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Always and Forever

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Type of story: Short fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack, Martha, (Sally, Brad, Sam, Colleen, Irene and others are mentioned)

Genre: Romance

Warnings: (S)

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: Martha is trying to deny her feelings toward Jack….but you know how it goes. Sam is moving back to the city with Rory and Martha and Jack are given a second chance

Chapter 1

Martha awoke from a deep sleep, that she very much needed, and opened her eyes to see nothing but a lonely apartment. She dragged herself out of bed and got dressed; she walked down the stairs to see the person she least liked in the Bay. She was short, had curly hair and just happened to be engaged to Jack. Jack, how could she even think of Jack? Martha closed her eyes and rubbed her head, trying to escape the memories of her ex-husband. Sam turned around and said:

“Hey Martha.”

“Hey Sam, how’s it going?”

“Good, actually, yeah really good.” She smiled as Jack walked into the Diner and kissed her on the cheek. Martha could’ve and would’ve just screamed at that very moment. But Ric was there and so was everybody else. She just needed Jack by himself for a while. That’s all she needed to tell him how she really felt.

“Hey Martha!” said Jack, pulling away from Sam.

“Hey Jack.” Martha smiled ad to her surprise Jack did too. He looked into her eyes and she looked into his. A moment. They were having a moment she thought to herself, and right in front of Sam. Maybe Jack still cared about her after all.

Sam broke the silence and said:

“So, come on Jack, we better get home, Rory’s waiting”

“What?” said Jack after finally pulling away from Martha’s stare.

“Rory, home, now!” Sam seemed angrier; of course she knew that Martha was still in love with Jack. Everybody knew. But she loved Jack, they were engaged, that must mean something to him, they had come this far, hadn’t they?

As Jack and Sam left the Diner, Martha put her head in her hands and sat down at the nearest table. Colleen came round to serve her.

“What will it be today love?”

“Just a coffee thanks Colleen”

“Sure pet”

Martha looked away, but Colleen never took a hint.

“Young Jack and Sam look ever so happy, don’t they? It’s wonderful that he has found happiness again in someone else!” Martha got up from her chair abruptly and stormed out of the Diner and headed for the beach.

She waked down the steps to the white sand that was gleaming in the sunlight. She crouched and looked out into the blue water that was reflecting the sun’s rays. She looked up to see the sea gulls flying freely; she wished she could just get away. Without Jack, she was incomplete. The Bay seemed less appealing without him with her. She smiled as she remembered all the good times, all the times Jack had been with her, all the times he saved her. And then she remembered what he had said to her:

“You never gave up on me.”

“And I never will.”

“And I never will.”

“And I never will.”

She said these words over and over until she was saying them out loud. She smiled to herself and thought

“If there is only one person on this earth you are meant to be with, me and Jack are meant to be together.” She stood up started walking to the end of the beach.

Chapter 2

“Look, I can’t do this anymore Jack!”

“Well, I don’t know what you want me to do! I can’t just stop talking to her, she’s a big part of my life Sam!”

“Well in my books, she too big!” Jack you saw the way she looked at you of course there’s something still there!”

“What are you saying?”

“Isn’t it obvious Jack? Martha’s still in love with you!”

Jack didn’t say anything. Could it be true? Or was Sam just pulling his leg? He still had feelings for Martha, but he had done his best to hide them, he never wanted to hurt Sam and Rory. Jack put his head in his hands and when Sam made an annoying “huff” he looked up and said:

“I’m sorry…”

“But you can’t do this anymore, you’re still in love with her too.” Sam interrupted

“Sam, look I never…”

“Wanted to hurt me?” she interrupted again.

“I’m sorry” Jack said this in a finalised tone. He knew it now, and there was no turning back. He was in love with Martha and that’s just how it was.

“I’ll always love you Jack, but you’ve made your decision. We’ll be gone before the morning.” Sam turned and walked away from Jack and into the bedroom where she started to pack her and Rory’s things. Jack walked out of the house and headed for the Diner. He sat down in the booth and ordered a coffee from Irene. He took out his wallet and stared at the picture he had of Sam that had been blocking the photo of Martha and him. He put the picture of Sam down on the table and took the picture of him and Martha out. He stared at it for a minute, admiring her beauty and then placed it in his palm and closed his hand as Sally sat down opposite him.

“Hey Sal.”

Sally sighed, “There’s no point hiding it Jack, I already saw.”

Jack put both the photos back into his wallet and stuffed it in his front pocket.

“Where’s Sam?”

“At home.”




“She knew that, well, that I was still in love with someone else.”

“Martha, well all I know about love is that you just have to follow your heart. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right, but other times it does. That’s how you know.”

“What about Brad, how are you two going?”

“It’s amazing, you know, after everything that has happened, he’s moved back home and we’re actually doing good, great even. We’re back to the way we were.”

“But it took time right?”

“Yeah, of course, I thought after leaving him standing there we could just go back to normal, but then I realized it wasn’t that simple, it never has and it never will be.”

“But you still loved him, even when you broke up?”

“Yeah, I always will love him.” Right on cue, Brad walked into the Diner and saw Sally. He sat down and smiled.

“Hey mate, you ok?”

“Yeah, sorry not be rude, thanks a lot Sal, there’s something I need to do.”

Jack got up and almost ran up the stairs to the apartment where he knew Martha would be.

“Was it something I said? Asked Brad a bit confused.

“No, no but you’ll never guess who’s still in love with Martha?”

“Are you serious?” Brad smiled


Please rate and review! Keep in mind this is my first real fan fiction:)

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Chapter 3

Jack burst through the door to see Martha standing there.


“Jack? What are you doing here?”

“I love you”


“I love you, I always have and I always will.”

“Where’s Sam. And Rory. What about them?”

“They’ve left, they’ve gone back to the city.”

Martha was happy, overjoyed, but she wasn’t just fall into Jack’s arms after everything that had happened between them.

“So what, now that Sam has left, you think you can just chose me, after everything that has happened?”

“Yeah, yeah I do.”

“Well I’m not gonna be your sloppy seconds”

“That’s not what’s happening Martha.”

“Oh, then what’s happening Jack?”

“It’s not like that at all, the reason Sam left, was because, for me Martha, it’s always been you.”

Martha smiled and before she knew what she said she blurted out:

“I love you too”

And suddenly they were in each other’s arms. Their lips met in a passionate kiss that was long over due. Jack’s upper lip rested upon Martha’s lower one as they pulled each other into the bedroom.

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