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Favourite Guest Character?  

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The 2007 season so far has seen many guest characters come and go... some have been great and it is hard not to get attached to them... and many of us would hope for their return!

Some have been not so great and i for one have been glad to see the back of them!

Anyways who has been your most favourite guest character? Please take part in the poll and let us know why you loved that character so much... good or evil... and who knows maybe someday they may return! :)

If your favourite from the 2007 season is not up there then just click "other" and let us know who it is and why you loved that character so much!

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I voted Jules because I miss him the most. I don't know if that makes him my favourite, but there have been so many good and important guest characters - including the recurring ones like Jonah, Aiden, and Kit - that it's the only way I can think to seperate it.

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