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New Convoluted Theory

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Sarah Oldmeadow played two nurses at Erinsborough Hospital in the last two years: Erinne Sinclair, who fought with Janae several times when she was working there, and then this year did Glen and Janae's pregnancy tests; and Marie Chaplin, who assisted when Cameron was being operated on, told Ned that he'd have to leave Mickey if he wasn't family, prompting Ned to admit that he was Mickey's father, and then looked after Ringo after the bus/moving van accident. Strangely, she seems to alternate between Erinne and Marie.

So, could they be long-lost identical twins who have never actually met because they're always on different shifts somehow, and somehow the rest of the staff can tell them apart and never happened to mention their resemblance?

I think there's a story here.

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And the police officers were all identical and all called Jenny, even ones who were only sisters-in-law, strangely enough: Series 1, Episode 7, The Water-flowers of Cerulean City. And Vermillion Joys claimed that her first cousin lived in Pewter City while her second cousin lived in Viridian city, which is weird because Pewter Joy said that she was Viridian Joy's older sister. Although Vermillion Joy could have meant second oldest cousin rather than literally a second cousin. But still, I'd love to see that family tree. Adding to the confusion is the fact that Joy and Jenny are voiced by the same actor.

Somehow, though, I don't think Pokemon was an influence on the Neighbours team getting Sarah to play two as yet unrelated roles simultaneously, but it is an interesting if tenuous parallel, considering that Kevin Summers has played three police detectives over the last ten years even though he's now settled on Alec Skinner

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Well, not really, I mean there's no proven connection between Alec and either of the other two, nor has there been any connection between the dozens of other cases of "same actor, different character." The only reason I brought this one up is because Erinne and Marie are both known to be working at the hospital at the same time - unless they mistakenly credited Sarah as Erinne in the episode with Janae and Glenn's pregnancy tests and it was actually Marie. Which makes sense because I don't remember any tension between Janae and Erinne, which should probably have been there after her stint working at the hospital last year.

This is slightly off-topic, but this lack of continuity is surprising considering that Neighbours is about to bring back a guest star who hasn't appeared in seven years as the same character he was the first time. How often does that happen? But I guess he was there for a few months.

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