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... :(

That was great! But it was sad...

Eli, you made me sad on a Friday night! :angry: Oh well, I guess I can forgive you because the writing was excellent and the format was really interesting. It kept you reading, and that's really really important. :)

Oh, and the Mug! Shattered! Just like all hope! :(

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*sniff*... mug... :(

Everyone's already said it, but yeah, great writing, very sad... shattered mug... :(

The sound of the mug breaking into a hundred pieces was almost like a relief, like it at least made up for the silence Lucas had left him.

Loved that line. So true, that you just want to hear *anything* in a silence like that...

Still crying silently Geoff bent down and picked up two of the largest pieces.

He cut his hand on one of them, but he didn't really feel the pain.

I could see that part really vividly (maybe cause of the crying I've seen Geoff do recently :(...). So very very sad, and so very like Lucas, doing the best thing for everyone... sigh.

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Amazingly written, Eli. Poor Geoffy! I could definitely see him shattering the mug and then regretting it the moment it hits the ground. But I can't help but feel excited at the prospect of Lucas coming to my uni! (Although I know that wasn't the point of the story). But again, you write this relationship so well.

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