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Maybe because she wanted to be a ghost.

Alf & Martha's wedding was 6th February in Oz.

My original answer is still there amongst all the posts you've just removed - Episode 2378. And it was explained at the time, over a year ago, that they wer

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44 minutes ago, chair said:

Around the time of Episode 2213, Sally had a lot of money and was spending it on everyone else.  Where did she get the money from please?

She'd been playing blackjack at the casino (putting her maths skills to use), she later got booted out for counting cards.

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4 hours ago, Blaxland 89 said:

Anyone remember the complete one off episode with Vinnie going on a date with Justine and another girl. 

There was no warning and it had nothing to do with what was going on on the episodes either side. With appearance from Joey, Marilyn and Donald it was like a Vinnie spin off show. 

No I don't remember that at all, but they did do a few kind of stand-alone eps in the late 90s. I remember one with Shannon writing on her computer about all the other characters. I think the episode ended with her deleting it all.

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Sorry if it's no help but I remember a magazine - possibly Inside Soap looking for a young Vinnie lookalike. (This is before he met Leah and VJ was born.) They wanted the actor to play a young Vinnie. Then there was a dream sequence with palm trees. That could possibly be the episode.

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