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Fri, 12 Oct 07 - Episode # 4525

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Making Peace With The World ”

(Screened in Australia on Fri, 12 Oct 07 - Episode # 4524)

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie & Geoff are talking when Bruce returns. Geoff is ready to abandon playing this rugby match [that a talent scout is going to] to help Bruce & Annie build a stock holding yard, but Brice insist that Geoff WILL go and play rugby today.

Tony arrives just after the “discussion” takes place – and he drives Geoff away form the farm.

YC POLICE : Jack overhears George talking to his daughter on the phone, but when jack tries to help, George insists that jack can help buy keeping to their agreement.

Btw, here’s a link to the disease that young Jessie has - http://cmt.org.uk/index.php?option=com_con...&Itemid=130

NOAH’S : Drew tries to make the fruit juices etc like he is a cocktail maker, but its doesn’t go well – and luc & belle comment that this [watch drew is more fun than studying].

Martha doesn’t like oit when Michael enter the room – she insists that the dreams he’ been having with subside when they spend time apart from each other.

Geoff approaches Michael – asking him if he’d help bruce & annie today on the farm. Michael agrees.

FARM : Annie & Bruce and trying to lift a big steel section of the fence for the holding yard, but it are clearly too much [esp. for Bruce]. Michael arrives – and suggests that he will try to get extra help.

NOAH’S : Drew asks Martha what to do if that drug dealer returns, and Martha urges drew not to call police [bad for business].

Michael arrives – asking for help. Luc sys that he will, but drew & belle are already preoccupied. Martha eventually agrees to help – and when Michel; & co bail, belle comments about how intriguing Martha & Michael are acting around each other.

RUGBY FIELD : With a talent scout named Tim birch on the sidelines, Geoff has a rather terrible time on the field – missing tackles, dropping the ball etc.

Tony bails – but before he does, he urges Alf to keep the talent scout at the game however he can.

Btw, when the scene began, he saw the sign for the “home” and “away” teams – nice little touch.

NOAH’S : Drew sees THAT drug dealer, and tells belle that he IS going to deal with the problem

RUGBY : Geoff continues to struggle; during the match, but all changes [of course] when Tony arrives with Bruce. The moment that Geoff hears Bruce call out to him is the monet that all changes. Geoff goes back to being the player that he KNOW he is – awesome sidesteps, tries, tackles etc

FARM : Annie approaches luc and apologises for what happened [her kiss him last week] but luc insist that that’s not necessary.

Annie then tells luc that she wishes theta Irene could see that Michael isn’t the mean he was when he was part of the believers.

Michael approaches Martha to help her – but when he tries to talk about the dreams etc, she insists that they all are here to work today, not talk.

SURF CLUB : George & jack enter, and the male drug dude can’t believe it when George handcuffs etc him.

RUGBY : After the game has finished, tim Burch tells Geoff that he IS a great talent, and that he wants to Geoff to play with his team real soon. Geoff, Bruce, Tony & Alf are overjoyed.

NOAH’S : Tony, Alf, Geoff & Bruce talk about today, and Geoff thanks Tony for all that he’s done for him – and he way thanks Bruce for going to the game.

Alf approaches drew, and wonders if anything exciting happen here today.

YC POLICE : George ^ the drug dude get into a physical clash – esp., when the drug dude suggetsbthat he will expose George’s scans.

McGrath & jack have ti intervene, and after McGrath

”suggest" that George should come t9 his office, jack more than [pays attention when the drug dude says that he will tell jack George’s scams.

FARM : Martha is having trouble with the tool that is used to dig the holes for the fence posts. Michael tries to help her, but she ways takes offence when he touches her [just to show her the proper ways to operate the tool].

YC POLICE : George approaches jack and wonders about what drug dude said. Jack says that although drug dude mentioned some of the things that George got up to in the city, jack says that it not matter – as long as George sticks to their deal.

When jack leave the room, George phone someone – and says that they’ve now got a “3rd string”, jack!!!!

FARM : Michael approaches Martha and asks her what she truly feels towards him. Martha says that she not want to feel the way she does.

Martha & Michael then [of course] kiss!!!!

FARM : After Geoff tells Luc that she feels that he not have to play rugby now [no need to prove himself to Bruce], Geoff agrees to play one more game – for Tony’s sake.

Annie is helping Bruce, and he not look so good. He asks her to get him a glass of water,

Memonets later, Bruce looks at Geoff [who is way smiling]. Bruce then collapses - and Geoff, luc, Annie, Martha & Michael come rushing over, but there’s no pulse etc.

Annie & Geoff are waaaaaay distressed.



The attacker at the hospital strikes again – Sam ha her suspicions that it’s Lewis!!!

Sounds like there’s a BIG shock in Bruce’s will !!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Belle - hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/black cap

SILVER : Drew – black & grey horizontal stripes [with yellow horsehead? motifs near each shoulder] t

BRONZE : Luc - mauve [surfy motifs] t


Alf - brown [with blue diagonal check] button up shirt

Annie - dark green [white typewriter style letters] top/grey-blue jeans

Bruce - grey overalls//grey hat

Bruce - white [checked] shirt/brown tie/akubra hat/brown jacket

Geoff - green & white [wide horizontal stripes] rugby jersey

Geoff – rich red button up shirt

Jack - black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Martha - yellow [with black lining] v neck t

Michael [Jonah] – blue singlet/faded jeans

Tony – yellow, white & green polo shirt/dark jacket [with grey sleeves]

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