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^ I agree, I found it really strange that he didn't show up for Beth's funeral, even stranger was the fact that he wasn't even mentioned.

Yeah, they haven't mentioned him in years. I can't really remember if they mentioned Robbie, Tasha, Scott and Hayley being at Beths funeral either. With all those characters not being in the show anymore the cooked up the storyline of Beths funeral being far away from the bay. I guess the same is going to happen now with Dan, so that they do not have to come up with Peter and their parents.

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They were at the funeral, Beth's funeral was in Adelaide, they just did a memorial service for her in Summer Bay afterwards because only the closest family went to the funeral in Adelaide. I think Mattie mentioned later that it had been good to see her brothers again, and Kit called both Robbie and Scott. Not sure if she called Henry, but I remember her calling Robbie and Scott.

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