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Thurs, 13 Sep 07 - Episode # 4504

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ We Aren’t On Sunrise Anymore, Toto “

(Screened in Australia on Thurs, 13 Sep 07 - Episode # 4504)

NEAR SURF CLUB : Geoff is muchly in pain as Luc or Brad calls ambulance etc.

HOSPITAL : Geoff is in a bed – and he is REALLY annoyed when Rachel tell him that he has ligament damage to his keen, and that there is no way that he can paly THAT rugby game tonight. Geoff even ask for a pain killing injection et butty Rachel says no.

Luc & brad both apologise, and Tony & Alf are there too

VAN PARK HOUSE : Colleen apologises to Sally about the flood that she c4raeted =- with the tap.

Talk turns to brad – and Sally is determined as ever to win him back.

DINER : Dan is rather surprised when Jack & Martha approach him about the marriage counselling. He insists that he won’t just rubber stamp their divorce if he feels that it not right. Things get interesting when Dan says that he doesn’t rally have a place to hold the counselling and Martha agrees to jack suggestions to have it at his current home.

HOSPITAL : Tony or Alf inform Geoff that the talent scout has gone back to the city – as was only here to check out Geoff.

Luc tries to talk to Tony – insist that he rally didn’t mean this, but Tony say that they can deal with this later, as tony & Alf have the game to go to.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack tells Sam about how the counselling will be here today. He insists that it’s just a formality, whilst Sam insists that all she wants is honesty form now on form jack.

HOSPITAL : Brad enters Geoff’s room – and the latter insists that this [injury] is all part of god’s plan, i.e. obviously Geoff is being punished form bailing form the farm and serving his own interest with this football dream.

NEAR SURF CLUB : Sally approaches Brad. She ways what to talk about thins. Sally insists that she still LOVES brad, its just marriage that she has an issue with. Brad is mostly evasive as Sally tries to explain herself, and he doesn’t hug her back when Sally pouts her arms around brad & brings herself V close to him.

RACHEL'S PLACE : At the counselling session, both jack & Martha admit to being at fault with their marriage. Jack insist that he worked too much, whilst Martha sys that she should have taken jack’s career progressions into account – rather that constantly nag him etc.

HOSPITAL : Ton & Alf tell geoff that their team lost the latest rugby match today, and that the are about to head to the [end of season?] presentation night.

When Alf & tony have bailed, Geoff tells luc that all this is God’s will etc.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Things turn sour at the counselling season as Jack & Martha start one of the now pretty trad ional bickering sessions.

Both insist to Dan that they want a divorce

SURF CLUB : Sam approach brad. She says that her own place is off limits [counselling] and Rory is play on the beech. She starts talking of the whole jack/Martha situation, and then aplogioes for raving on to brad about marriage/divorce etc.

RACHEL'S PLACE : Jack &Martha insist that they’ve said all they need to. As they all bail, Dan say that he will speak to the pair of them again soon – Dan looks encouraged.

SBH : Sally approach brad – who say that he was spoken to both ric & cassie about hat’s hapened.He insists that he will chat to sally about their situation later.

DINER : Sam is way relieved when jack tells her that he’s all but divorced – as he t6hinks that he & Martha made it clear that they shouldn’t be together.

SURF CLUB : Luc looks for Tony at the presentation night. He approaches a group of ppl that incl Tony and wonders if Tony can be spare for the moment. One of the parents [played by Aussie breakfast TV hots David Koche] says that that is not trouble.

Tony makes it quite clear that he is annoyed with luc, but even when Lucas says that Geoff destroyed that disk, Tony all but throws that back in Luc’s face. Luc can’t believe that Tony can ONLY “see” things to do with football.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Sally enters, and she is pleased when she see his suitcase – thinking that he is coming home. she then see that a photo [of them or brad alone I’m guess] is gone form mantelpiece.

Brad enters the room – having been upstairs. He says that he is moving out. Sally insists that they still has to see each other at school etc, but brad says that they don’t – as he hands in his resignation.

NOAH’s : As Martha tends to the bar, Jack & Martha approach Dan – and they are somewhat shocked when he won’t just sign off on the divorce. He think that they muchly have things to sort out. [END OF EP]


Can Sally convince brad that they can reunite??

Martha is trapped underground it looks – and someone else [scary] is with her

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Sally – black suit/black low cut satin top

SILVER : Martha – aqua v neck dress

BRONZE : Jack – blue & grey horizontal wide striped polo shirt/faded jeans


Alf – bone long pants/light blue [red check] button up shirt

Brad – light blue button up shirt/dark long pants

Colleen – apricot top/ dark blue (yellow rectangle pattern) blouse/multi colour bright floral skirt

Dan - brown [velvety] jacket/white [wide brown horizontal strip across check] button up shirt

Geoff - dark track pants/white singlet

Geoff - SBH uniform

Luc – green [faded gold horizontal stripes] po1o shirt

Luc - SBH uniform

Martha - light brown (Noah’s uniform) shirtdress

Rachel – black top/grey skirt

Rugby Parent – burgundy button up shirt

Sam – light green [yellow floral] cross back spaghetti strap top

Tony – white [grey horizontal stripes] polo shirt

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