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Till Death Do Us Part (by matticus01) - comments

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Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooooooooooooool updates

GREAT that they found a new heart just in time nick of time.

I’m MUCHLY hoping that Dom is different to the way he is on screen [after all, its not like Belle & Annie esp. are – in fic - the way that behave etc on screen]

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oh my gosh, i just read all of that... i loved both of the chapters!!

Great work... glad my idea helped you out.... and NOT DOM! lol :lol:

well im glad you all liked the chapter and dont worry there are more twists coming hehe...next chapter will be up soon :P:D:):P

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Well Colleen Smart you saved someones life today!”

Well who would have guessed??!!!! She will be missed! :(

Glad Mattie is ok :)

Does he sees Luc's face first?? :unsure:

Great update!! Cant wait for more :)

Just what I was thinking!

Why Colleen? She is always so funny... Oh well. As long as Mattie is okay and that she gets together with Lucas :P

More please!

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I ADORED that its colleen of all ppl that is the person whose heart Maddie has – especially ironic given colleen’s feeling towards maddie in my current fic

Totally LOVING this fic !!!!

im glad you like my fic....the next chapter will be up soon guys...hope you will like it lol :D:):P:lol:

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