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Guest Sam =)

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Delta remembered me!

She walked past on the red carpet and gave my sister an autograph and she goes 'hey you have that necklace on again' I was like gobsmacked I couldn't believe she remembered me let alone my necklace.

Guess what tour is confirmed for next year! I know someone whos friend is going out with her brother and I found out! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Last one was so awesome I can't wait for the next one. :D

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Arrgh my Drama and Music teacher saw me on Sunrise lol

She goes to me today Sam were you by any chance bludging school on Friday to go see Delta and I'm just like umm about that and she goes yeah I was off school sick and I was watching Sunrise and I saw someone that looked like and you and I was like as that Sam surely not she wouldn't bludge school but she does love Delta and then she saw me again and she knew it was me.

Whoops I got caught! Oh well she is nice she won't care and she was having a big chant to me about it then she said she is going to teach me In This Life on the piano because I need a new Delta song to play.

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I'm going to the concert next year :D

Cant wait.

Now all I need is the price of the ticket <_<

Mine was $200 or something last time but I got VIP :D

I think the normal ones started at like $90 then they reduced them to $60 by then end to sell it out so if you get those tickets I guess it's probably worth waiting till the end.

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Yeah, but if you wait till the end you dont get anuywhere close.

My English teacher saw me. And she wants a copy of Me and Delta in the pic :P She was like really excited for me.

Dads still pissed. But it was all worth it wasnt it?

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I want VIP, but $200!? :o Woah!

I've been obsessed with Delta since Lost Without You back in 2003 when I was 12. Ahh those were the days :P

Well I'm guessing if anything they will be more expensive this time and the $200 was so worth it it was amazing so close and we got a lanyard, a cushion and a whole bunch of other stuff. Not that I payed it but anyway.

I have been obsessed with her since I was 11 and I heard Born to Try.

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