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Omg what!

Ok start off by telling me what you were like 5 years ago, have you not changed?

Look how much she has been though and you still feel the nedd to bag her out?

Delta was differant when Born To Try came out but she was 17! Of corse shes not going to be the same shes grown up looking back to when I first got interested in her music I know I have changed so much I was 10 now I'm almost 16.

I still think she is the most genuine celebrity you will come across as for the 'tryhard Hollywood' comments umm I dont see her getting arouind all skanked up and in and out of rehab.

And as for being a smoker well then you really don't know what your on about Delta deffinatly doesn't smoke sheck you facts before saying she does.

If you feel the need to bag her out go do it somewhere else where people will actually care what you have to say cos I think I speak for everyone else who regularly posts here we really couldn't care less what you think of Delta go tell someone who cares.

Delta's changed get over it shes still the same person if you don't like her how she is you were never really a fan!

Um, I beg your pardom Sam. With all due respect I find what you've said unfair, and quite hurtful.

I wasn't intending to 'bag' her, though I understand how it could be interpreted that way, seeing that, obviously, you've taken offence.

As people have kindly stated, it was my rightful opinion, and the board doesn't say "Sorry. No saying you don't like Delta's new style here."

I didn't say she was a smoker, my words were "Or has she taken up smoking" - or something along the lines of. So I suggest maybe you check your facts as well. I was merely asking a question.

And yeah. Obviously I was never a fan... <_< But I suggest you be more careful about what you say in future.

(To everyone else, sorry about veering back away from topic! :rolleyes: )

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