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Favorite Arrival/Departure

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Arrival/Departure/Episode you'd like to see  

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I loved the Sutherland's arrival. Everyone (except Dani) was so exicited about their new home. I also loved the cast at the time. My favorite departure had to be Fisher's, closely followed by Dani's. The meaningful speeches and the montage at the end had me in tears by the time the episode was over. I really wanted to see Shelley's departure as I thought her final scene as a main character was very powerful. I'd be interested in seeing Leah's arrival as well since we didn't see it on the early years.

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I loved Noah's arrival also his and Max's departure. But I also loved the Holdens arriving in the bay, Martha's face is priceless with Jack pulls up outside the house. I would of loved to have seen Will, Haley and Nicks arrival. As I can't remember how and why they ended up in the bay. Also Jesse as he is one of my favourite characters, would loved to have seen how he arrived and left the show!

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I liked Cassie's arrival.

I loved Noah's Ghost/Max's departure as it was really sad & also it was Dan's first episode! :wub:

I really like to see Leah's arrival again when she showed up in her wedding dress after running away!

Are you sure Leah showed up in her wedding dress after running away ? I just can't remember that. I always thought Leahs first scene was when Vinnie picked her up while she was hitchhiking alongside the road and he drove her to the caravan park. I remember she had had run out on her wedding but as far as I know there was no dress.

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Tash, Robbie & Tash, Ric. I did see Ric's arrival, but seeing as he was just a random bully at the start, I don't remember it all that well. I'd like to see it again. And tape it... I do remember that I was attracted to him long before I should have been, lol.

Likewise, I don't remember Tasha's arrival all that well, but I do remember that it was really different (her being a pig-latin speaking mermaid that only Max could see...) and I therefore enjoyed it.

Robbie and Tasha's final scene is one of my favourite H&A memories :)

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