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SummerBay Is Now Kiddie Town

Guest __Rhys_Wakefield__

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Story Title: SummerBay is now Kiddie town.

Story description: Jack, Ric, Lucas, Annie, Geoff, Tam and Martha are all little kids.

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters: Jack, Ric, Lucas, Annie, Geoff, Tam and Martha

BTTB rating:

does story include spoilers: Will say at start of each chapter.

Is story being proof read: No.

Any warnings: Will say at start of each chapter.

summary: Enemies, friends, crushes, family. All the kids have to deal with each other.

Age help:

Jack is 11 jackholdenbe7.png Ric is 8 ricdalbyse0.png

Geoff is 5 geoffcampbellzi0.png Lucas is 7 lucasholdenql0.png

Tam is 4 tamsynarmstrongtn3.png Annie is 3 anniecampbellfa9.png

Martha is 7


Geoff's P.O.V

Why does he always do this too me? Just because I am older and wiser than him.

Lucas Holden, town nark.. he's always following me and telling my grandfather what I am doing.


....Sorry, I had to let it out.

Lucas's P.O.V

Haha goody, I heard Geoff scream, must be getting to him.

I always wanted revenge on that kid, always! He's a nerd.

Dad once told me that Geoff was hanging with the then new kid, Tam her name was.

Dad didn't like that because she's a 'bad' kid, so I planned revenge on Geoff..

Just because I have a crush on Tam.

Geoff's P.O.V

I overheard the crazy boy Lucas talking to himself today, I heard he has a crush on Tam.


Too bad Tam is moving and is never coming back.

I feel bad for Lucas.. on second thought, no I don't.

*chuckles at myself*

If I keep listening then I can find his revenge plan and reverse it on him.

Annie's P.O.V

Guess what Lucas, Geoff is planning to reverse your revenge plan on you.

"What!? That twerp." Lucas yelled, not really at me.. but to himself, crazy boy he is.

Calm down Lucas, we can set a fake plan up while the real one is hidden.

I never liked my brother, he said I was... adopted!

Lucas's P.O.V

Annie is a cute kid, wouldn't mind dating her if she wasn't 3 years younger than me, a 7 year old can't date a 3 year old cause she can't even cross the road by herself.

Anyway, I don't trust her enough, she's betrayed me a few months back when I was going to pour paint over Dad's kid, my older brother Jack.

Annie told Jack about my plan and he dodged the paint, getting it all over me.. damn kids.

But if Annie is telling the truth, I will give her a big.. *gulp* hug.

ARGH.. she heard me.. gotta jet before she gets any ideas.

Annie's P.O.V

Sometimes I think Lucas belongs in a.. ahh.. big room with white walls?

But I am on Lucas's side, wasn't my fault Jack bribed me that day, 3 lollipops is a hard offer to beat.

Jack's P.O.V

Wow, I must be in for a good week, revenge plans, planning to get my girl, and gaining a new brother, Ric.

But why is daddy such like a ladies man? He's been with far too many people.

Oh oh, dad's calling me, gotta go now, don't want another bashing.


Ric's P.O.V

Why is Jack always abused? His dad Tony is always locking him in his room sometimes even without food!

I once tried to break Jack out because we are nearly brothers, but Tony came in and saw me, I had to sit down and hide his screwdriver and play with my truck.

Haha, the adults in this town think we are all just kid's, like actually normal kid's, not child prodigy's like we are.

Anyway, all us kids have a party to go too, and I have to change into a sailors outfit by myself, that will make Sally smile =]

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Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance

does story include spoilers: yes/no

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content (SC), violence/death (V/D), language (L)

summary: 5 lines max

Thanks, the Librarians.

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Jack's P.O.V

Great, a stupid, idiotic birthday party.. how exciting. [Note the sarcasm]

Dad is turning 37 today so Sally is throwing him a big party on the beach, and I had to come with them to keep out of trouble at home. At least I get to see Martha.. I saw her around school a few times and she has the most beautiful long brown hair, even though it was covered in fire red paint at one time [yeah, real smart Ric]. I have a crush on her. Even though she is only 7, I love her like Daddy loves Sally, she is Ric's mum.

Ric is throwing stuff at me to get ready cause he doesn't want to be late and he knows I take ages to get ready, I need my hair spiked Lucas you dweeb. So I best be off.. later.

Geoff's P.O.V

I am meant to be sleeping, Pop said so, but Annie won't stop crying, seriously it's bugging me. Pop walked into our shared room and picked her up and held her, Pop's old but he cares about Annie alot, unlike me. I sit up slowly and look at Pop and Annie, she is three but still sucks her thumb, Pop doesn't like it that much and tired everything to stop her. Annie stares at me, her face blotched and red from the nightmare she had. Poor kid.

"Geoff, sleep!" Pop yelled at me when he saw me. I lay back down in bed and fell straight asl..

Annie's P.O.V

I don't like nightmares anymore, I used to because Pop would give me candy to calm me down, but he doesn't now. This nightmare was a graphic one all about mum and dad, it felt like I was in the car with them when they crashed.. twas very scary, that's why I cried loudly, probably waking my brother Geoff up. Pop came in and settled me down, he read me some verses out of the bible he always carries around, to keep us safe he says. Geoff was up and looking at me, I had woke him up. Geoff looked straight at me and pop which scared me more than I was because his face looked weird in the night, like the devils face. Pops coming back to get his wallet I stole, gotta 'sleep'. Night everyone.

Lucas's P.O.V

Haha, how funny Jack looks, getting made to dance with dad, dad was drunk and made Jack look like an idiot, wait.. Jack is an idiot.

"Lucas, get here now." Jack whispered to me when he finally got free from dad. I walked over to him but stayed a bit away, who knows, he might hurt me. Jack always wanted to be a boxer and always tried out new punches and kicks on me, gawd they hurt alot.

"Don't be a kindergarten baby Lucas, I won't hurt you" He called me that because I still rode a trike and not a bike like he did.. trikes are safer anyway. Jack looked at me and smiled evilly.

"Guess what bro, I stole 100 dollars off dad, let's go buy something." I gasped, Jack did something really bad and I knew I would get in trouble for it, so I shook my head and looked down, Jack might kick me so I couldn't see his faced.

"No Jack, you'll get us in trouble and.. and dad's behind you." I had looked up and was staring up at dad who looked so angry the red on his face could be mistaken for a tomato.


Ric's P.O.V

At Tony's birthday bash I met a really sweet girl, her name is Matilda and she only just moved to Summer Bay with her big family. She has sweet blonde hair, a cute voice and a good sense of humor.We talked the whole night so I learnt lot's about her. She has 4 other brothers and sisters, I can't remember their names though, I don't have the best memory ever. She is 4 years old but she talks like a 7 year old, which was good, meaning she was smart. She soon had to go, her oldest brother Scott had tackled her to the ground and made her cry.

Matilda's P.O.V

Oh golly, I met the most wonderful boy ever, I wasn't even scared to talk to him. His name is Ric.. ahh.. Ric someone. He has glowing brown hair that was quite long, so I got to play with it.. he was blushing. We talked for ages about ourselves and about batman, because we both love Batman. He is such a cutie, he's older but who cares, all my brothers are older than me. We even danced with each other for a few minutes, then my brother tackled me as a game, Robbie dared him too, and I hit my head really hard on the ground, I cried. Ric helped me up and gave me a hug but then mummy had to take us home to punish Robbie and Scott... boy did I cry, I never ever ever wanted to leave Ric.

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