firmly in her seat.

"Turbulents miss, nothing to worry about, it happens all the time." She replied, accompanying her calm sentence with a commercial smile.

Mattie watched at the window, she could see her reflection. The clouds were thick and heavy; she tried to zone out the captain's voice overhead. Her hands were moist on the leather hand rests, her seat shook back and forth, thrusting her forward.

She looked out if the window again, the clouds passed quicker and quicker, soon the rain hit the windows hard, as if they were knocking, looking in. Pressure masks fell from above, everyone looked under their seats, lifting out the life jackets. The clouds were disappearing, revealing water, miles and miles of ocean. Mattie slammed the window cover down, closing herself out from the world. The air hostesses were scrambling into their seats, fastening their seat-belts. Mattie lifted her feet onto her chair, her knees met her chest and she wrapped her arms firmly around them, closing her eyes, she waited.

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