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Does anybody know the names of Finlay's children? I think the baby Irene gave birth too was Paul but I'm not a hundred per cent on it and I don't know the name of the other child or can't remember if it was a boy or a girl or even if it was mentioned. Thanks in advance. :)

The one Fin gave birth to was definitely a boy and I'm pretty sure his name was mentioned.I don't remember it myself but I read somewhere that it was Mark.

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Did we ever find out who dobbed in Robbie regarding turning off his Grandad's life support?

Short answer?No.It was one of a large number of "McGuffins" that seemed to be going around at the time, like us never finding out what happened to the evidence that would have put Johnny Cooper away a lot earlier.

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Okay, I'm kind of curious about this...

One of my tutors on the course I was just on used to be in HAA, he said around the 2000 era, but he was only a guest character in it for about two episodes. I'm not sure of the characters name but the actors was David Scott. I know it's a long shot here, but I'm quite curious as to what his character did. As far as I know he was also in All saints, Water Rats, Australians At War and a few other shows.

Episode 2431

Is Aaron in over his head with this new band? Lachie's brother James shows up in Summer Bay. Irene begins her crash course in computers.

• JAMES FRASER (MICHAEL PICCIRILLI) – Return episode, last seen in #2187 played by SAM MELKLE. Visited his niece Olivia after hearing late of Lachie's turmoil. Aroused the suspicions of Chloe before proving his innocent intentions.

• DOUGLAS DAWSON (IVAR KANTS) – First appearance. Irene's computer class teacher whom she soon took a liking to.

• DEREK ROLLINS (DAVID SCOTT) – Arrogant know-all who insulted Irene during her computer classes.


Dan might have it - you could check with him because I certainly remmeber him posting a picture of Ivar in his previous life.

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Does anyone know the episode number for when Gypsy and Jesse was having an affair! I remember he lived where Leah does now, she went to his place instead of school and they started to make out, there was about 3 knocks at the door so she kept hiding behind the sofa.

I know it's a long shot! :)


I think that would be 2622.

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