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Guest Sam =)

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Well I woke up at like 5am and left home at 6. Lmao.

Met up with Sam at Martain place [ouside Channel 7] and we stood around for ages waiting for Delta, then she finalyl came out and everyone went mental! She sung 'In This Life' and then me and Sam decided to go and line up. I kept saying I'll goin 5 minutes but I neved did. We stood in the line for like 1.5 hours and Delta finally came out and into the seven store :D The line finalyl started moving and Me and Sam were finally inside.

You wont believe how excited we were. Lol.

And by then Sams hair was all frizzy. Cuz it had gotten wet and she didnt bring an umbrella :P


Whatever I do, this is going to be a day I'll never forget. 2 weeks ago, Delta was on Dancinng With The Starts and I watched her and I said to Mum "I soooo have to meet her one day" and look what happens! :P

And I might be going to her concert next year :D

And I'm going to caorls this eyar so she might be there aswell

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