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On 2016-03-25 at 10:41 AM, Spinach said:

I have a question regarding Irene's hair. Last year (2015) during Marilyn's memory loss, Irene mentioned that it had been Marilyn's idea for her to change her hair colour. I thought it was Kelly's. Which was it?

Also, was there a reason out-of-show for the change? Did Lynne decide she wanted to change her hair colour or did the producers tell her she needed to for the storyline? Did Lynne have the blonde hair before getting the part of Irene, or did she start dying it to look more like the original Irene?

I took a look at some film from 1988 where Lynne was starring and she blonde there too.

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^I always assumed she dyed it to look more like the original but I guess not.

To answer the other questions -

I remember it being Kelly who told Irene she had to stop bleaching her hair because it could harm the baby. It's possible Marilyn was in the room at the time but it was definitely Kelly who said it. It's also possible Marilyn is the one who coloured Irene's hair for her and helped her choose the colour (although it was more brown than red at first).

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On 10/01/2017 at 10:30 AM, chair said:

When Michael and Pippa first met was Michael as keen as Pippa on taking in foster kids?


8 hours ago, sindikatas said:

No, he wasn't. Don't remember the details much, but there was an argument.

It was more that he didn't want any more. He was happy to take the package of the existing family

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