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39 minutes ago, baywatcher said:

The one of Pippa sitting down on her own was said to be short-lived, so maybe that was the only one before she was paired with Sally?


24 minutes ago, Jamie! said:

Yes, that was only there for about three episodes, before the whole credits had a complete revamp, and part of those revamped credits included Pippa sitting in a deckchair finishing reading a book.

Thanks. Do you know if this is online anywhere? I've seen it before (or maybe at least a screenshot) but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. Also, does anyone know the Australian airdate for Alf and Martha's wedding? Thanks in advance.

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On 25/04/2020 at 22:00, Jamie2811 said:

Thank you, Iā€™d wondered how much of a shock it wouldā€™ve been to viewers. Even knowing what happens to Bobby itā€™s still heart rending stuff.Ā 

I didn't know about Bobby's death until it happened on screen. And as a youngster at the time, it was a real shock and had a massive impact on me at the time as she was a favourite of mine.


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