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Maybe because she wanted to be a ghost.

It was around Bouddi National Park, the other side of Broken Bay to the north of Palm Beach. More specifically, Putty Beach and the rocky outcrops nearby including the tesselated pavement. Whilst

Alf & Martha's wedding was 6th February in Oz.

Hey everyone, I have a question. Can someone please tell me what are the episode numbers for Ken Smith's death and funeral? Thanks! :)

Ken Smith Died on episode 2885. His funeral was the next episode 2886 (seemed very quick to me)

Thanks so much for answering my question, Rachel1990 :) Wow so surprised his funeral was next day after he died! :o I remember watching his death and funeral on NZ screens 13 years ago.

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Interestingly I don't think we missed out on anything even though the funeral took place in the next episode. We still got a lot of the grieving process happening on screen and I thought it was really well handled.

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Yes I agree. It didn't work so well with Ailsa though

Yeah comparing the two, I'd say Ken's death was more emotionally engaging. I'd say Hayley had the least amount of focus, but we got some decent stuff from Will, Irene and Nick. I liked what they did with Ken's ring, Irene throwing it into the ocean and resenting it so much, only to rush back later on to try and find it in vain. I remember it being quite sad and Irene crying as she knelt in the waves trying to find it.

I'd like to re-watch the storyline too. The death episode and episodes building up to it as well as a few weeks worth after the death, was on Youtube about six years ago.

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No doubt people have the episodes since the year 2000 and 2001 was shown on Channel 5 six years ago!

I'm still (just a tiny bit) hoping that Channel 5 will resume the repeats from where they left off in late 2007?

May have been 2008 when they acquired Neighbours - which they said was the reason they stopped showing.

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