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6 hours ago, beau_t said:

She took a bunch of hallucinogenic anti-depressants shortly before seeing Bobby's ghost. It is therefore strongly implied Bobby was a hallucination but who knows, she could have been real

Whaat?? How could it even be the slightest bit possible that Bobby's ghost was real?

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Guess we're on that Twilight Zone thing again. Dooo... Dooo... Doo.. Dooo... Dooo... Dooo... Dooo.. Dooo... :D:lol:

Or Call in Mulder and Scully, For the truth is out there...

Okay, Got that out my system. Not a big Sci-Fi fan but I love references and general sendups/parodies.

Back on topic, When Sal went through the same thing with Tom after stabbing Number 2, Alf was the only one who believed her somewhat as He went through the Ailsa/Tumour hallucinations 5yrs before!

And don't get me started on Ken's smith Ghost appearances! :lol:



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12 hours ago, Old H&A Fan said:

It's called trick photography. Are you having a lend of me or something?

No, I'm accurately describing what we saw on screen.What's trick photography got to do with it?Are you saying that within the context of the story someone was projecting a three-dimensional hologram of Bobby and that was what Ailsa saw?Because I must have missed that scene.

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