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Tammin magazine scan with pic & interview!

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Found this from Y&R site! she does look gorgeous especially her hair ^_^



Born: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Raised: Sydeny, Australia.

Honor Roll: Sursok won a Logie award, the equivalent to a Daytime Emmy, for her work as Dani on HOME AND AWAY.

Family Ties: The actress has been in LA for about two years but has made it back to Australia four times, and her family has visited three times. "My family and I are very close. We're used to doing everything together."

Talk Back: Sursok has met fellow Aussie Daniel Goddard but admits she tries to avoid him. "He's got a strong Australian accent, and I'm not allowed to, so I can't speak with him too much."

New Girl in Town

It's a long way from Australia to the sun-drenched, star-studded hills of Hollywood. And in some ways, it's been an even longer journey for THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Tammin Sursok (Colleen), who enjoyed successful singing and acting career Down Under. The fame, she admits, got a little crazy. "You start realizing that you couldn't go anywhere, because people were staring at you."

So landing in the United States was a bit of an eye-opener for the South African-born beauty. "When I came [to America], I didn't know anyone. I couldn't even drive on the other side of the road!" she recalls with a laugh. "I really had to start again. When you have a level of sucess in one country, and then you come to another and have nothing, it shoots you down a lot, which I think is very good. Now, when I go back to Australia and somebody looks at me, I think there must be something wrong!"

Star Power

Sursok may soon have to get used to fame in this part of the world as well. After all, she's already lit up the silver screen with a role in the sci-fi romantic comedy, Aquamarine and snagged parts in the upcoming star-studded movie, Crossing Over, which features such big names as Harrison Ford, Sean Penn and Ashley Judd, and the smaller independent film, Albino Farm.

"Those experiences were great. Crossing Over was a big film, with big people and big trailers! And catering!" she enthuses, sounding remarkably down-to-earth given her early sucess. "It's like, 'Okay, you want to make me whatever I want'" she laughs. "And Albino Farm was one of the best experiences of my life. We filmed it in Springfield, MO. The story's a bit like The Descent and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It was so much fun. I did Crossing Over a week before I did Albino Farm, and then a week afer I finished that, I started Y&R. It was a crazy time, going from the big blockbuster to this crazy little film to a set a CBS."

Interestingly enough, it is her Y&R role as the feisty Colleen that has Sursok being recognized on the street these days. "I've spent a year and half here [in LA.] and expect no one to know what I do, but the other day, this couple came up to me and asked, 'Are you the new Colleen on Y&R. I said 'Yes,' and they're like, 'You're doing a great job. Welcome," she shares, noting that she's even gotten positive feedback from her viewers on her MySpace page. "The fans have been really great."

Role Playing

Such a warm reception has Sursok breathing a sigh of relief, since she understands the pitfalls of being a recast (having replaced Adrianne Leon, who was let go in June.) "It's definietly a challenge to take over a role from somebody who is obviously loved by the people. I didn't know the actress who played Colleen, but this isn't personal," she insists. "I'm not here to take anything from anyone. I'm here to do my own thing with the character."

For Sursok, that means a balancing act between tapping into the familiar and creating something new. "It's very hard to come in and have a background already in place for a character. You want to remember who the character was from the beginning, but I'd like change it up a bit. People evolve; characters evolve," says the Aussie transplant, "I think Colleen is torn between two worlds right now. Her father treats her like a child, but she's trying to grow up."

As for as the future is concerned, Sursok prefers to take it one day at a time and simply enjoy the opportunity she's been given. "It's exciting to be a part of this," she smiles. "But you never know what will happen. Your storyline could skyrocket...or you might be gone. You never know. You've just got to appreciate it."

...On Her Love Story with Adrian:

"In acting, you get thrown into crazy situations, where you have to be in love with a guy you've never met," Sursok laughs. "But you just have create that sparkle."

...On Sharing Scenes with TV Dad Don Diamont (Brad)

"He's a great guy," says the actress. "He's helped me with the character's background. And he's been aorund a long time; he really gets this medium."

...On Ever Playing a Scene with Eric Braden

"He scares me! When I met him, I didn't know if he was going to bark at me or smile," the Y&R newcomer shares. "But he's really a nice guy."

....On Replacing Adrianne Leon:

"I didn't know her and wasn't trying to take anything away from her," Sursok says. "I just want to do the best job I can with this character."

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