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I'm not sure whether this is something I've seen or I'm just making it up, but it's bugging me so I thought I'd ask! It’s a strange question, but did someone have a go at Irene for dying her hair when was pregnant?

Cheers! :D

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Maybe because she wanted to be a ghost.

It was around Bouddi National Park, the other side of Broken Bay to the north of Palm Beach. More specifically, Putty Beach and the rocky outcrops nearby including the tesselated pavement. Whilst

Alf & Martha's wedding was 6th February in Oz.

I'm sure it was mentioned that it could harm the baby and so Irene stopped using them (and thankfully hasn't used them to this day)

Ya think? She may no longer be peroxide blonde but that red colour can't be natural.

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"Having a go" might be a bit of an exaggeration but she asked Kelly if she had any advice and as diplomatically as possible she replied "Do you dye your hair?"Actually, come to think of it, it was before she was pregnant, when they were first thinking about it.

Oh-and thanks Ryan for answering my question yesterday.

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