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Till Death Do Us Part (by matticus01) - comments


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sneak peak of chapter 3

Both Ric and Lucas stood there in awww as Matilda walked into Belle's party looking like the only woman that even mattered to them. Ric went to walk off and over to Matilda but lucas had already gone.

Lucas picked up a can of Jim beam on his way over and when reached Matilda held out the can to her.

"You look great, beautiful" he said as Matilda took the can out of his hand and smiled with that beautiful elegant charming smile of hers.

"Thanks Lucas, you look good yourself" she said as she took a mouthful from the can.

2 hours later

"LUCAS, can i talk to you" Matilda stumbled to say as she also stumbled over to Lucas with this time a bottle of what looked like cheap wine.

"Mattie, your drunk!" Lucas said as Matilda took his hand and dropped the bottle whilst looking into his eyes.

"Yes but people tell the truth when there drunk, did you know that Luc?" she asked trying to keep her balance as herself and her hair had a mind of its own.

"No, i, i didn't" Lucas replied as Matilda started giggling.

"Luc i love you" Matilda said as Lucas looked ataken back but before Lucas could say anything he realized that Matilda was kissing him.

Passionate, loving, steaming hot kiss...Matilda kissing Lucas.

Matilda kept kissing and slowly entwined her tounge with Lucas's, wrapped her arms around his nice, warm body and pulled him in close so he could feel every groove, every bump, every breath. Lucas slowly put his arms around her waist as she pulled away.

"I need another drink!" she screamed as she ran off towards the direction she came in.

Matilda had just got back to the bar when Ric approached her.

"Mattie can i talk to you?" he asked as she turned and smiled at him with another glass of alcohol.

"Sure!" she replied taking another mouthful from her cup.

"Mattie, i love you, your my best friend and i love you!" he said as Matilda smiled.

"I love you too Ric" she replied as Ric caught her off gaurd and kissed her.

Steamy, wet, alcoholic, passionate.

At first Matilda didnt kiss him back but then started warming to the idea.

'This must be the alcohol talking, i wouldnt usually do this but hey weve all had alot to drink'

hope you like it will post soon guys

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sneak peak of chater 4 guys

“I have such a headache and I kissed some random last night but not half as bad as you were, _____ and _____ aye?” _____replied as ______ took a sip from her coffee and spat it straight back out.

“WHAT? I, what did I do?” ______ asked as her hands hit the table and her head followed.

“You...you dont remember, you told Luc that you loved him and kissed him and then Ric told you he loved you and kissed you and you kissed him and said you love him too” _____ replied as ________ head shot up in surprise, disgust, disbelief and anger.

“OH GOD!” Was all _______ could say

comments :unsure:

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