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I couldn't find a thread like this anywhere, so I apologise if there is one... :P

Basically I have a problem with one of my torrents, but instead of making the thread all about my one problem, it's kind of a Torrent Support Thread :D

So I'll start it off...

My Problem, #1

I know this is a common problem, but it's never happened to me before... and how do you fix it?

I'm downloading Week 5 of Home and Away Season 18, and it's stopped at 97.7% :(

My torrent Window:


Problem #2 (:P)

If you see my seeding torrents, you can notice they're either not Uploading or going ridiculously slow. The highest speed I've ever had is 20 kb/s, but it's only now I really care about my Upload. So is there anything that I have to do in order to get speeeeeeedy torrents?

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The stopping at 97% is annoying and it has something to do with your connectivity (I think, not 100% sure). No, I don't know how to fix it. :P

The slow uploading happens to me, so if anybody can help Kat and I on that, we'd be grateful. :P

I am such a great help, aren't I, Kat? :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I was thinking that too, karena. (That torrent was only uploaded today or yesterday anyway so I didn't imagine there'd be too many seeders.)

By the way, that torrent is a pack of five episodes but I'm only downloading one or two at a time so I don't want to imagine what it'll be like downloading the rest...

Edit: And a bit unrelated, but I just realized, I've been Auto-Promoted on Diwana.... cool :P Oh and I got a gift of 2.5 GB from the lovely Referral system... how come? :P

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I'm no expert but I think the one stuck at 97.7% has stopped because there are no seeds and possibly no peers with the remaining 'bits'. A seed will re-appear eventually when one comes back online. But like I said I am no expert. :)

That is completely correct. And, in terms of the 'slow upload' thing, your computer will only upload what others need - if you're the only seeder it'll be faster because you'll be sending entire chunks, but if there are others it'll be slower and you'll be sending small chunks.

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