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Thurs, 11 Oct 07 - Episode # 4524

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Pretty In Pink, And In A Wheelchair Too “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 11 Oct 07 - Episode # 4524)

Note – IADL for ep #4524 is included at the bottom of this latest summary

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack arrives home and Sam tells him about her unease about Rachel/Lewis. Lewis doesn’t exactly help things when he goes into kitchen dressed only in a towel.

When Lewis goes back into the bedroom, Rachel is in bed and it looks like she is topless. Rachel tries to ease Lewis’ worries about his clashes with Sam/

ROAD : Next day, George & jack pull up in their police car behind Michael who is changing a flat tire o his van. George approach Michel [jack is still in car] and suggest that if Michael gives him $300, then he won’t be in trouble for missing his latest journey to the police station to check in because of his parole chondroitins.

NOAH'S : Martha gives Drew some tips about working at the bar. Michel then approaches Martha, and wonders if he can cash a cheque here – he can’t, so Michael asks Martha for a loan of the $300. She can only give him $200.

HOSPITAL : Rachel approach Sam – and the latter tells a about Lewis’ recent comments. Rachel suggests that it’s just because most sureions/woyld be surgeons need to be a little that way. Sam then tells Rachel that Lewis threatened her about the whole stroke patient incident.

NEAR BLAXLAND WHARF : Michael meets with George –and insists that he’ll have the rest of the money soon.

Michael them approach the nearby jack, and wonders if Martha knows that he’s condoning this sort of thing [extortion etc]. The nearby Alf looks on in interest.

DINER : Michael approaches Martha – and tells her about what jack has been up to.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Martha confronts jack about the extortion thing. She insists that jack HAS to inform ppl about how dodgy George is, or else she will. Jack insists too Martha that this situation is way complicated.

HOSPITAL : Lewis asks Rachel to check on a patient – a young girl with curly red hair. The girls received burns to her hands when she was cooking Tea then Rach says something then this Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Rachel wonders about the clash with Sam – and Lewis insist that Sam took what she said the wrong way.

NOAH'S : Drew tells George & Jack that he believes that their was a drug dealer on the premises. Jack is intrigued when George speaks to Lewis as soon as the latter enters the room.

Jack also insist that he & George pay for anything they had whilst they were at the bar =- after George seemed all to keen to accept drew’s offer that what they had was “on the house”.

DINER : Irene invites Alf over for dinner. Talk to turns to Michael, and when Martha hears that they are “bagging” Michael, she way speaks up in his defence.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rachel “suggests” to Lewis that he should upset the nurses or physiotherapists [like Sam] as they are the lifeblood of the hospital.

Jack enters and wonders what Lewis was talking to George about – Lewis insist that it was confidantial, and none of jack’s business.

POLICE STATION : After Jack asks Lara about George [she sees that she had a friend who went to the academy with George], jack sees George bailing for the station, and decides to follow him,

GEORGE’S HOUSE Jack is in his car [down the road a bit] when he sees George enter. Moments later, Lewis also enters the house.

GEORGE’S HOUSE : Jack goes to the fort door where he confronts George about his suspicions – the George is dealing in drugs.

Jack in then shocked with he sees a young girl [the one form the hospital above] ion a wheelchair.

POLICE STATION : George tells jack that his daughter Jessie has Muscular Dystrophy disease. George needs to be “on the take” as the med bills as through the roof – he adds that Jessie’s mother left them years ago.

George tells jack that he doesn’t want to imagine what will happen to Jessie if George looses his job, or goes to prison etc.

HOSPITAL : Lewis tells Sam that he didn't mean for it to sound like a threat, and that he hopes [for Rachel’s sake] that they can be friends. Sam doesn't really look so sure of all this.

NOAH'S : Lewis assures Martha that all is sorted tween he & Sam.

Nearby, Drew tells Martha about the drug dude – and how George seemed more intersted in the perks than catching bad guys.

POLICE STATION : Jack tells George that Martha knows what’s been happening, and ants to tell all about George. Jack insists that he will be able to deal with Martha, IF George promise stat he’ll not do anything dodgy from now on – George begrudgingly agrees.

BEACH : Michel thanks Martha form helping him out with the money. He also tells her than he’s been having dreams about the two of them being together. Form Martha’s reaction, Michael can tell that he’s not the only on having those dreams, but Martha is that nothing can happen tween them.



Bruce collapses and DIES !!!!

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Jessie – hot pink v neck top

SILVER : Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirt-dress

BRONZE : Drew - black (“juice” with red, white & green floral motif) t shirt


Alf - brown polo shirt/olive green long pants

Drew - bone (Noah’s) button up shirt

George Watson - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt/dark jacket

Irene - green (leafy) long sleeve blouse

Jack - black leather (with 2 white horizontal stripes on the chest) jacket/light button police uniform shirt

Lara - light blue (police uniform) button up shirt

Lewis – brown leather jacket/white button up shirt

Lewis – white button up shirt/white med coat

Martha – brown [white check, with black band below the bust] dress

Michael – olive green button up shirt/white singlet/faded jeans

Rachel – black wide collar top

Sam – mauve polo shirt/black [purple “BONT” logo across the bust] jacket

Sam – sky blue polo shirt


It's A Designer Label (IADL) for ep #4523 – Wed, 10/10/07

GOLD : Marie – red scoop neck top/white medical coat

SILVER : Belle - white [with sky blue sleeves] t/dark track pants

BRONZE : Leah - purple shimmery top


Alf - brown polo shirt/olive green long pants

Belle –black [unknown red & white motif] wide collar top

Brad – black t/faded denim jeans

Brad - white long sleeve top/denim jeans

Colleen - orange (with white native floral motive) blouse

Drew - grey t/dark blue jeans

Lewis = light blue [dark blue specks] button up shirt/brown leather jacket

Little Pippa – white [blue elephant motifs] hospital gown

Rachel – Black scoop neck dress/grey crop jacket

Sally – black satin scoop top/dark long pants

Sam – mauve polo shirt/black [purple “BONT” logo across the bust] jacket

Tam – black [white & red “red hot chilli peppers”] singlet top

Tam – green singlet top/denim short shorts

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