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TV Soap - September 17, 2007.

September 3-7

What Have I Done?

Tortured by his visions of leaving someone to perish in the Lassiter's fire, Paul goes to see his psychiatrist. To Elle's dismay, Dr Levi tells Paul that the only way to get rid of the demons from his past is to investigate them. Elle begs her father, for everyone's sake, to leave his skeletons in the closet.

Ned Forgets Mickey's Big Day

When Kirsten organises a family barbecue for young Mickey's birthday, she realises Ned has forgotten his son's special day. Sneaky lawyer Tim Collins urges the single mum to work this to her advantage. Ned arrives with Mickey and is mortified to discover he's about to disappoint his son big-time.

September 10-14

Give Mum A Break!

Furious at Miranda for embarrassing her on the footy field, Bridget hits where it hurts and accuses her mum of causing Riley's emotional issues. Miranda is devastated, and Riley sticks up for her by asking Bridget to cut their mum some slack.

Flying The Nest

Carmella is determined that she and Oliver can at least be in each other's company without too much tension. Resolved to maintain her independence, she signs the lease on a dingy flat and Oliver is shocked that his child will live in such surroundings.

Different Agendas

When Fraser receives his accident compensation money, career-minded Rosie assumes her financial woes at the law firm are solved. But clucky Frazer has other ideas - he wants to buy a house and start a family.

Richard's Dying!

Richard is knocked unconscious when Rebecca tries to defend herself. Later, in hospital, his condition becomes far more serious and the family discovers he has been living on borrowed time - he desparately needs a kidney transplant or he will die.

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