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Tues, 18 Sep 07 - Episode # 4507

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

“ Why DOES This Woman In Blue ALWAYS Dress Casually in Red ??? “

(Screened in Australia on Tues, 18 Sep 07 - Episode # 4507)

Note : due to various issues, IADL results for this ep will be posted most likely with this Friday’s [#4510] ep, ie as weel as the IADL results for that ep .

HOSPITAL : Geoff and to a lesser extent Annie takes offence to Bruce hearing someone when they can help him. Bruce insists that they walked out of him etc.

Bruce also seems to suggest that he may pass the farm onto Jonah/Michael, rather than Annie etc because of his grandkid’s actions.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Sam & Rory are helping Leah carry some of the food for today’s engagement party to Leah’s etc car.

Sam gets a phone call – and when off, she tells Rory that they’ll have to go straight fom engagement party to the birth of one of their cousins, as Sam has missed so many [being on the run etc].

When Sam walks away, Rory notices someone in a car nearby – it’s a teen girl, who [once she notice Rory] takes offence to him looking at her.

BEACH HOUSE : Annie tells Irene that she is worried about Bruce. She is also keen to go to the farm and get some of her things, incl items that were her mum’s. Annie especially mentions a tattered old teddy bear that Annie has had ‘forever’. Irene tells anni that she reminds irene of Tasha – and Irene also “suggests” that Annie shouldn’t go to the farm until Bruce is back there.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Rory notices that the girl he saw before is now looking in the letterbox. He goes outside and wonders why. The girl, who says that her name is Tam [short for Tamsin] tells him that this used to be her old house. She tells him that she will help him find some money that she buried in the garden, and she also asks seemingly billions of questions.

By the time that thaye get inside, Tam “borrows” a few things, like a pic of Rachel. Tam does so when she is distracting Rory by asking for things like a drink.

CAMPBELL FARM HOUSE : Annie approaches the front door, but it’s locked. Jonah/Michael approaches. He suggests that she shouldn’t be haer and that Bruce has changes that locks. Annie says tat she just wants to get some of her things.

BEACH HOUSE : Leah & Irene are about to carry some of the party supplies outside when geoff enters. He’s looking for Annie – but no one has seen her of late. Irene is worry that Annie has gone to farm.

CAMPBELL FARM : Annie talks to jonah/micehal; about how she knows this farm like the back of her hand.

They seem to be getting on quite well 0 but then Irene & Geoff arrive. Irene insists that if Jonah hurts Annie she won’t be responsible for her actions.

Jonah insist that he has changed his name back to Michael says that IS his real name, but Irene doesn’t want to hear it. She orders o come with her – and they bail.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Tam & Rory are talking on front patio about the money that tam buried. She asks fior another drink, so Rory goes inside, just as jack enters form the back yard. Jack canl;t believe that Rory let this girl have some of the engagement cake – and worse still for Rory, tam is gone when Rory tries to intro jack to her.

Alf & several party guests arrive.

HOSPITAL : Brice tells Irene, Geoff & Annie that the parole board? Offered Jonah’s service to him.

Irene & Bruce get into a massive verbal argument about how Annie in partic is in danger with Jonah in town. Annie’s kinda cowering in the corner of the room – she totally on the verge of tears.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Lots pf ppl [incl Alf, colleen, Leah, irene, tony, lara etc] are gathered in the back yard for the engagement party.

Alf says a few words to start of the formalities before jack speeches about his love form Sam & Rory.

Irene then suggest to jack & lara that she wants a word with them – they go inside, where the police officers say that can’t do anything bot Jonah till he breaks parole conditions. Irene insists that it will be too late by them – asn sys she that she WILL run him out of town at 1st sign of trouble. Naturally jack & lara [wearing a fire engine red top] suggests otherwise.

Back outside, Alf is talk to Tony – as tejh later realises that luc isn’t here,

HUNTER HOUSE : Tony enters, and wonders why luc is not at the party. Luc insists that he had an inspiration for his novel and needed to write. When Tony not like this, luc wonders why he can’t spend hours writing like this, when Tony thinks Geoff’s hours of footy training as showing his dedication. Tony insists that luc |IS coming to the party – and luc [annoyed still] relents.

BEACH HOUSE : Irene [and to a lesser extent Geoff] tell Annie to well of truly stay away from jonah – esp./ given what he did to tash. Annie agrees – but it’s clear that she is not keen of the idea.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Sam tells Rory that he isn’t coming with her after all to the birth of this cousin of theirs = it’s a punishment for Rory, and to see how jack’s parenting skills stack up.

When Sam has bailed, jack well & truly points out bto Rory that he shouldn’t have been as trusting as he was with this Tamsin.

NEAR SEAPLANE WHARF : Its night time and Jack & Rory are walking & talking about what’s occurred today.

Rory spots the same car that he saw tam in earlier. The two approach = no one is in car, bunt in looks like tam & whoever else have been sleeping on said car.

Jack looks in a cloth bags that he finds in the car – he finds his watch, and some other things – incl THAT photo of Rachel.

Rory sees Tam app – but the moment he say her name, tam runs away.



Looks like there’s a shock heading brad & Rachel’s way – involving newbie Tam

And coming soon,

Martha is trapped underground it looks – and someone else [scary – jonah????] is with her

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