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Story Title: Goodbye

Type of story: oneshot

Main Characters: Sally

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: no

Summary: Just thought of this. After Flyn's death Sally tries to deal with it.

Cold. It's a cold night. She doesn't know if it's really that cold, or if that's just what she's feeling. After all she always feels cold these days. Mainly because he's not here to warm her up anymore. But here, where she's standing. On this part of the beach hidden by the mountains, it doesn't matter. It's still cold.

Tears. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. Even though she doesn't want them to. She hasn't cried in front of them. Not once, but here, where she is right now, there's nobody to see. But there she has to be the strong one, they depend on her. She wipes the tears of her face and closes her eyes. Determined not to try anymore. No more tears.

Pain. The pain she's feeling is so strong. Nobody could understand it. It's a pain she has to live with every day. And she has to do it in silence, because others have enough pain of there own. The pain shatters her dreams and breaks her hearth. It feels like she dies every single day. But she's still alive. And yet there's so much pain.

Ocean. She stares at the beautiful blue ocean. It appears so calm and yet it is so wild. It changes every minute of every day. It never stays the same. On that ocean she trew out his ashes. That's where he rests now. She used to love just looking at the ocean. But now it hurts everytime she looks at it. Every time she looks at that beautiful ocean.

Rain. It starts to rain, but she doesn't really care. She stares at the raindrops that are falling on the ocean. Tears, they remind her of tears. It's as if heaven is feeling the same pain as her. As if heaven is crying with her. As if someone up there Flyn is crying to. Only his tear appear down here in the form of rain.

Memories. Memories flash trough her head, as she remembers every singel second she lived with him. They went trough so much together. So many laughs, so many tears, so many kisses, so much love. He should've lived longer. He deserved to live longer. But he didn't. He left sooner then he should've. Nothing was left of him. Except for some pictures and lots of memories.

Strong. She was strong. She had always been strong and she would remain that way. Strong for her family because they depented on her. Strong so they could move on. She would never except help from anybody else. Never. She had been strong since the day her parents died, and she would be strong now. She had to be strong.

Love. She had loved him so much. How could they take him from her? They were supposed to live together forever. And see their daughter grow up. And Cassie and Ric. And be there for each other. And die together. But they took him too soon. She loved him so much, there would never be somebody else she could love that much. It had been pure love.

Alone. She felt all alone. Even when everybody in summer bay was standing around her, she still felt alone. Without him she would always feel alone. She would be alone in her bed, alone in the house. Alone everywhere she would stand. Alone, even when she told everyone she was fine. All she felt was that. Alone.

Home. She had to go home she knew it. Eventually she would have to leave the beach and go home. But where was home? She felt like her home had been taken from her. Her home had dissapeard the day Flynn had died. She knew it wasn't trough. That her home was with her children. Wherever Pippa, Ric and Cassie where that's home.

Why? That's the only question that remains in her mind. Why had this happened? Why had he died? Why, why had she survived her cancer, had they finally had Pippa, gone trough everything they had gone trough, for it to end this way. Why?

Goodbey. As she walks of the beach she realizes something. Goodbey, is the worst word in the world. The worst thing you'll ever have to say is goodbey. Because if you ever have to you know that this word is the end. It's the last thing you'll ever tell someone. Maybe she would one day see him again. Maybe one day it would get better. But for now that was it. She whispered the word; hoping that Flynn could hear it. Goodbey.


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