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Thurs, 20 Sep 07 - Episode # 4509

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Good Old Dependable Sally Is DEAD [To Brad] “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 20 Sep 07 - Episode # 4509)

NOTE – missed 1st few mins of ep [traffic etc]

BEACH HOUSE : Morag, baked up by Belle, suggests to draw that it’s best to go to mediation about the will, rather than going straight to court. Drew agrees.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Tam is on the couch smoking a cigarette when Rachel enters the room. She has a go at Tam for both the smoking NAD for having the TV up pretty loud, given the time of night. Tam begrudgingly turns off TV.

NOAH’S : Alf & Morag talk about this whole jazz/drew will thing. Alf insist that drew won’t fail with Morag on his side.

Belle comments on how hot drew looks in a suit. Drew & Morag bail.

DINER : Leah & Rachel comment on the big breakfast that tam has ordered. Tam doesn’t appreciate the additional lecture that she gets form Rachel bout last night.

CONFERENCE ROOM [AT YABBY CREEK?] : Dan argues that Drew had no relationship at all with the deceased. Dane then calls in his “star witness” – the dude who ran the nursing home that Drew’s’ gran was in.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Rachel [with tam] approaches Sally – wonder where brad is. Sally says that brad is with debate team. Rachel says that she has to work tonight – so need brad to look after tam – sally says that brad has staff meeting etc tonight. Sally offers let tam be at her place tonight [with Cass & ric away at moment]. Rachel rejects the offer.

CONFERENCE ROOM [AT YABBY CREEK?] : Mr Smith [nurseling home dude] says that drew’s gran’s life wasn’t a good one in her later years, and she develop dementia. When Morag wonders about this, Mr Smith insist that he considered then residents of nurse home to be his friends.

HUNTER HOUSE : Rachel arrives – and asks Maddie if Tam could hang here tonight. Maddie says that she can, if Maddie can also get study done. Tam suggests that Rachel should put a tracking device on her. Rachel bails.

SUMMER BAY HIGH : Sally approach Brad – wonders if Rachel contacted him about Tam. Brad is REALLY annoyed when Sally tells him about her offer to let tam be at sally’s house. Brad thinks its just a ploy to be back into his good books [see ep title]

HUNTERS : Maddie tries to find common ground with tam, but isn’t successful. Tam bails

CONFERENCE ROOM [AT YABBY CREEK?] : \the nurseling home dude ays that the will before the last pone [that gave all to drew] gave everything to jazz. The meditator seems to now side with jazz’s team.

NOAH’S : Morag tells Alf what happened – drew likewise with belle. Drew sees jazz – and sarcastic wonders if she is happy now.

HOSPITAL : Rachel phones around look for tam mum – tio no avail. Brad approaches – and mouth off about sal’s offer. Maddie then phones rach - about tam bailing.

DINER : Sally tells Leah about brad’s verbal mauling of her.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Maddie apologises for not keeping tam with her. Tam enters the room with her bags, as mads bails.

Tam not like it when Rachel suggests that heather has abandon tam here. Rachel tries to hug tam – but she keeps back away, insisting that she thought that Rachel & brad would figure it out that they really needed help. Tam starts to cry – saying that she wants her mum, and only at this point does she let rach hug her.

HOTEL : Morag sees Jazz & Mr Smith talking, and the two look VERY cosy together.




Morag confronts Jazz about see her with the nursing home dude

Martha trap

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Rachel - black [satin] PJ top

SILVER : Tam – red low cut top [with black singlet top neath]/denim short skirt

BRONZE : Jazz - black blouse/white [with a single black vertical stripe each side] jacket/dark long pants


Alf – light blue [check] button up shirt

Belle - SBH uniform

Belle – white singlet top

Brad – light green button up shirt/dark long pants

Dane – white [check] button up shirt/dark suit/blue diag stripe tie

Drew – black t

Drew – dark suit & tie/white button up shirt

Leah – bone halter top

Maddie - SBH uniform

Morag - bight white blouse/dark suit

Morag – black v neck top/earth tones coat

Rachel – black scoop neck dress/red beaded necklace

Sally – choc brown dress

Tam – grey [rockband?] scoop neck top

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