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Wed, 24 Oct 07 - Episode # 4533

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ That Imported Piece Of Junk!!! " and/or

" Why IS Alf In EVERY Flamin’ Ep These Days??? “

(Screened in Australia on Wed, 24 Oct 07 - Episode # 4533)

Notes –

1. as you’ll see below, Martha only HEARD the back robber’s accomplice

2. we had opening credits for a change, i.e. they are usually a Monday thing these days

HOSPITAL : Sam is talking to Nurse Julie about wed dresses when the ambulance officers wheel Jack in. Dr Young etc begin to treat Jack – both Martha & Sam is totally hoping that jack survives.

BEACH : Tony & luc finish run and Tony comments about how different luc’s relationship with Geoff is now to how it’s been in the past. Tony tells luc that they have too arranged a get together, to celebrate luc having finished his exams [which will happen soon].

After Luc walks away, Tony gets phone call – you can guess why.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric agrees to Sally’s request to tackle Alf to the hospital today for his eye surgery. Ric comments about how busy he’s been lately, dealing with “that imported piece of junk”. When Alf inquires what ric means, Mattie comment that Ric is talking about a client of the garage, i.e. Viv.

The landline rings – and ric tells Sally to say that he not here if it’s Viv, but the call is about jack.

HOSPITAL : Nurse Julie, Dr Young treats Jack, whilst To9ny arrives and awaits news like the others.

POLICE STATION : McGrath, with Lara in room too, talks to George about what happened. When McGrath wonders ahy George went into the bank and didn’t call for back up. George suggests that he was just over exubearnt. As the chatty continues, Lara is shocked to hear that there was a surveillance team just awaiting a call about the back job. She is especially annoyed that she wasn't informed.

HOSPITAL : Martha is appreciative when Alf offers to go with her to the police station.

Dr Young enters the corridor, and speaks to the likes of Tony, Luc & Sam. He tells them the jack is in a coma [after they had to perform emergency surgery on him].

POLICE STATION : Martha, with Alf at her side, tells McGrath & Lara that the back robber definitely had an accomplice. She only heard that 2 of them talking, but she KNOWS that it wasn’t jack voice that she heard.

HOSPITAL : Sam & Rory wait by jack bedside, whilst Tony & luc do same in the corridor. All are anguished.

HOSPITAL : Next day, Dr Young wakes Sam, who is sleep on another bed in jack’s room. He tells her tat they expected jack to be outbof this coma by now.


NEAR SURF CLUB : Tony approach Martha, and they talk about jack. Martha tells Tony that she doesn’t feel that it’s her place to be by jack’s bedside, especially that Sam & Jack are together now. Tony tell Martha that he still consider to as part of the family.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric gets a call from Viv – wanting her car fixed NOW. Martha enters and Sally & Alf are pleased when she agrees to take Alf toy the hospital.

GYM : Lara enters and tells Tony that jack is under investigation. When she asks about George, Tony says that he rems jack saying that he wasn’t gelling with George.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Ric is under the front of Viv’s car [an 80’s BMW convertible] when she approach. Btw, we initially just see Viv form mid thigh down.

Viv & Rica get int9o a bit of an argument about ho long it will take rich to fix the problem – and Viv ends up deciding to catch a taxi to her beauty appointment. Ric says that he will deliver car to her house when he’s done.

HOSPITAL : Rory, Sam & George are by jack’s bedside when Martha enters. When George speaks, it’s clear that Martha has realised that that is the other voice she heard in the bank.

Martha exist tat room, and tells Tony that he can’t let George near Jack.

DINER FLAT : Martha is trying to phone Lara when George enters. She claims to know nothing but he grabs her anyway. Lara & a male officer arrive – and they apprehended George!!!


NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Ric has just got Viv’s car work again, when Mattie approach. She reminds him that he should be at the hospital picking up Alf. Ric decides to pick up Alf in Viv’s car and then deliver it back to her.

POLICE STATION : McGrath is questioning George about Martha’s accusations. When Lara enters the room. She asks McGrath to come out of the room with him. When in main area, she tells McGrath that George has had a association with the back robber before, and was only not suspended etc in te past on compassionate ground [beaus of his daughter Jessie].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric is talk to Sally & Alf [waring eye patch] about everything that’s hapoing with Viv, when the woman is question phones. Sounds like she is having a go and Ric for using her as a taxi./ Ric insist that he will have it to her soon.

HOSPITAL : Lara tells Tony that George is responsible for all of this, whilst Sam sits at jack bedside, and hopes for the best.

DINER FLAT : Martha looks through he wedding photo album, before she starts balling her eyes out [at prospect of really loosing jack].


VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric tells sally that mattie is being Rory over for a DVD night etc.

Ric then goes a sits on chair on back patio with eyes closed [relaxing]. A female appracoshes behind him, and when she starts massage his neck, Ric comments that he can't believe that Mattie is hair so soon.

We then see VIV kiss Ric on the neck,. Before commenting that she likes naughty boys. [There’s a look of total shock on ric’s face]



Will Ric be seduced by Viv???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Viv – cream [black floral pattern, with see trough black lining at the bottom] cross back wide strap dress

SILVER : Mattie – purple sleeveless cardy/dark drown singlet top

BRONZE : Ric – plum [yellow “ed hardy” logo] t


Alf - blue (yellow check) button up shirt

Alf - orange (yellow checks) button up shirt

Dr Young – light red button up shirt/ yellow medical scrubs

George – white [with green tinges] long sleeve top

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Luc – sky blue singlet/white [black double ended triangles] board shorts

Martha – denim short shorts/grey singlet top

Martha – green [white dots] scoop t

Mattie - white [with multi coloured vertical stripes] dress

Nurse Julie - white (with blue tri pattern) blouse

Ric – white [red eagle crest] t/dark blue overalls

Rory – orange [black unknown logo] t/olive green button up shirt

Rory – red [gold eagle crest] t

Sally – black top/black [pin stripe] jacket

Sally – red blouse [with black top neath]

Sam – purple polo shirt

Tony – black & white horizontal striped polo shirt

Tony – white singlet/dark track pants

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