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Tuesday, 28 Aug 07 - Episode # 4492

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, “ Dom Holds A Torch For …. “

(Screened in Australia on Tuesday, 28 Aug 07 - Episode # 4492)

VAN PARK HOUSE : Maddie, Belle & ric are talk about how badly luc is aortic is affected by Lisa’s death when jazz enter. She tell them that drew has been arrested.

POLICE STATION : McGrath tell jazz & drew that the stolen car that the parts form which some of Drew’s parts amme from has sofisticated tech, and they will be able to truly know what’s going on. Jazz insists that Drew’s lawyer should be present. When asked, she also tell drew that Belle insists that she is busy at the monet. McGrath sets bail for drew – which jazz pays.

DINER : Belle goes into verbal attacks mode as soon as she sees Dom enter. He ironists that this is no tome for that sort of thing. He shows her the flowers that he has fo Lisa’s parents – and thinks that they should all be doing something for her folks.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Maddie & ric are talking about the drew situation. Ric insists that although he thought Dom’s parts are dodgy, he wasn’t 100% sure.

Luc enters, wondering if fisher is her [rather that in his van] for their computer lessons. Fisher enters just as Maddie & ric bails.

Fisher says that he has no issues with not doing the comp thing today, and this leads to luc telling fisher that he doesn’t think he [luc] has that right to feel this strongly about Lisa &* her death, since luic knew her afor only a brief time. Fisher well & truly disputes this – and it’s clear that luc is uplifted by what fisher has said.

DINER : Belle, Maddie & Ric are talk about the whole drag race etghing when luc enters. He tells them that fisher let him off teaching him today.

Jazz enters – and suggest that Belle should speak to Drew, but Belle not think that drew will listen to anything she say.

MANSION : Jazz entrees – and she insist to drew that he should tell the police EVERYTHING he knows about his car etc.

VAN PARK HOUSE : Fisher is trying to work out some computer stuff himself when Alf & Tony enter the room. After [form look on his face] clearly coming acerose something on the comp. he wonders to Tony if luc is work on a new story – Tony says that luc is always writing.

Fisher & co also talk about the suggestions that Dan should ruin some counselling for they school kids abouy6b the drag race incident.

After Tony bails, fisher tells Alf that he’s just read something extraordinary.

MANSION : When drew tells Dom that he is think of going to the police about THOSE parts, Dom insist that this racket goes MUCH higher that just Dom. He suggest that drew could “go missing” if he tells the police.

GARAGE : Ric approaches his boos, who tell Ric that drew has been ‘given the boot’ for what’s happened. The boss also suggests that Ric should watch himself too.

DINER : Fisher enters and approach luc – fisher says that he’s read luc’s story [back up disk] by accident and thinks it’s awesome. Luc chastise fisher for red his story, but fisher thinks that it’s good enough to WAAAAY be published [and fisher does have some publishing contacts].

Drew approaches belle – wondering what she is thinking etc about all of this. Belle admits that she has been numbed by the whole thing.

Ric enters, and colleen is surprised that he is pick up the lunches afor the garage – Ric tells drew the bad new bout draw’s job [which gives colleen her explanation too]

VAN PARK HOUSE : Luc apologises to speak to fisher that way he did earlier. Luc then tells fisher how all this writing just “gushed” out of him - but luc thinks that its all wrong, as he is gaining for Lisa’s death etc. fisher tell luc the full story about the book of fisher’s that was published “letter to Bryon’. That story, and fisher wrongdoing if Lisa would have liked it if some of luc’s work was published, makes luc see things in a new light. Luc muchly thanks fisher for what he said to luc etc.

POLICE STATION : Jazz enters, and approaches McGrath. She wonders if they could speak in private.

MANSION : Drew can’t believe it when jazz tells him that she went to the police, but jazz doesn’t seem at all concerned by drew’s dislike of her plan.

POLICE STATION : McGrath is keen to speak to Drew, but jazz insists that their lweayer will be her real soon. McGrath DOES tell drew etc that they now have he car with the ultra high tech system of ID on it, so they can easy tell if the parts on drew’s car came form there [and that drew was just an innocent who bought parts he not know were stolen].

GARAGE : Ric is about to leave [he’s leaving work later than usual after an emergency fix for a client], when tejh police arrive with drew’s car. The garage boss tells drew that the country sops often have to outsource the chacking of cars like this.

When Ric is gone, dom approaches the boss, and Dom begins to follow the boss’s instructions to get rid of the car [by driving it way for garage].

VAN PARK HOUSE : Ric tells Maddie & Belle what’s going on with drew’s car, when luc enters. The others apologise to luc for being ‘a cow’ to Lisa, and wonder if they can do anything. Luc suggest that they can.

BEACH : Maddie, Belle, Fisher, Luc, Drew and others attend a candlelit memorial for Lisa – luc gives a stirring speech about living life to the fullest. He then lights the candle on his hand with the central fire.

BUSH : Dom is also invaliding himself with fire, he has a rather fiercely burning torch in his hand – which he uses to set Drew’s car alight!!!! [END OF EP]


Dom & Belle KISS!!!!


Have Fisher’s actions led to the MISSING Rory ‘suggesting’ to Annie [both in SBH uniform] that they shouldn’t be trying to hitch hike???

It's A Designer Label (IADL)

GOLD : Maddie – white spaghetti strap top/dark jacket/bone-ish long pants

SILVER : Belle - red (with black horizontal stripes, and black “stranger” logo) dress/denim jacket

BRONZE : Luc - plum (unknown verse motif) t shirt/off white hoodie/dark long pants


Alf - olive green [yellow check] button up shirt/bone long pants

Belle – stylish dark grey jacket/ hot pink [red motorcycle – with wings motif] top/baby pink Converse shoes/brown shorts [with black “leg ins” beneath]

Colleen - bright red (multi colour floral) blouse & skirt/red top

Dom – orangey-red button up shirt/dark long pants

Drew - light brown [black tiger motif] t/black long pants

Fisher – off white button up shirt/denim jeans

Jazz – white low cut [strapped] dress

Jazz – off white coat

Maddie - apple green [with darker green leafy motifs] spaghetti strap top/purple cardigan

Ric – black [yellow swirls on sleeves] long sleeve top/olive green long pants

Ric – blue & yellow check button up shirt/black t

Ric - dark blue overalls

Ric – oliive green shorts/white singlet

Tony - sky blue button up shirt/dark long pants

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