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Ok so i was browsing a website and found this:

So im totally against Peyton and Lucas and Totally for Lucas and Brooke!!!

Episode 5.05: In Between Days


Credit: segull88

BL get drunk, Lucus tries to kiss brooke, they kinda kiss but brooke is like no, you are in denial because peyton just said "no" to your proposal.

Scene 31:

Brooke and Lucas are sitting in a crowded bar. Brooke asks if he saw the look on her face? She says you’d think someone spewed on her Jimmy Choo’s. Lucas says he’s glad she’s enjoying this. Brooke says, come on, he and Peyton are going to work things out. Luke says he doesn’t think so. Not this time. She says it sounds like he gave her an ultimatum, and trust her, there’s no better way to paralyze a girl. Lucas asks Brooke how many times she’s talked to Peyton since she left LA. This touches a raw spot for Brooke. She says it’s not Peyton’s fault. They’re both busy. Lucas responds, and today she broke up with her boyfriend. Has she even called you? Brooke doesn’t answer, and Lucas shakes his head. He continues and says things have changed. Brooke insists he’s just saying that because he’s hurt, and she gets it. But Brooke doesn’t think he meant any of it. There’s a long pause, and Lucas stares at the floor. Brooke continues and says, you know what? We should get drunk. Really, really drunk. Then she asks to see the ring again. Lucas hands her the ring, and the bartender takes notice. He says, congratulations! The crowd applauds, and BL try to protest, but the bartender continues with champagne on the house. There’s more applause, and Brooke/Lucas exchange a look- why not? Brooke puts the ring on and puts on her best smile as champagne flows freely.

Scene 32:

Both are a little tipsy. Brooke implies that the ring got them free drinks all over Midtown. A horse-drawn carriage driver notices them, asks if they want a ride. Lucas responds by continuing the joke about their engagement and the ride becomes free.


General Spoilers:

There is apparently reference to Brooke having had one love 'many years ago'. It is definitely Lucas. It's in the outline specifically and comes up after Brooke is asked a question. There is a hesitation (in the outline this hesitation is specified as her thinking of Lucas - whether or not a flashback would accompany this or it would be left to speculate about is unclear) Her answer to this question indicates that Yes, there was this one guy she loved.

In following episodes it is made pretty clear that Brooke is totally Pro L/P and that L/P have all sorts of angst and unresolved feelings. The B/L stuff will be great because the two share chemistry, but it is just bones being thrown so B/L fans don't tune out. L/P are definitely getting back together. It's written. I have no idea what 'end game' will be. The end of the season is not written yet. But it is clear to me that the B/L scenes are bones and that is all. It literally is already written that L/P are going to try "once more - this time for keeps"... And I feel obligated after years of posting with you guys to tell it like it is. Does this mean that it can't change? No. Does it mean that they'll stay together? No. But it certainly makes it evident to me that the B/L that comes before the L/P reunion is simply a bone being tossed out.

So what do all you guys think?

Leyton or Brucas!!??

Brucas all the way :P

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Brucas easily. Peyton and Lucas have no chemistry whatsoever (so they'll probably end up together in the end :angry: ). P/L make such a boring couple, they argue non stop about nothing and Peyton is so full of angst and depression, it's just irritating. Brooke's bubbly and fun and her and Lucas had brilliant chemistry. Bad girl/Good guy balance each other out works well. Good guy/good (if not annoying) girl isn't interesting at all.

Up with Brucas down with Pucas! :lol:

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