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Karl Kennedy

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Is anyone else unhappy with the way Karl's corporate insider storyline went?

Let's recap: he got caught by Julia and confided way too much in her, then when he tried to get the evidence he was caught too easily, and to cap it off the only reason he wasn't arrested was because Julia turned herself and Christian in.

Bottom line: Karl wasn't the hero of that storyline, the assistant was. Karl was no Mitch McDeere. Also, the fact that this all happened in barely three weeks hints that the show is going back to the first season's pattern of doing a whole romantic storyline (specifically Peter a and Julie's or Jim and Anna's), in less than two weeks.

What should have happened is that she should have come forward at the last minute after letting Karl get dragged through court. This was way too rushed and it didn't make Karl look as good as it could have.

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Maybe that was the idea, but it doesn't seem to have worked. Because they rushed through the story arc, there have been absolutely no lasting effects, so I don't see any indication that he's any closer to the surgery than he was eight months ago.

What sunk the plot was that they gave him a purpose, to bring down the company, and then someone else does it for him about a week later. They could have done so many things better: it could have lasted a couple of months with the previously suggested result that they find out, frame him and at the last minute Julia bails him out. It would have been like the Firm (in case no one understood the Mitch McDeere reference earlier) or the first two seasons of Alias. Or the way Josie brought Brett Macklin down on HAA, that was relatively well handled.

If anything is likely to get Karl back in the surgery, it will be Susan's Multiple Sclerosis storyline. Maybe they're going to do some kind of Lorenzo's Oil rip-off.

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